I’m back and ready to ROCK!!! I had a great rest day on TUESDAY which helped my lung Crud go away!!! Thanks for all the “get well” wishes and prayers…they worked!!!

Yesterday I got in a small workout (only 30 mins) of legs to get my MOJO flowin’ again and today I feel spectacular!!!
here’s my tiny workout from yesterday:

Leg Abductions paired with oblique twists
Leg Extensions paired with Leg Adductions
Leg press paired with calf raises

I’ve already got my grocery shopping done for the day and a bunch of work done~
My plan for the afternoon is to finish up some work by 2 and then get in a good boosting back, shoulders and bicep workout and 10 mins of cardio afterwards to test out the lungs smile

In other news…I am getting a big fat F on this week’s mini-challenge! I need to make up for it by starting today and doing some days next week. It’s been fun to see some of the pics this week from ya’ll!!

Well, I am off to get some eats and get more work done~
Have a GREAT day!!



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