6pack of 7UP: “Fab Abs” Day 22

The COUNTDOWN is on– Our 28 days to a tight tummy only has 6 days remaining!! 6,5,4,3,2,1–0!!  Be prepared to KICK IT IN!!!

Today’s challenge is to do the “6-pack” of 7up

Repeat 3x’s
“7”- 7/7/7 sit ups 7 front and 7 to each side
“U”- Upper rotations 7 each direction- think MATRIX
“P”- Puppet abs 10 front/10 sides /10 free play

The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!

Fab Abs Summary

Summary of the 28 days “Fab ABs” challenge posts–  Also a FREE 28 day calendar download for you~

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Track and SANDWICH day :)

Had a good mother’s day– took the day off of workouts, but I was certainly actively resting.  I did a good amount of raking, other yard work and walking.

The Contest post for today-

Today’s plan is to hit the track in after a bit- I need to run and run fast!

I’ve not tried to run at the track during the school day yet– so hopefully I can access it   I also have to “film” the HAM butt sandwich today along with a couple others so you can “see” what I mean by the sandwich acronyms, lol!

I’ll do my REAL leg workout tomorrow!


In other news~ I got my period yesterday. It was a whole 28 day cycle again– LOVE IT when my cycle makes it the whole 28 days~ I weighed 128 yesterday and today I have some cramps but I expect they’ll pass after a bit.


Anyhow, I’m off to have a GREAT DAY!!

Love ya,

p.s. I got the videos done~ please like, comment and share them

the “HAM”

the “SUB”

Sunny Sunday

Hey ya ladies!! Hope you are having a SUNNY SUNDAY!!

S2S- day 42: Final day…What’s next?

Yesterday was a workout success-

20 mins fasted on the bike,

a chest/triceps and abs workout +100 lunges 65# barbell forward lunges x60 and 40 stationary ones.

Then I ran hard My focus was more on “steady faster pace” vs. intervals- It was tough, but good!  During the run I was questioning my desire to want to push through the pain enough in order to train for a track meet…training for performance is WAY harder than training to look good!  It’ll be a challenge for sure!  here’s a pic I took of my legs– just wanted to see how they change if any during the next 8 weeks of track training.

I will have to STEP-UP the focus on my food intake and am really considering getting a body bugg, fuel band, body media or “fit bit” type thing to wear. I’ll may check into that more this week.…_fit_armband_pip.pdf


Then after that I practiced softball with my twins a bit.  They are getting so much better ever time they practice!   Once we came inside Travis and I had a little “date” to watch the TUF finals~ so I got dolled up for him:

Today is cycle day 1…I am so happy that I had a 28 days cycle this month~ YAY!  I love longer cycles~ they are so much easier to deal with!

I attribute the longer cycle to being very consistent with my vitamin/supplements and keeping my carb intake on the lower side!  NUTRITION is vital to having proper hormone production.


I’ll plan to take my final contest pictures/stats on Wednesday or Thursday they’ll also work well for my “starting buffing” pics!

My day will be spent OUTSIDE today!!

It is too beautiful to be in the house~

I’ll see you tomorrow!!



The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!

Terrible Tally!

I am TOTALLY failing at my attempt to TALLY my workouts and other stuff for the year, lol!! I’m glad I only committed to test trying to do it this January.  It’s just not my personality to be able to tally, lol!! I am too much of a “fly by the seat of my pants” type girl.  ALTHOUGH I do love journaling and keeping track of things in my notebook by using lists etc… I just can be on regime to do certain things every day like tally, lol!

This weekend was a good 3 days off official workouts and I am OK with it because I was really active and I knew my hormones were high…Saturday I was in a terrible mood 🙁 cycle day 23 this month.  And my cycle ended up only being 25 days this month.  Not sure I like that???  Anyhow, It’s cycle day 1 today and I’m gonna hit the weights for a chest workout and a run.

I’ve been thinking more about us doing a contest here in the rally room to prepare for our “VEGAS” trip– I think it’ll be similar to the Six 2 Sexy contest we did a couple years back~ Check it out:


Congrats again to Kim for her win in the 28 days to Christmas contest~ her prize is a BuffMother STARTER PACK~ I know she’ll put it to work!!

Have a great day,



Kim our “28 Days of Chirstmas Winner!!”

