Good Day!

I’ve been a bit quiet in my blogs the past couple days because I’ve been busy with family.
We had a great Valentine’s weekend and B-day day yesterday for Travis.
He is 39 now and really focused on accomplishing big things before he turns 40! I can’t believe how old we are getting, lol!!

Yesterday we had a great workout~ I ran in the morning fasted and then did walking lunges. then in the afternoon Travis and I lifted back together. It was a great workout day!! I feel like I am getting leaner every day~ I was 125 again today which is great considering I am ovulating!!

I feel bad that I didn’t get “all” of my planned workout done today~ I skipped intervals~ with yesterday being a holiday today seemed more like Monday…so I was VERY busy today.

Anyhow we did have a good chest workout
r-bike 7:30 mins
135×4+2 assisted
15 push ups

flat bench hammer chest press
2 sets of 90#x6 reps
roman chair abs- 2 sets legs straight

seated hammer chest press

6 (shoulder tight)

flat bench fly’s 30’sx10
bench tri dips 2 sets to fail
knee ups 1 set to fail, 2 sets with 20# between feet (this was hard)
Ab wheel 2 sets
hanging sit ups 1 set

nothing for my booty just yet~ I am a bit sore from yesterday’s lunges…but not much~ good thing it’s leg day tomorrow!!! they are gonna get VERY sore from what I have planned!!!
Sweet dreams!! (remember sleep is VERY important if you want to be buff!! so try to get in at least 8 hours if you can!!)




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