First off, I need to say Happy birthday to Darcie!!  TEAM BuffMother would be totally different without you– I appreciate you so much and am so glad God brought you into my life.  I hope your day and year are amazing!!


Next, I wanted to just give you a “sickness” update. I am still on the mend. Probably at about 85% healthy. My lungs and nose are still a bit stuffy– and energy levels  are not at their normal just yet. Hoping that by mid week I’ll be feeling better.


Thirdly, I recorded a video today about my new Diet bet


Fourthly, I also recorded a video about Gym Angel Energy Angel…




Fifthly, I’ve decided to start training clients “in the gym”…working on my POA for that.  I’m excited about it though.  I’ll post more info about it soon!!


Anyhow, I rode bike this morning, but I’m taking today off lifting workouts. I need to HEAL UP from leg workout on Saturday and knock this flu out for good!


Here’s my POA for the week:

M- Bike 20 mins

T- Bike 20 mins/Back lifting

W- Chest lifting and easy run

Th- Bike 20 mins and Legs

Fri- Run

Sat- Back/Sh/Biceps

Sun- run


Abs daily in prep for FAB ABS FEB!! WE start the 2nd on and here in the Rally Room (


Let’s have a great HEALTHY week!!

The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!

Be sure to join Fab Abs February!

Hey All!! Can you believe January is coming to a close already??  We’ll I have a reason for you to get fired up for February!!!


Starting Feb 2nd I’m hosting a challenge– FAB Abs February!!

The challenge will be in 2 places– here in


On for a weight loss challenge of 4% of your bodyweight in 28 days.


Join in however you’d like, thanks! I’ll post more about it in a few days!


Oh wow, how did it get to be Friday?  I literally was in bed almost all day Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed and half of Thurs….CRAZY! I have not been knocked on my booty so hard in a long, long time! Glad that’s over, HA!!
3 of our 6 in the family got it bad- Gracie first, then Tia and I.  Hoping no one else has to lose a week of their life to this flu.


Anyhow enough about that, it seem like sickness is the only thing I’ve blogged about this week. Truth be told, I’ve had a lot going on in my BRAIN during the time off. I’ve been thinking about a lot!!


I had a fun question asked of me a couple week ago “What are 3 things on your bucket list?”  It’s an interesting question because I didn’t know off the top of my head…I had to think about it for a while.

Here are the 3 I came up with:

  1. To learn to sing
  2. To own a horse (and learn to ride it)
  3. To visit Germany During Oktoberfest


What 3 things are on your bucket list?


Like I said, I’ve been thinking about a lot of things Death, life, living, money, time, energy, work, being lazy, goals, vision, people, love, etc…

So much thinking has made me glad to get back to workouts, they clear my head.

Today’s plan, bike and do chest/triceps.

Gonna go for now, be sure to enjoy your FRIENDLY FRIDAY!!




p.s. I’m making a list can you please share some healthy “reward” ideas!!


The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!

Pushing Through

I feel as though the past few days has been me having to PUSH through.  I blame it on a bit of a flu/tummy bug…Hoping tomorrow things will be more “NORMAL” lol!

Friday, just got in a 15min bike ride.

Thursday was a short workout too.  Just 25 mins on the bike and some abs.

I’m going to get on my workout duds now and hit the workout room.

My plan is to try to do legs and adding in the “MAC” moves between sets.

Wish me luck!


p.s. i’ve uploaded 4 new you tube videos the past couple days:


a Vlog about me as Ellie Berger-
Contents of the Starter Pack:


About my friend/agent Kim Pease:


about how to get involved in TEAM BUFFMOTHER


The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!

World by Tail

Hey All!!

Had a busy but good day today!

I feel like I have the world by the tail these days– good things happening all around!!  I LOVE IT!!


Today’s Bikini day 2:

Talk about motivation— these bottoms were TIGHT! makes me know I’ve putt on a little booty cushion over the winter!!


