ENJOY!~ Shine in 49: Day 14

Now is the time to ENJOY…

Your LIFE,
Your Friends,
Your Family,
Your Passions, etc…

Now is the time to ENJOY!
But how?  That was my question to myself today.  Somehow my life has turned into a big list of “responsibilities” and “to do lists” that are too often empty and not enjoyable.  THAT’s not good!
I want to enjoy life; I want to even be able to enjoy doing chores….I definitely want to enjoy spending time with my loved ones!  What steps do I need to take to re-ignite my JOY in life?  Well…the first step I took was to “google it”!

Here are some of the top tips I found on “how to enjoy life” that struck a chord with me:

  1. Focus on your “why”- my why is to know and serve God;  and to help give women HOPE.
  2. Connect with loved ones- family and friends
  3. go outside- for a hike, to read, to write, to run, to play
  4. NEW- learn something new, eat something new, go someplace new, meet a new friend
  5. create a DREAM list- what have you always DREAMED of doing…take actions towards those dreams
  6. Music- listen to it, hum it, sing it, play it, etc..
  7. Slow Down!  Breathe!
  8. QUIT…quit doing things you really detest doing
  9. LAUGH!!!  watch AFV~!

I am off to implement these…hope you ENJOY the rest of your Day!!


p.s. we change up workouts next week-
here’s a link to the PDF if you need it




26 Replies to “ENJOY!~ Shine in 49: Day 14

  1. Great day to rest! Happy Mothers day to all the buff mothers out there and to you Michelle!!!

  2. It’s funny because I just sat down last night and wrote a dream list. Now I’m putting a little star next to the ones I want to complete, or make progress on, this year. It’s time to take action! So many wonderful reminders on how to slow down and find the joy in life. Thanks, Michelle! 🙂

  3. Today is MOTHER’S DAY so it’s definitely a time to rest, relax and enjoy our family. We are having a large extended-family BBQ today! 😉

  4. Mother’s Day check in! Trampoline fun with my kidos today and lots of much needed rest. Time to hit it hard tomorrow & for the remaining 5 weeks of this challenge. Love You all my BuffMother friends!! Yours in Health….TIA

  5. Just took my pics this morning and while I’ve made great progress from February til now I still cannot believe how big I let myself become over the past 5 years. Gonna keep on keepin on.
    Have a great day!

  6. Doing good on my first week. Have fit in alkaline my workouts and getting ready for a relaxing walk on my day 7 rest day.

  7. Took the day off to enjoy mother’s day. Hope you had a great Mother’s Day as well

  8. Tomorrow will have to be my rest day. I am teaching a class tonight. But one week down! I dumped the sugar and flour and feel great.

  9. Really glad that you sent this out!! I had told my work yesterday that I wasn’t going to go on trips as much as I have been. That I was ready to slow down and enjoy the time that I have with my kiddos, family and friends!! So after next month..I have one trip for one week in Sept and then it’s only 72hrs or less for me!! Not weeks at a time!! WOOOHOOOO!!!

  10. I finally saw this post and it struck a chord with me because I’ve been saying for too long that I don’t enjoy life the way I want to. Thanks so much for posting this. I need to slow down and live in the moment.

  11. I just made a priority list for things i want to do with my house as well as trips we want to take
    It always helps to know that you are working toward a goal.

  12. Great ideas on how to enjoy life. I tend to try to do everything at once and get overwhelmed when can’t complete anything. I feel guilty when I have relax time but am learning without it not only am I unhappy but I make those around me unhappy too.

  13. I always say how I wish I knew what I KNOW now 20 years ago…life would have been so much easier!!

  14. Yesterday was my day of “rest” with kids to you really ever rest? I love the days when I’m in the gym, but I love them out of the gym as well. Its funny how you miss it when you arent there. 😀

  15. Great post! I think when we slow down and stop feeling guilty if we don’t do every request we get asked to do, we start enjoying our lifes and focus on our home and then we are happier (at least I am). I love the watch AFV on your list. Our family loves to watch this together and laugh. Have a great week everyone. I’m looking forward to the change up/challenge in this week’s routine!

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