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AHH!! Oh this week has been a weird one for sure!!

I am feeling good today– sore from my leg workout yesterday, but that’s good!!

My hips/back seem to be the best they have been in days.


My workout was- 45mins total

Warm up run 6 mins on treadmill







lateral raises with 10’s x10

Front raises with 25#plate x10

Knee Extensions


115×10- extra VMO focus finishers with 3-4 reps

Hip swivles- 2 sets

Standing knee ups 10 each leg x2sets

Hanging knee ups x20 reps

1 set jumping lunges

1 set lunges with BB on back

1 set walking lunges outside– for Cuji’s potty break

1 set stationary lunges with curl bar on back



My POA for today– RUN!  need to hit the track, but not sure I can– our vehicles are a mess right now.  Not sure I’ll have a way to get there I’ll probably just hit my trail for the first time since my ankle sprain on st. patty’s day.


Yesterday I got a bunch of orders sent, registered my son  for the OU football camp and announced our last week Gym Angel winners…and set up our new contest! You need to enter!!

I know many of you have had super TRANSFORMATIONS! Let’s celebrate your success and you could WIN a full line of Gym Angel supplements! Click the PHOTO CONTEST on the Gym Angel​ facebook page…/app_299275446867942


Mobile version-



My focus for the remainder of our 40 days is simple– keep on working out like crazy! Daily and with more volume and more EXTRAS!  Diet wise– NO CARBS! It’s go time– I can’t have any or I won’t reach my goal. Ketogenisis in a week is the goal!


Here’s a fun articl I found about protein packed breakfeast– Be sure to Eat your protein peeps!!


Now I’m off to take an afternoon shower




The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!



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