Half Year Resolutions

Yesterday I was inspired to make some goals for myself…the year is half done and I need to “accomplish” more these next 6 months to make this year a success!! I’ve broken down my goals into 4 categories~ fitness, work, family and spirit….

July Goals

Week of




July 6th 3 day split buffing hard; photo prep- sprint 2x’s a week Videos,Website, Photoshoot Friday- chore time at 3pm daily go to trails, library and berry picking with kids; UFC on Saturday listen to JM podcasts during workouts
July 13th 3 day split BIG time boosting- eat up;

increase my sprints to 8 reps- sprint 2x’s a week

Website store project; videos;chore time at 3pm daily VBS for kids!! Gunner b-day!! VBS, Church, read “reduce me to love”
July 20th 3 day split BIG time boosting- eat up;sprint 2x’s a week video; scheduel august photo shoot;chore time at 3pm daily Have some fun- zoo, pool, lake, etc… Kids book of devotions daily
July 27th buffing hard again…increase my sprints to 10reps; sprint 2x’s a week decide on fall travel;chore time at 3pm daily make plans for anniversary next month; football registration for fall; back to school prep Read Joel Osteen’s book

Splitting it up like that may just make it harder, lol~

Overall my fitness goal is to start working out on a 3 days split again…lifting 6 days a week. I plan to finish off this buffing phase really hard and then BOOST really hard! I need to rev up my metabolism again and boosting with extra supplements and calories seems to do that nicely. I also want to continue to increase my sprinting. By the end of the month I want to get up to 10 sprints/session at least once a week. I want to do sprints twice a week total.

Workwise, my goal is to keep on improving my website and add a bunch of new video content. I’d like to shoot video at least 4 days a week~ Tues- Friday would be good for that. I’m also going to keep up with everyone in the Rally Room and continue to keep adding new good content to it too.

Family wise…it’s Summer vacation here and another B-day is just a few days away… Gunner is going to be 10!! We’ve been trying to have a daily ‘chore” time which are rewarded with set fun activities with the kids. It’s been fun, yet challenging to have them home these past few weeks. A local church has a VBS during the morning on the week of the 13th…the kids love that VBS and so do I! having some free time is nice 🙂

Spirtiually, I need to keep growing and keep connected to my God…I love listiening to messages on my iphon and reading good books. I think if I have a set plan to do something specific each week it’ll help me continue to grow in my realtionship with Jesus.

I am heading to the gym now to do a back, sh, bicep workout~ then I’ll be back to take my FCH pics and stats.




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