Man Men??

Who has watched the TV Series Mad Men?  Travis and I are addicted to it and have been watching it like crazy the past couple weeks.  It’s so interesting to think back to the 1960’s and realize how life was SOOOO very different. People were so “PRESENT”…fewer distractions and life was so much more simple. But at the same time the basics of ADVERTISING is still true. Copy writing is an art and finding a way to market is still very much worth money!  The internet and smart phones has certainly changed the way people do business over the past 2 years!!


Today, I awarded 10 winners of my YouTube “Energy Angel” pre-workout supplement give away. CONGRATS to the winners!!

If you weren’t a winner, be sure to get in on this BYGO special!


Other than that, I’ve been working hard on my business. I’m getting more and more excited about the business every day! I didn’t get a chance to do my “chef” pics yet, but will very soon!  I did put up a short video about pre- and post- workout eating.  Here’s that video:




The DietBet is going well, what do ya’ll think?  Should I commit to holding another one?  I like the extra motivation, but am not sure how well others are liking it?  Anyway, I do know this time of year is one of the toughest to get people inspired towards fitness, so it’s actually going well


We all want a hot holidays right??

My #1 tip to stay on track during this time of year is to CONTINUE to workout!!

be sure to get in 4 days of working out per week!~!!!!!~!!!


Yesterday’s Nostalgic November:


Guess what? I was a semi-professional football player…And I rocked it!


So, yesterday I made a plea on my BuffMother facebook page for help. I want more of a good productive following there instead of perverts. My solution was to make a plea for help….


Dear followers… I need your help!!
I need those of you who are UPSTANDING and KIND to let me know what info you’d like to see more on this page. I try to provide accountability by leading by example with my own workout proof pics. I try to provide helpful tips through blogs, videos and motivational quotes. I try to help endorse worthy products and people. I am truly here to HELP OTHERS…Let me know what I can do to help you! Please? thanks!!
-Michelle (BuffMother!)
— looking for things to do.
35,840 people reached

Whacky Wednesday

Time to get a bit Whacky! I’m so sick of dealing with the UBER SERIOUS side of people. My solution is to get even more WHACKY than ever!!

Did ya’ll know that I’m kinda crazy?  I am a bit of a goofball and I love making fun of myself.  I just spent some time watching the “Swedish Chef” on YouTUBE! Love him!!

I would love to make a spoof video in his honor for my “BuffMother Meals”…I could even use my chickens?!


By the way, I put up more info on the meals here:


This video I just a quick little blog I did over the weekend…

Okay, so last night turned out quite exciting here. I was in the middle of my workout when I heard a gun shot! Travis shot a BIG BOBCAT about 50 feet from our chicken coop! I think the cat was HUNGRY for a Chicken Dinner!

DH was so excited, it’s his first bobcat ever and it was very big and beautiful. Needless to say, my workout was over.

Anyhow, may have been for the best, I was very sore and tired from the past 3 days of workouts. I did manage to do some bench, some abs, and a few tricep dips.  I also did get in my 20 mins of biking in the morning.

Today, I’ll do a bit more upper body lifting with some boxing and I’ll get in a good solid run too.

Tia is home sick today with a very sore throat…so I’ll be making her some soup and praying she’ll recover quickly.


let’s remember to have some fun today, Joy, Laughter and HUMOR are supposed to be a part of life. Just take some time to get a little WHACKY!! it’s fun!!

Love ya’s,



The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!

Nostalgic November- Catch Up

First off, I just uploaded a new video about “ENERGY ANGEL” To enter give away, comment on video and share video! I’m giving away 10 tubs of Energy Angel. It’s a killer supplement that will give you more power, focus, strength during your workouts and help you recover from them and accelerate your results!


It’s time for my Nostalgic November- catch up!



Travis with our tiny Cuji puppy about 4 years ago on Christmas Eve

My kids hanging with their cousins– we had a blast shopping COWBOY STYLE! in 2010

Just about 10 months ago when we awarded the winner of the 90 day Dr. Tammy transformation contest– Great job for all the “losers”


After a hard workout in VEGAS BABY!! with my BuffMother friends– it’s time for another BuffMother Gathering!!
— with Jen Bender Brummels and Suzi Velinsky.


2010 BuffMother California Gathereing, this was our group before we hit the club- DANCED the night away! AMAZING MEMORIES!!