28 Day Christmas Challenge Contest WINNER!!
HI!! You are the WINNER!!
Congrats and thanks so much for your SUPER participation via my BuffMotherPage on facebook!! You were a stand out during the entire contest and I love your willingness to share your passion for fitness with the world!!
Thanks and Congrats~
Michelle Berger
Kimberly Of NY
I am 41 years old
I have 2 children (13 and 11)
  1. How do I feel the 28 days of Christmas Challenge helped me during the crazy holiday season?
    The contest helped through a lot of stress this time of year. Gave me something to focus on instead of worrying about things I wasn’t in control of right now. I am someone who loves     to give gifts. Deciding, finding, and giving a gift is one of my favorite things to do. We had to cut back a lot this year, so I was unable to ‘give’ as much as I would have liked. The     contest helped me deal with the situation and focus on things that matter more than monetary things. The kids stepped up and helped as well. A great holiday!
  1. Summarize my performance in this contest…
    I realized early on during this contest that even though I was working out most days I wasn’t pushing myself as hard as I could. Reading other Buffmother posts helped me see that.     So I began looking for and planning tougher workouts. Now I am trying new gadgets and heavier weights. Trying hard to think outside the box and give it all I got. Thanks,     Buffmothers!
  1. Are you happy with your results?
     I was very consistent and on track with my workouts throughout the challenge. Had a strong start with my eats, but had trouble Christmas week. Getting back on     track as type this. This is my 2nd contest and I always feel that my results could have been better. I put a ton of effort into the contest, but there is always something I could have     done differently or better. Always a work in progress. So overall I am happy with the things I have learned along the way, but I can do better each day.
  1. Encouraged by? Denyse W. and Suzi V.. I love our dynamics as a group. We work well together for accountability and encouragement. Inspired by? Robin W.. I love her enthusiasm, dedication and sense of humor. She has been a great addition to the group. I look forward to seeing how far she can go.
  1. I shared my pics most days on the Team Buffmother and the Buffmother sites. Lots of fun!
  1. In closing: As usual, I thoroughly enjoyed the contest. It is an amazing thing to have so many wonderful women to discuss common interests with and help those women when they need a word of encouragement. I enjoyed the workout proof pics. A great add on to this contest. Gave us a chance to show a different side to ourselves, open up and be creative. The occasional questions you passed along to us was helpful to me as well. They made me pause and think. I started a separate journal to keep those answers to look over when I need to regroup or refocus. I’ve made so many great friends these past 6 months. Can’t thank you enough, Michelle Berger, for changing my life. I have my goals set for the new year and a renewed focus on what I want from my life. Thank you!

Here are several of Kim’s “workoutproof” pictures from the contest~

Forgot to post day 1 here, too. Stats done this morning. Eating lots of protein and veggies today. Looking forward to fruit as my treat later. Waiting for DH to come home for some P90X plyo. Wonder if he will come home. Lol! See ya’ll later:)


#workout proof 2…p90x plyo style

#workout proof 3. Love my photo helpers 🙂

#workout proof 5. Almost didn’t happen, but abs are done!!

Hot weights instead of yoga today. Very warm workout with the wood stove going. #workout proof 6 legs and abs day.

Added more reps to my burpee workout challenge. My shoulders were on fire!! Also completed 30 squats for the squat challenge. #workout proof 8, part 1. Everyone keep up the great work!!

Tried something new for abs. DH took video. #workout proof 10. Total of 5 exercises. Love them!

Workout felt great today (except for IT Band)…I am stretching daily. Squats with bicep curls in between sets and ab intervals. Gonna feel it tomorrow. #workout proof 12

Love, love, love Zumba Sentao! Especially with my favorite instructor. #workout proof 13 — with Anna Rivelo.

Ladder drills with DD for some outdoor fun. #workout proof 14

Got ’em! Love my Sassy Socks from Heather Dobbs O’Callaghan. So warm and snuggly. Have to keep an eye on my DD…she wants them:) Thank you so much! #workout proof 16 bis/tris maxed out #buffing phase #Buffmother


#workout proof 17…leg day. #Buffmother and my new favorite shirt. Keep up the great work girls!


Yoga and squat day here with my snowman guy 🙂 #workout proof 18


Abs and squats day! #workout proof 20. Eeked out my workout…feel a little better now. Have a great day!

Elliptical, abs, and 100 squats for #workout proof 23. Sassy socks make working out lots more fun :))

P90x cardio workout. Was finally able to push myself harder. Feel great! #workout proof 22

Was feeling stressed this morning, so I kicked booty with a shoulders, back, bis, abs, and squats workout. Nothing will stop me now. #workout proof #buffmother

#workout proof 27 of shoulders and tris, squats, abs, and a little cardio. Finishing strong!

7 years and 8 weeks ago!

7 years and 8 weeks ago! I we started my membership to the Rally Room…wow, that’s a long time ago! We worked for 5 months on it’s development and launched it in March…So it’ll be our 7 year anniversary here come March 1.  Today, I spend the majority of the morning looking into solutions to make my web presence better, including the Rally Room.  It’s a constant work in progress to get a website the way one desires, lol!  There are often too many options for site development and to find the right people to do the work is tough!  I hope that within the next 2 months we’ll have our REVAMPED RR!

Anyhow, It’s now noon and a gorgeous day outside.  I think I’ll hit the squat rack and then hop on my tractor!

