Stimulants and me = NO GO!

Alright, I am here to tell you about a key learning, I RE-LEARNED about myself last week.  Stimulants and me = NO GO!  My week started off great last week.  I had great energy, good mojo, focused clear mind and then— WEDNESDAY happened.  I did 3 things I shouldn’t have-

1- I took a “fat burner” 2- I tested a new pre-workout stimulant powder creatine/no2/caffiene product 3- I had a BIG diet coke!

I was fine on Wednesday, but on Thursday- I felt as thought I had been hit by a truck.  You think I would have connected the dots and learned then from my faulty intake, but NOOOOOO!  I repeated the stupidity on Friday- minus the diet coke Snicker

Saturday I paid! I was DOA all day and I fell asleep at 8pm.  The moral of my story…

“Temporary energy from STIMULANTS is NOT WORTH it! Stimulants and me = NO GO!”

I implore you to be aware of the affect stimulant type products have on your body. My in-ability to handle stimulants was not always like this…I had years in my 20’s where I was a fat burner junkie, lol!  I was a total addict to ephedrine and “metabolife”…anyhow- I believe that abuse is what has lead me to this place of  “no tolerance”…It’s not good for your body to run too long on empty.  It does affect you more than you know!  Be aware and use stimulants with caution and very conservatively.

The only “safe” pick me ups I found are the small amount of caffeine in my buffing pills and plain old “coffee”…my body doesn’t react in crazy ways to it and I always know that I’ll be able to sleep as long as I keep my consumption to the am hours.

Buffing is ON for me– I started by being active on Sunday- we did more “burning” on our property. Then yesterday Gunner and I hit the HILL on a path by our house- We picked a distance that was about 150-200meters and ran up it 5 times!  It was good and I sure do feel it today!

The remainder of my week looks like this:

Tue-legs @gym with gunner Wed-run and back, shoulders, biceps @gym with gunner Thurs-chest/tri/shoulders and some sort of cardio Friday-legs again…maybe at home due to squat rack issues Saturday-upper body and a run- maybe hills again if it’s nice outside Sunday-off

My main goals this week is to stay focused on diet- cutting diary and grains-  and get in my cardio– it’s time to up it for some serious BuffING!!

I plan to hit my goal of 125 by March 1!!!

Stay healthy, and WISE!!





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