Massages are GOOD!

Hey ladies, Sorry I missed blogging yesterday. I was busy getting a massage for a couple hours yesterday…don’t be too jealous, LOL!!


I was still not feeling quite myself yesterday, so the massage came at the perfect time.  Let me tell you, Massages are GOOD for so many reason! She worked on my psoas (by massaging the sides of my tummy),  my shoulder and my sciatic. WOW! All those areas were so tight and really needed some attention.  I pretty much considered the massage my workout for yesterday, so TODAY is the day that I get back to it for REAL!  I feel like my energy is finally on the normal side!!


I’ve really been trying hard to keep my diet on the cleaner side this week, in hopes that it’ll help the tummy heal up. Yesterday my weight was 130 so that’s down a couple pounds from last week already.  I am on cycle day 18 today– WOKE UP HUNGRY, a big sign that BOOSTING is on her way!


Time for me to read some of your posts!!




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