NEW Contest!!! SuperSTAR SUCCESS!! #2

Join our next big BuffMother contest!!! The second annual SuperSTAR Success contest starts Monday 9/14~ and is for 10 weeks! Join us and BLOW your family away with your Holiday HOTNESS!!



In the SuperSTAR Success contest we will be focusing on the the biggest stumbling block tp fitness success >>> lack of CONSISTENCY. I challenge you to BE CONSISTENT over the next 10 weeks! Shoot to do a β€œworkout” at least every other day that would be 3-4 days a week and if you can CONSISTENTLY do that you will see results!!

A few more details:


1st Place– a 3day/2 night day visit with Michelle Berger, BuffMother!! I will fly you to me or I’ll fly to you! I’ll treat you like the SUPER STAR you are!!! PLUS “The Royal Treatment”~ you get all of my products FREE for an entire year~ Books, supplement, shirts, video coaching and the Rally Room!

2nd Place– The Royal Treatmet~ you get all of my products FREE for an entire year~ Books, supplement, shirts, video coaching and the Rally Room!

Each and every one of you CAN WIN this Contest~ Please participate and let’s enjoy the synergy of TEAM BuffMother! working together towards being CONSISTENT!!!!

I am ready to ROCK, How about you??
Let’s GET BUFF!!

We need to get as many women as possible involved~ so feel free to spread the word! EVERYONE* is welcome to join!!
Sign up NOW!!


*Men can join the contest, but are not allowed to participate in the Rally Room or eligible to win prizes, sorry.

MORE info:

A panel of 5 judges (leaders in Team BuffMother) will pick their top 3 picks for the WINNER based on participation, results, attitude, their Super STAR quality and consistency. Each judges picks will be put on a piece of paper (15 little pieces of paper) will be placed in a hat and the winner drawn from there.

Suggested Optional Participation:

  • Be an active member of the Rally Room (the judges of the contest are Rally Room leaders, so the more “visible” to them you are the better chance you have at winning)
  • Consider joining the Video Coaching By BuffMother! SSS program
  • Blog your progress and encourage others in the contest (a great place to do this is in the Rally Room )
  • Weekly post your POA (plan of attack) for the next week
  • Weekly do your best to participate in the “weekly MINI challenge”

Final Entry Questionaire– Once the 10 week contest is complete….please copy and paste this into a word document, fill out your questions and send it along with your stats and photos to

This is the information the judges will receive and will judge you upon~ so do your best!!!



94 Replies to “NEW Contest!!! SuperSTAR SUCCESS!! #2

  1. I will think about this, Michelle. I need to do something…..we’re in a bit of turmoil right now but I need to something good for my body too, right?!?!? πŸ™‚ I’ll be looking for updates/more info and I’ll see if I can join you.

  2. WOW!!! I am thinking this is JUST WHAT I NEED!!! Ohhhh….I am so EXCITED!!! I am such serious need of a “BUFFMOTHER BODY”!!!

  3. I’m excited about this. There are no vacations etc. planned so that makes it a bit easier I think.

  4. Yes let’s do this. Everytime I join, something gets in the way and I never finish! I’m really going to buckle down for this one. πŸ˜€

  5. I bought your book about 6 months ago, read it in two days, and ……… you know, busy busy…… NOW I am ready to be in the best shape of my life.

  6. thanks so much for all the inspiration !
    im so happy with my progress and will continue to work hard..cant wait for the next challenge

  7. Thanks, Michelle, for the challenge and your 40 days of commitment to us!!!!

    Happy Anniversary, too!!!!

  8. Wow I can’t believe 40 days have gone by. Thank you so much Michelle for the inspiration and motivation you give to all of us. I am excited about your new challenge and I have already signed up for it … πŸ™‚

  9. Day 40! Went by so fast! Now only if I can believe in myself to get it done!

  10. I am sorry to hear you are going through such a rough time…Chin up is right!! Prayers are going UP FOR YOU NOW!! *hugs*

  11. Michelle – thanks so much for those words. I needed it today – after stepping on the scale and realizing I have gained 8 lbs, and packing today because I’m separating from my husband I need that reminder that God does want us to be happy. Chin up! Great 40 days. Thanks.

  12. What a great experience this has been Michelle! I have truly enjoyed opening up my email every day and being inspired by you:) I am so pumped for the super star success challenge, I can hardly wait!!!!

  13. Thank you for your dedication to a fit a healthy body for women. I will think about the up coming contest. have a great weekend.

