28 Days of Christmas: Day 4

Good Morning!! It’s Day 4 and another scheduled day OFF for  workouts.  Tomorrow will be another LEG workout!!  PLEASE KEEP THAT IN MIND…what you eat today and do today will affect how effective your leg workout will be.  Make sure you eat good nutrients including good carbs to fuel  your body to lift powerfully tomorrow!!  NUTRITION is very key if you want to have effective workouts.

Let’s have a quick review of our start to the 28 days of XMAS~

Day 1- LEGS/ABS; Day 2- Uppper Body/ABS and INTERVALS; Day 3- OFF

Day 4- OFF (AGAIN?)

…Now let’s have a little “chat” about this extra day off.  I am at a point in my fitness to where 1 day off in a row is plenty for me to recover.  For example today I have good energy, I am not sore and I am chomping at the bit to do a workout.  I also know that I am very capable of working out 3 days in a row and will be fine to hit it hard until my next off day on Day 7 of our contest.  Basically what I am saying is that I will be working out today!  I don’t need the extra day off~ so I am going to go for a run.

You can feel free to do the same if you’d like…BUT know that if you are still  trying to recover from your day 1 & 2 workouts or if you don’t think you can handle 3 days of workouts in a row or if you simple don’t have the time, energy or desire to workout today, DON’t feel any pressure to workout!!  Working out more than the 4 days/week is “BONUS” and totally up to you.  I am confident that the 4 workouts/ week I’ve laid out for you will get you GRAND results and are DO-ABLE during this BUSY time of year!!!

What do you think??




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  1. Michelle,
    Am I crazy or are my posts & likes not showing up?! I’ve posted each day to keep accountable for the 28 days of Christmas contest. Just wondering…

  2. I think I finally figured it out! I’m not Facebook savvy… I just joined so that I could complete the contest 🙂

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