Formulating a plan


I’m working on formulating a plan for my next couple months of workouts…I’ll be keeping a journal of my track/running training within the forum more specifically if you are interested in that as a resource.  I’d rather keep this venture on the MORE PRIVATE side of things and is a great place to do just that!

I’ve spent the morning in “research” and have really enjoyed the exercise science stuff– I am a nerd!! It’s amazing how we forget so much of the details over time. I forget that it’s been 20 years since I learned much of my “SPORTS SCIENCE” info in college!   I’ll share some of the info I’m re-learning in nice little article summaries for you!

Ideas for the upcoming week):

Running days- I’ll do some other stuff on these days– some plyo type drills, body-weight moves and extra NON RUNNING cardio to work on VO2 max

M- run longer repeats (300’s, 400’s, 600’s)- may or may not be on track W- run shorter repeats (100’s, 200’s)- May or may not be on track Sa- Track workout day– this day for sure we’ll be working at the track.

Lifting Days T- Legs Th- Upper body + non-running intervals


Friday off Sunday off

As you can see I am limiting my running to just 3 days– It’s a must for me too keep my running volume as low as possible due to injury prevention.  My recovery is important too– I can’t train as hard on the weights when I am training intensely in running or I just can’t recover.  That’s much to do with AGE and just how my body has always been I may go CRAZY only lifting 2 days a week, so I may have to up the frequency on that end…I’ll adjust as needed.

Currently I feel like I have a good aerobic base– the best I’ve had in AGES!  I have been running rather consistently over the past year.  I’d really LOVE to get a VO2 max test completed.  If I can’t find a lab here that does it, I’ll do an “at home version” myself.

My overall assessment of where I am at with my 800m fitness is that I am SLOW right now– I’ve not done really any speed-work for at least 6 months.   That’s my major weakness at this point.  Speed will be my main focus over the next month.

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