The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!

Focus, focus

I am feeling my fitness focus increase! YAY!! But I need to keep it and keep it improving! So,  I joined a 6 week contest. It’s an either shred or bulk focus, but as you know My goals/plan are a bit different than most, I’ll shred for 2 weeks, then bulk for 2 then shred again for 2. Right now my focus is to shred, since I’m staring my “Buffing Phase”… we have the end of our “6 Weeks to Sexy contest” and the contest weigh in is in a week, plus I’m now in my buffing phase– fat is gonna be coming off!


I looked at a bunch of plans on and decided to just stick to my own. The goal is to  do a 3 day split : legs, back/bi/sh, chest/tri repeat…I’m striving to lift 6 days a week and 4 days of intervals (mostly running) post upper body lifting or on my day off of lifting. I’m focused on FINISHING this contest STRONG~ 6 to Sexy~ day 29: Finish It!!


Just 2 weeks left, meaning we are on week #5…my favorite challenge!!

6 to Sexy~ day 28: Wk #5 Bikini week


Here’s my bikini week:day 0 pic from yesterday~



Yesterday I got in my 20 mins bike; some Hiking around the farm (10mins worth) and a killer run! Out and back 9:45 out and 9 mins back- uphill even!


Let’s finish STRONG!



p.s. 6 Daily Goals–

  1. Cycle day- 5 Buffing is ON!
  2. Weight- 133 up today from bad food and some bad drinks this weekend. By tomorrow I’ll be down at least to 132. Goal for Friday is 129!!
  3. Sexy To do’s- do our week#5 challenge– bikini picture
  4. Workout- 20mins bike; Legs/abs and booty work!
  5. Meal POA- Protein, greens and fats (very low carbs the next 2 weeks)- buffing style P’s: protein powder, talapia, chicken, left over roast G’s: Cucumber, green beans,mushrooms, onions, radishes F’s: meat fat, dressing on salad, olives
  6. Sexy Actions- make Travis feel special…I think a good meal tonight will help that! Plus some sexy texts and sexual advances from me!

The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!

What is it you really WANT?

Just finished with some fasted biking and will lift later…didn’t get in any workout yesterday.

Life is so good! I’m very excited for September in many ways…but have this question running through my brain recently… “What is it that you really WANT?”

I’m going to work on answering that for myself this September!

Fitness wise, My goals for the next 3 months are just to be HEALTHY and very CONSISTENT in my workouts.  I’ve been researching and RE-learning much about how the thyroid and insulin hormones work to regulate our bodies for a SEMINAR I’m teaching on Sept. 11th…it’s VERY TRUE that hormones affect EVERYTHING in our body! If we operate blindly without that realization we will NOT have the best results.

Mexico was a blast, Travis and I both really needed the time to “CHILL”, we needed to just escape.

The weather was very nice, a big mish-mosh but overall NICE most of the time.  We had 1 day where the sun was full blast and we made it a “TOTAL BEACH DAY”…it was fun to get in the water with the waves. Thankfully my toe handled most all of what we did great.  It continues to improve daily.  We worked out all but 2 days of the trip, played some ping pong, danced a bit and played pool volleyball too!

The most fun times were the conversations we had– we just really enjoy spending time together!!  We met a few interesting people too… One guy was from England, named Gram…we saw him spend HOURS trying to learn to windsurf. He would not give up! It was inspirational and fun to see him get after it at the age of 46 It inspired both Travis and I to keep trying NEW things in our life.

The kids and Grandma seemed very happy to see us, it’s so fun to come home to people that love you. Last night we all went to Gunner’s first game of the season.  He played mostly linebacker but also played some blocking back on offense. He’s very strong and much bigger than most of the kids on the field. He had some very nice hits and played very aggressive. It was fun to see!

Tonight the twins are going off to sleep overs, Gunner is going to the HS football game and Gracie’s got a friend coming over. There’s always action going on with 4 kids…They are awesome!

Time for me to get rolling on my to do’s…

Love ya,


P.S. finally updated my measurements that I hurriedly took before we left on our trip. Can see the increase in bodyfat, mostly “Belly fat”.  Overall though, I am OVER IT…having the time to just CHILL in Mexico this past week really made me understand how blessed I truly am!

 The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!

