Is it FRIDAY yet??

Is it FRIDAY YET?? Seriously this has been a LONG week for me…I can’t wait for life to settle down a bit. The kids go back to school on Monday and actually have school for an entire 5 weeks in a row…YEAR ROUND SCHOOL is not my friend, lol!

Anyhow…i missed my MMA class again today becuase of the kids, so….~ I told my instructor that I feel like a WUSS for skipping class both days this week and most likely next TUES too.  Tuesday is my DH’s 40th b-day and the first day he’s back home from his hunting trip to MN.  I MISS HIM! WE all miss him! 

I did get in a workout this morning~ and I actually did quite a bit of legs.  I KNOW I’ll be sore tomorrow because of it~~!

So…here’s the run down of what I did:
Warm up- tanning and elliptical 8mins

Squats (butt) on Smith 50#x10x4sets
paired with Smith Lunges 50#x10x4sets

dead lifts
dead lifts

paired with no weight bulgarians 10 each legx3sets
and Hip abductions 35#x15x3sets

Dead lifts

hack squats- no weight (machine gives good resisitance)
butt focus- lots of reps with intense focus on butt x2sets

knee extensions- on leg at time

Leg adductions- 2sets

I expect to be sore from this since it’s been a while since I’ve actually squattted.

My weight this morning was up a little to 127 due to ovulation (today is cycle day 12) and Ibuprofin consumption.  I expect it to be down to 125 in 3-4 days…just in time for DH to be home and for boosting, lol!

I have to take a shower and a bunch of work to do on the computer….so I’d better get to it!!





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