I am home!! YAY!! I’m so happy to be HOME!! This is an odd homecoming for me– my “re-entry” has been SPECTACULAR!! I’m rocking it […] Read More


HI Ya!! Day 14 of our 21 day contest! Is your Hot Hiney “HURT?”~ Day #14~ REVISIT your GOALs~ http://www.teambuffmother.com/topic/-goal-buttday-1hh- Here are mine again: My […] Read More

off my HINEY

Yesterday was cycle day 23…enough said, lol!  No seriously it wasn’t bad at all…I actually had a good day! Today in contrast has already been […] Read More

Go Time!

Okay ladies, it’s GO TIME for me…, prep for VEGAS PLUS, lots to do in LIFE! We (my kids and I) plan to hit the […] Read More

booty ~ shake that thing!

HI ladies!! We’ll we’ve made it through to THURSDAY and I’ve made it through to be “BUFFING” once again!! YAY!!  I had a very successful […] Read More

Formulating a plan

HELLO!! I’m working on formulating a plan for my next couple months of workouts…I’ll be keeping a journal of my track/running training within the forum […] Read More

March is TEAM BuffMother! Rally Room’s 1 year Anniversary!

Hey everyone!! I am excited for this week and for what lays ahead in the next few weeks…this is truly a wonderful time of the […] Read More

Doubled up on LEGS! Track and lift

Hi Ya~ This is what I did today at the track: 1200m warm up jog- stretch 200m-31warm up basically 4 min rec 200m-28 6 min […] Read More

What’s your POA (plan of attack)?

What a great weekend~ I am full of anticipation for my trip and then when I get home my DH’s fight!! I am so pumped […] Read More

Saturday NIGHT OUT!!

Well, we are going out as a family tonight! It should be fun and busy out on the town. Not sure where we are going […] Read More