Miss You!

Holy Cow, I miss you all sooooo much!! I have been the busiest that I can remember this week! I have a million and 1 things going on, it’s been fun and great, but has left me with NO time or energy to be able to spend on the computer with you!

Just to update ya, I’ve been filming my movie “phone in the attic”…the past 3 days I was STRIPPER DIEDRA– which means a ton of dance practice, wearing hells, awkward moments and limited clothing.

The 2 days prior to day that I was LOVER DIEDRA, filming a very flirty scene and a bedroom scene— HOTTTT!!!

Previous to that I was BAD DIEDRA who loves to do evil! I can’t reveal the secrets  of that portion of the movie, But let’s just say it includes Blood, suspense and FIGHTS!!


It’s been a TON OF WORK!!

In addition to that I’ve become a GREAT Aunt for the fist time, I’ve helped celebrate my MIL’s 70th birthday, I’ve had a bunch of remodeling work done on my house, worked on my taxes and also today I’m helping my soon to be SIL shop for a wedding dress while her an my BIL are in town from MN for the weekend~ Add to the mix 4 kids, a DH and a Puppy all wanting my attention too!

I have missed a few workouts, but am keeping up some running, and I consider much of my “activities” as workouts!

Gotta go get caught up a bit on my emails!

Love ya, Ellie (DIEDRA)

Here’s some FRIDAY HOTTIE eye candy for you– Travis Femmel from the show “Vikings”

The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!



Happy Valentine’s Day!!


I have some free time this morning to get a few things done prior to heading to my next Movie SHOOT.  Tonight I get to kill someone and get shot! Fun stuff!!


Yesterday, I completed a recent “early morning” workout record for myself– started running at 7:15 am!! that’s very EARLY for me!!!!

Got my run done EARLY today- finished at 7:40am… After a 10min warm up ran 1 mile at 8mph with 3%grade– pushed into pain! #nopainnogain#workoutproof



Then after my run I had a weird thing happen.  I was getting my eggs cooked and rinsing off something in the sink and these words came to me: “And I will give you the Desires of your heart!”  It instantly made me cry with thankfulness~ God has GIVEN me the desires of my heart! He is amazing!!

I am so blessed!!


Here’s a pic I sent prior to heading out for the day– I knew we were shooting a Sleepy Middle of the night scene, so…limited my make up as not too look too made up…

Here’s a pic after we shot my first ever movie scene!! I will never forget it– thanks to everyone who made it happen! Dreams do come true — with Victoria Fox, Kim Pease and Jim Long.


Here’s a shot with one of the other Actors, Carl TheCoach Bailey— He plays Travis Tabor, the former Sheriff turned politician.


please keep me in your prayers as the shooting continues over the next couple weeks.  LOTS of Brains cells will be required for me to remember all my lines and stay sharp!


Have a happy Valentines day!!

Love, Michelle

p.s. my weight finally dropped back into the 120’s today for the first time in a several weeks! 127.8 on cycle day 5!! Yay for buffing!!

The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!

A House or a Home?

A pastor whom I adore, Bill Johnson of Bethel in Redding, CA talks a lot about being thankful for what GOD has done in order for Him to bless you with MORE! I declare that my testimonies I’ll be sharing about my life this “Just Did It” January blogging theme, will open up the doors for MORE in your life!!

Today I’d like to share my testimony about our current home~

About 11 years ago we bought our first house in Bentonville, Arkansas despite having very little credit and I am not much income and that point. It was a dream come true!!  After living in the home for 7 years we were already outgrowing it, Our four kids were getting bigger and 1600 ft.² could hardly contain us!!

We became aware of how we just didn’t feel “AT HOME” there. We wanted something “different” for our life.  We began looking for bigger homes in our area, we thought about moving away to a different state, and we even almost made a move to Florida– But we had no peace about any of these ideas– So we to stay put for then.

A few months later, a birthday present changed our life forever!!  I bought Travis a gun for his birthday in mid February ~ because of that gun he traded in his nice sports car for a truck 4 x 4 truck and then…. he was so frustrated because he couldn’t find a good place to even shoot his new gun.  That’s when we decided to start looking at buying a few acres of hunting land.

At first we had the vision to just find some land where Travis could hunt and where we could get out in the country every once a while.

