Workout Demo: Experienced Buffing Chest/tricep/abs~ SSS wk 01

SSS week 01- Workout Demo: Experienced Buffing Chest/tricep/abs

During the SSS contest  you’ll be directed to several YOU TUBE videos that will give you tons of training and support thorugh the 10 week journey.  PLEASE COMMENT on the VIDEOS~ each comment helps make it possible for me to do FREE CONTESTS like this one.

Chest/Tricep/Abs (From the EXPERIENCED level download- PH. 2 buffing workout): Experienced Buffing Chest Workout- . It’s an actual workout by BuffMother…I detail how I workout, the pace, the lifts and the strategy; focused on CHEST and TRICEP with abs and intervals..

Part 1- Intro and Warm Up

Part 2- Bench and Push ups and some ABS!

Part 3: Incline Flys and Knee ups

Part 4: Tricep Extensions and Vacuums

Part 5: Tricep Kickbacks



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