Yesterday I got in a good run outside, it was a bit chilly, but so sunny and AWESOME feeling to be running hills again.  I did 6 hills total~ I love running hills because they are so effective!  I also got 4 of the 5 items done on my “to do” list…the 5th item will have to wait until next week.  I’ll be announcing the winner to the 28 days of Chistmas contest then and also be sending out a blast reagarding our TEAM GATHERING in April!!  I sure hope you can make it!!

Eats are going better the past few days, I’m in Boosting but have honestly felt very much in control on my diet.  I have been allowing some carbs in the evening, but my morning and afternoon meals are very KETOGENIC– fat/protein based.

Have a wonderful Friday!!


p.s. I’ve also been a bit drawn into the discussion regarding Sport Doping on facebook.  Here’s some of that:

“Do you think there is a solution to DOPING in sports?? ~ Testosterone, Growth hormones, Cortisone, EPO, Pain Killers, Stimulants, Insulin, blood transfusions, etc… Do you think there is a solution to the problem?”

“No one but God is perfect…Heroes have sin in their lives, but can still be looked up to. Isn’t David a hero? He was an adulterous killer, but he’s still one of my heroes. Just because someone has faults doesn’t mean they can’t be a hero. Bonds, Woods and Armstrong (among others) are still heroes in their sport accomplishments despite their visible sins”


FB Profile:
FB BuffMother Page:

28 days of Christmas: Day 23

XMAS Day 23: Well HELLO!! This morning I went on a fasted run~I planned on doing a basic out an back of 3 miles total…well not even half way through I felt like cutting it short. Over and over again I had to talk myself into going the entire way…my thoughts of YOU kept me going!! THANK YOU!

Hope that thinking of me can help you get through your workout as much as thinking of you helped me! Thanks again!!

p.s. Today’s workout is UPPER BODY and intervals (my run was my interval workout)
Upper body Day
10 min Warm up
Pre-exhaust exercise=
Push ups
2x15reps or failure
abs between sets of Push ups
3×10(buffing); 3×6 (boosting)
abs between sets of Rows
#2~Flys on ball
3×10(buffing); 3×6 (boosting)
abs between sets of Flys
#3~Pull ups- inverted
3×10(buffing); 3×6 (boosting)
abs between sets of Pull ups
#4~Bench/Chest Press
3×10(buffing); 3×6 (boosting)
 **extra abs- leg raises**

28 days of Christmas: Day 22

XMAS Day 22:  SMILE!! it’s almost time for your final photos!!
Here’s the photo shoot prep that you can opt to do for the last 4 days of the contest!!!  It seriously works!!

Photoshoot – 4 day prep
4 days out-
Eat Protien and Greens +Fats    
-Cut your carbs to only 2.
-Eat very salty foods. And if you find this to be a problem, drink a couple of cups of chicken bouillon. It is very important that you have a salt overload on this day
3 days out
Eat Protien and Greens +Fats
-No Carbs
Put a coat of tanner on b4 bed- Banana Boat tanner with bronzer in it is the best!
1 day out
Eat Protien and Greens +Fats
-NO Salt
-No gas causing foods
-Take a water pill(diruex-non caffeinated kind) B4 bed and -no water after 8pm(time so you have 12-16 hours without water b4 shoot)
-Put another coat of Tanner on
Photoshoot day
-NO Workout
-Do your measurements and stats in the am
-you can have a cup of coffee
-No water or carbs until after the shoot
-Put another coat of tanner on
-Do your hair
-“Over do” your make up make sure you have some that will make your face a little tanner looking. What I use is a face bronzer, and 1 shade darker makeup for photoshoots. You may want to practice with this before hand.
-Have fun!!
-Play music
-(have a glass of wine)
Eat and drink a lot!!! You need to rehydrate

Today’s workout is LEGS!! The same one from last Monday~ Give it a super effort and try to lift heavier than last week!! WO details here:

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28 days of Christmas: Day 20

XMAS Day 20!! The workout on tap is Upper body/ABS/Intervals/extra cardio

Upper body Day
10 min
Warm up
Push ups
2x15reps or failure
between sets of Push ups
3×10(buffing); 3×6 (boosting)
between sets of Rows
 Flys on ball
3×10(buffing); 3×6 (boosting)
between sets of Flys
Pull ups- inverted
3×10(buffing); 3×6 (boosting)
between sets of Pull ups
Bench/Chest Press
3×10(buffing); 3×6 (boosting)
 **extra abs- leg raises**

Here’s a detailed example of how I attacked this same workout in the past:
Warm up- raced on the bike for 5:30 mins

~Push ups 15x2sets

~Seated rows
knee ups between sets- 2 sets of 20 (10 front; 5 ea side)

~Assisted pull ups
roman chair knee ups- 20repsx2sets

~Incline flys
ab machine between 2 sets until boredom

~Bench Press
45×15 warm uo

Crunches and leg raises between sets

~Intervals on the treadmill- 8 hard mins total

~18 extra mins on the r-bike at the end I was good and sweaty!…I should sleep good tonight!!

Hope you have a Super DAY 20!!