Woke up a new woman!

HI Girls!!
I feel like I lost a day of my life, lol!! Yesterday early in the morning (3am’ish) I woke up ILL~ with tummy flu and a fever! All day I was a zombie and drank an entire bottle of PEPTO~ BUT last night I slept all night uninterrupted and woke up a NEW WOMAN!!! I feel almost 100%~ a little bit if my tummy ache is still present, but that’s no biggie cuz the rest of me feels great!!!

I was so sad yesterday that I had to miss my run …but I new it wasn’t a smart idea– so the even day running streak ends for this month. :( I’ll start a new streak though either today or tomorrow! It all depends on if I decide to lift legs today or tomorrow :)

My dream today revolves around my Spirit~ I dream of walking in the fruit of the Spirit at all times (even during PMS, lol).. Love, JOY, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Gentleness and Self-Control. I seem to struggle most at staying KIND, Patient and Gentle with those I LOVE most. I suppose with family I expect so much of them and I live so close with them that I can get a little mean sometimes. I really don’t like that about myself… AND I know I can improve~ so my dream is to be an angel at all times.

Let’s all have a GREAT weekend and be sure to have a “Friendly Friday” -reach out to someone you care about and say HI!!

Love ya!!



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