Didn’t get in the full workout I had planned in my POA from Monday but it was still really good!!


Here it is~

Warm up

12min bike

2 sets of 10 reps jumping squats

Paired circuit #1- Squats

warm up set 45×10 135×10 x2sets, 155x8x2sets Calf raises 4×6-8 2 sets toes in, 2 sets toes out


Paired circuit #2-  KB Butt Squeeze squats 40#x10reps x3sets kb deads x10 reps x 3 sets then, bulgarians body weight x 10 reps


Paired circuit #3- Knee Extensions- 115#’sx9reps+ dropset 95#x9reps x 4sets Dead Lifts 135×10 repsx2sets, 155#x8 reps x2sets

Paired circuit #4- Ball leg curls/Hip ups 1 set of each Laying side leg lifts 2 sets of 20


Paired circuit #6- hands on hammies sit ups -2 sets to fail

Lower Back Extensions


So…just for the record my cycle day is 16 and weight is 130, my goal is to be 128 by the end of the week (Sunday).  My tummy has been really bothering me since Saturday. Lots of pelvic pain, bloating and hip/lower back soreness.  It is really annoying!  I kinda think we have a bit of a tummy flu hanging around our house.  My DD Layla was throwing up on Saturday and my son has be nauseous the past 2 days. Hoping it will clear up later this week!


Time to Go!!

have a super night!!


p.s. posted this fun pic and quote on my BuffMother page; “I don’t know who invented high heels, but all women owe him a lot.” -Marilyn Monroe


The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!

Met my Vince!!

I don’t have much time to blog today a MILLION and 1 things going on. But I wanted to be sure to stick to blogging for my accountability.  I am feeling almost 100% recovered from the tummy flu ~ thanks again for your prayers!


at 2 I worked out with my favorite client, Miss Emily McArthur!!
here’s what we did, circuit style with little rest–Try it:
2 sets of each pair then move to next pair:
Pair 1-
Squats 20 reps
Jumps one leg at a time 10 reps
Pair 2-
Backward lunges 20
jumps 20 each leg
Pair 3-
Push up 10
Stretch hip flexors
Pair 4-
Wide squats 10
Shoulder press 10 reps
Pair 5-
Ladder Abs 20+10 crunches
Calf raises 10
Pair 6-
Lay side raises 20 each
Adductor v’s 15

Here are some of my eats from yesterday:




Bowflex rows 3x60x15
Pigeon toe push ups 3×10

Inverted pull ups 3 sets
Lat row 40#kb

Bicep curls 45×10

Lateral raises 15’sx10 + front x5 x3sets

Bench 45×25


Then intervals on treadmill– went up to 4% grade at 9mph for my hardest interval

I felt great!

Now on to my title….Vince is the name of the character in the movie I’m in…Diedra (me) and Vince are very flirty with each other during the movie and even have a bit of a bedroom scene.  I met him yesterday.  Thankfully, we hit it off


Gotta go,

Have a fun HUMP DAY!!



p.s. here’s a pic I took last Saturday== then got too sick to post it:

The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!

8 days to GO!


We have just 8 days to go of our 21 day Kick the Habit contest.
I certainly hope you are focused and ready to finish this challenge strong.

Today’s task, workout ideas and tips are located here:

Time to FINISH this!!  Make yourself PROUD!!
Here’s my leg workout:


Warm up r bike 10 min
Free motion Squat- 100,160×25 warm up
45 warm up
95×12 felt great
135 1 rep-ouch

Leg Press

Smith Lunges

Knee Extension

Abductor(first time in years on this machine 🙂 )

Ab machine

Calf Machine


I am so ready for a great next week, let’s do it!!


8 Days to Go!! …Efficient

BuffMother's picture

Sat, 2012/02/18 – 2:45pm — BuffMother

8 Days to Go!! We are two-thirds done…2 weeks into our 3 week contest.

How are you doing?  I hope you feel closer to BREAKING your habit!

