5 Days!!!

5 days left until I am in CANCUN!!! I am so excited to get away from it all and just chill!

It’s a busy, busy time for me!! I honestly don’t think it’s possible for me to get any busier.  I have a running to do list that is growing faster than I can whittle it down.  I must remember to BREATHE and drink my water–left typing just now to chug a BIG 32oz. glass–One reason why I am more busy than my usual CHAOTIC state is that I am trying to “PRE-DO” all my work, etc…this week in prep for my vacation next week. Another reason why I feel so swamped is my 3 girls are actually off school today.

Here’s a list of some items I have been able to complete the past couple days:

  • Walmart trip- Major grociereis and school supplies for Gunner
  • Football Practice for Gunner
  • Got a plumber to fix my bathroom part of the way…the remainder needs to be completed AFTER the parts I ordered come in
  • Had a productive business meeting with a rep
  • Had some awesome coaching phone calls with Viki,Sherry and Kathy!!
  • Got in a great back workout with the hubby

Today has been a good day and the plan is to hit the gym now for a tan and a killer run!! I can’t believe it’s already day 12 of our “Thin in 30” contest~ It’s gone by SO fast!!! whoohoo!!! cheerleaders

Alrighty, Hope you have a Steallar Friday night!!
See ya tomorrow~



4 Replies to “5 Days!!!

  1. Hope you have a blast in Cancun! All the craziness will be worth it when you are relaxing on the beach, ahhh!

  2. Chaotic is definitely the word for this post Crazy Busy Woman! Kids getting ready for school, sports, prepping for vaca, work, . .. . it’s nuts!! Like you said, breathe and realize you’re only human! You will get to it, and everything will fall into place. Plus . . . when you’re soaking up sun in your teeny tiny bikini on Cancun, you won’t be worrying about any of this! 😉 Love ya Girly and hope you had a terrific weekend!

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