As we looked, the prices of land, the locations and logistics behind the idea nothing seemed feasible.  Then I had the idea to look into buying something that had both a house and land. Shortly into my hunt, I found a 3000sq ft. house with 64 acres that was listed well below-market price for it’s size and acreage.  I got i my van and started on the trek to find this place, lol! Along the way I looked at several other houses– EEEKKK most of them were dumps.

The house I set out to see was a bit of a mess to say the least, it was dirty, stinky, a bit run down but it had potential.  I decided it was worth calling the realtor about.  We got the grand tour and I feel in love with the land, but the house not so much. Travis especially, he was NOT SURE about the house. Nor about the idea of living 30mins away from Bentonville.  I convinced him that with some work it’d be perfect for us and that we could truly be happy here.

Well, about 4 weeks after giving Travis a GUN for his B-day, our life had took a drastic turn.  We decided to make an offer on the house, it was accepted and we were set to close that April. It took much longer to close than that due tons of RED TAPE….But here’s miracle part:  We closed on the house for $80,000 less than what we originally had the offered on the house– God definitely provided a miracle!! He came through big time with the perfect HOME for us and every day when we look at our land and house we we know he gave it to us and that HE loves us!!  God knew there was a big difference between a House and a HOME!  He wanted us to have a HOME!!

It took being BRAVE and trusting in GOD to JUST DO IT in this case~

I want you to know that God loves you.  He wants to bless you too!

BUT, Things are going to happen by just wishing or praying.  Have the courage to go for what you want! You must take action, get out there and go for it! GOD wants you to take that initial step. Just do it and be sure to tell your story about how you just did it too!!  I  just did it and this is what happened!!

I stepped out upon you my belief that there was something better for me and my family… I just did it;  I got out there and did my part,Then GOD did the REST!!

I hope this will maybe encourage you to go after your dreams!

God Bless,



HI! So…I’ve missed you! BUT, I needed to reset my addiciton to the computer. I have this thing where I get “sucked in” and end up spending countless unproductive hours on the computer. From time to time a taking a BREAK from it entirely really helps get me back to being in BALANCE with it all.

I’m still trying to formulate my plan of attack for the year and my RESOLUTIONS. I’m feeling a bit of “growing pains” in my life right now– having to let go of some fun goals and replacing them with other more challenging ones. I’m trying to figure it out….

Workouts have been good since I got back from Tampa. Saturday I did Leg, Sunday I did Chest and Yesterday I was too sore to hardly move! I took the day off, but did manage to set up a shooting range and shoot a couple rounds of my hand gun 🙂

Then today I felt the urge to workout early- I was in my gym at 8:40 am! That’s REALLY EARLY for me to workout. I did a Back workout and 20 mins on bike.

Anyhow, Travis took a vacation day today…so I’ve gotta go for now. We may head to the LIVESTOCK AUCTIONS…never been there before– should be interesting!

I’ll be back later to catch up with you!

Love, Michelle


another SSS in the BOOKS!

Another SuperSTAR Success Contest is in the books! WOW!!  70 days went by really fast- I love that, but also wonder where the time has gone??

I’m getting a good number of entries already, but certainly hope many more are coming soon!!
Here’s the info for submission once again-


ON my personal front…I’m still dealing with some “sickies”.  My son is home sick from school today and I’ve been still a bit bogged down with feeling a little sick myself??  I didn’t take my pics yesterday as I had wanted– I’ll get them and my measurements done tomorrow instead.

I rested yesterday except for a couple hour hike through the woods with Travis– it was AWESOME!  It’s the first time we’ve been able to go for a hike in the woods since last year– He tore his meniscus last fall and finally got surgery on it this August.  It’s so nice to have him healthy again!!

This afternoon once the girls get home I’ll hit the tennis courts with them for a bit and then we’ll carve pumpkins tonight!  They are so fired up for Halloween– but all of them are SCARED Sill, I found all 3 of my girls in bed together this morning, lol!!  I told them yesterday at the store we’ll focus on decorating for CHRISTMAS instead of halloween.

SPEAKING OF CHRISTMAS…In Team BuffMother, We’ve done gift exchanges and card exchanges in previous years– This year we are going to do a “Sassy Sock” secret Santa exchange– It should be fun!! I’ll be posting details soon!!

Have a SAFE night!!

Love, Michelle