I have lost a little bit of focus this past week, but I am ready to be RELENTLESS and finish this final week STRONG!  I expect to have my habit of eating junk carbs broken and have established a clean kitchen habit!!

I’ve identified that too much computer time really derails my efforts to take action towards my goals.  This week I’m going to focus on being very effective and efficient with my time online.

I encourage you to join me on this task:

Complete Online tasks during just one session each day. Check your mail once daily and complete all other online tasks quickly and efficiently. Let’s combine all online time into one small daily ritual–I plan to even set a TIMER so that I don’t slip and go end up wasting my energy and attention.

My online to do list for this week:
Check my email inbox and write quick responses- 30 min
Write blog- 30 min
Comment on 5+ friends posts in Rally Room- 10 min
Update Facebook status- 5 min
Surf the web-10 min

1:15 mins is very do-able and much less than the tally has been for me recently!!

If ONLINE time is not a problem for you…maybe there is something else hindering your focus- could it be TV time? spending too much time on the phone? Spending too much time cleaning?

Focus on finding ways to be more efficient with your time!!


Today’s workout suggestions:

Beginner- walk for 20 mins…get your arms pumping and heart beating

Experienced– Lift Legs, again!! Paired circuits– do the blue exercises as a circuit and then the pink…keep moving it’s supposed to be hard and fast!


Calf raises
4×10 2 sets toes in, 2 sets toes out
Butt Squats
Walking Lunges
Knee Extensions
Leg Curls
Dead Lifts
Laying side leg lifts
Knee Ups- to front and sides
Lower Back Extensions

Remember that focused effort is always more effective than just going through the motions. Let’s be effective! -Michelle

10 days

10 days to Go!!

warm up 5 min on r-bike
incline press machine, sets of 10


Cable flys

tricep extensions

Tricep machines 3 different a set or 2 of each

Tricep push downs
Don’t know the weights just numbers

Then some abs
then upright bike 6 min, then run 16 min total
4 intervals at 9.5 with recovery at 8
then 10 min of bouncy running, almost like drills for my calves and runnning form at 7.4 mph
then 3 min upright bike
then more abs on roman chair
then done 🙂

My eats and water are perfect today!!

Have a super day!

17 days to go…

17 days to go…
It’s amazing how almost everyone in our 21 day contest is focused improving on their diet!!
I love the determination and desire shown by you to eat better~ Congrats!! You are being a
great leader for your family!!

Today’s post is filled with tons of DIET info~

Be sure to ask questions…Team BuffMother is here to help!!

You can accelerate your results dramatically with just a few simple adjustments to your diet~
LET’s attack our diets these last 17 days of the contest!!

You can kick your habit!
Your friend,



17 days to Go…Diet info!

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Wed, 2012/02/08 – 6:03pm — BuffMother

17 days left…that’s slightly over 2 weeks left…TIME is ticking away!! Keep your focus~ you can kick the habit!!  Due to the fact so many of our bad habits are diet realted I’d thought I’d  share MY…


“21 Days: Kick the HABIT” CONTEST Diet :

A lot of results can happen in just 21 days of working out but if you really want to get results you need to FOCUS on your diet also.  For this contest I  have a “Daily Diet Focus” and OVERALL “5&5+” Diet goal~ feel free to join me!!

Here’s the details:

OVERALL “5&5+” Diet goal:

By “5&5+” I am referring to serving guidelines- let’s put are focus on what TO Eat in a day vs. What NOT to eat:

5 proteins servings daily
5 Fruits and veggies

+Plus FAT = what ever FATS come with those proteins, fruits and veggies (meat fats, dressings, oils, butter, etc…)

Don’t go overboard with “extra fats” and be WISE about your food choices- but PLEASE enjoy your food and fats in moderation. They are good for you and needed for a healthy body! (FYI- this 5&5+ fits perfectly into my hormonal timing diet recommendations for buffing …more info on that is in my books) chef

Like I said- “FOCUS on what we CAN EAT vs. what we can’t- FOCUS on Solutions!!!”