  14. OH wow Maggie!! you made my night!! thanks for your heartfelt words and know that the SKY is the limit!! you can have an amazing life, body and legacy!!!
    Love ya!!

  15. Thank you Meredith~ I know you will love the 10 week contest and you will have amazing results if you join in!

  16. Michelle~ Thank you so much. The 40 days flew by! You have been an inspiration to me and so many others. I am doing light work outs while my back heals (again) and taking with me your belief in us and the faith God sends us all. Before reading your book and seeing your success and your great tips I really had been in a funk of low self esteem. Your the kindest motivator I know. Bless you! : )

  17. Thanks for everything. Enjoyed it. You’re right you have to believe in yourself cause you can’t always find someone who will. It’s all up to u!!

  18. I truly enjoyed this challenge… I do believe however that I could have done a little better. That beeing said, I’m ready for the next challenge!

  19. Michelle, thank you for being such an inspiration over the last 40 days. I can’t wait for the next one!

  20. thanks for the 40 day challenge– i am going to try and focus on one day at a time– thanks again

  21. I needed to break my cycle of being inconsistent toward my fitness goals and I feel I was able to do that by blogging everyday of the challenge. This challenge has inspired me to push myself harder to towards my fitness goals. Thanks for all your help.

  22. You say, “β€’We’ll use the SUPER STAR SUCCESS journal format” Do I need to purchase your programs to participate? My card debt comes first, after that, I’m all in!

  23. YAHOO!!!! I soooo enjoyed the 40 challenge, and am looking forward to the SUPER STAR SUCCESS!! Just received your books….and am ready to apply!!
    Thanks for you, your knowledge, energy and inspiration!!!

  24. Michelle …..Im ready to go with this new challenge…..I did your variation Smith lunges Saturday…..OMG…..sore…..but I love it….I have a very hard time getting to my bunz, so this one will always be in my workout line up…..TY;. All the best!!

  25. I loved receiving your comments everyday.It starts my day off in a positive way.cant wait till the next 10 wk contest.

  26. Michelle …..Im ready to go with this new challenge…..I did your variation Smith lunges Saturday…..OMG…..sore…..but I love it….I have a very hard time getting to my bunz, so this one will always be in my workout line up…..TY

  27. the 40 days were great – helped to straighten out alot of issues. I am sooooo excited about the new contest – how did you know my major problem is consistency!!!!????? I’ve had you books – will you be posting your programs again? Am joining the RR now. God bless.

  28. I am sad that the challenge is over, but very excited for the NEW contest! πŸ™‚ I will be even more consistent and focused for this next challenge! Thanks for everything Michelle! πŸ˜€

  29. I’m still figuring out how your system works. I think I’ll definately have to get your books and tablets. I know what I want to look like and insist on getting there. Thanks for the help, Michelle.

  30. I need to work on my final thoughts this week…Although I did not make much physical change the other changes I made were BIG for me and I need that to continue the MOJO! BTW, I finally put the competition idea out there…and I didn’t die like I thought I would! LOL! I will keep you updated…

  31. All physical transformation starts within!! And way to step out of your comfort zone about the contest talk.

  32. I LOVED reading all your articles and fit tips!!! Wish I could continue to get one everyday. But, since I’ve joined the RR I will continue to be inspired through there! THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Your last message was powerful, and I think if everyone truly believed that God wants us to be happy there would be a lot less grief in this world!

  34. Your tips have been FABULOUS!!! I’ve always been fairly slim overall but never fit (I think a week was the longest I ever stuck to a workout program). Your e-mails helped me stay on track and consistent for the past 40 days and I look (and feel) better than I ever have in my life! Thanks so much for doing what you do!

  35. I really enjoyed our 40 day journey. I saved each one and can look back. Thanks for all you do.

  36. Thanks, Michelle! I am so excited to see my body responding to consistent exercise and a clean diet, along with learning about hormonal timing!! ~ I definitely have some MoJo going on!! (-:

  37. Thank your for your encouragement. It has been a fun 40 days! Here’s to starting the next 40!

  38. We completed the 2011 SSS in April… and the contest is always open to competitors via my video coaching program

    Entries submitted throughout the year get added to the group of entries we get from the large group contest. So YES you can do it!!

  39. I am very interested in the SSS contest. I am currently enrolled in Sizzlin In 6. Will there be an SSS contest later this year???

  40. The “Fit in 40” has been awesome!! IΒ΄d love to participate in a contest, but this time I am too late. When is the next one?

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