5 fruits/Veggies is the goal- CARBS are in many fruits and many veggies

it’s up to you on how few carbs you get in by the selections you make-

In an optimal weight loss “buffing” style diet (the 5-3-3-3)- you’d want about 3 of the choices to be CARB based (like fruit or complex carb veggies like sweet potatoes, etc..) and the other 2 from greens

BUT PLEASE let’s keep this simple! If you focus on 5 Proteins &5 fruit/veggies + the accompanying Fats you will lose weight!


Your “TASK” for today is to make a solid HEALHTY Protein, FRUIT and VEGGIE filled shopping list~ Make it your goal to hit the store just once this upcoming week– You’ll save tons of time, energy and life will honestly be less stressful for your entire family!

Today’s workout options- one for Beginner level and one for Experience are as follows:


Lift Upper Body and a 5 min walk


Wall Push ups- 3 sets of 15 reps (take 1 minute between each set)
Bent over DB Rows- for your back
3sets of 10 reps (3×10) with 1 min rest between sets
Chair dips- for your triceps/upper arm
Shoulder press- for your shoulders
Bicep curls- for your arms
MORE Wall push ups- for your chest
3x 10
lateral shoulder raises
3x 10

Finish with a 5 minute walk outside or on the treadmill 🙂



Lift Chest followed by a 11 interval workout


Bench Press
4×10, 8, 6, 10 take 2 minutes between heavier sets–challenge yourself!
Incline Chest Press
4×10, 8, 6, 10
 Incline Flys
Assisted Dips- or unassisted if you can!
Barbell Tricep Extensions (skull crushers)
4×10, 8, 6, 10
Cable Tricep pulldown

Intervals (any mode- meaning, you can run, do elliptical, bike, jumprope, dance, etc…): warm up 3 mins; increase intensity/speed  on odd mins 4, 6, 8, 10 and recover on even minutes 5.7.9… 11 minutes is done fast!!

Keep your focus on diet this weekend-Don’t backslike!!

You are KICKING your HABIT!!


MB Blog: 17 days to GO~ My Diet- day 5

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Fri, 2012/02/10 – 6:55pm — BuffMother

We have 17 days to go…diet info here:

Diet is a constant work in progress for me…It is an area where I am always learning, tweaking and striving to find balance.

The BEST results I’ve had with dieting come when I use “elimination rules”, for instance: no dairy, no gluten, no carbonation, etc…

I then follow up those rules with filling my mind with the foods I can eat vs. not eat.  Brainstorming for “allowed” foods, possible recipies and shopping lists helps me keep the focus on the positives of my diet vs. CRAVING those foods I’ve eliminated.

Here are some of the foods I’ve been eating a lot of recently:

Protiens: eggs, hamburger, roast, salmon, chicken, whey protein powder
Carbs: oranges, apples, carrots, sweet potatoes, sauces- honey mustard, bbq, tomoto soup (tomotoes are greens unless processed like in soup )
Fats: almonds, olives, cooking oils, dressings for salad, butter, meat fats
Greens: lettuce, peppers, cucumbers, brocolli slaw, frozen stir-fry mixes, salsa, v8

I must admit, I had a couple slips on my road to breaking the “junk carb” habit at the birthday party for the twins on Thursday…but I’m back to fully engaged and comitted today!

I am comitted to fueling my body to be it’s BEST!

Happy Friday to you!!



EMAIL for day 5; 17 days to GO!!

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Sat, 2012/02/11 – 11:52am — BuffMother

It’s amazing how almost everyone in our 21 day contest is focused improving on their diet!!
I love the determination and desire shown by you to eat better~ Congrats!! You are being a
great leader for your family!!

Today’s post is filled with tons of DIET info~

Be sure to ask questions…Team BuffMother is here to help!!

You can accelerate your results dramatically with just a few simple adjustments to your diet~
LET’s attack our diets these last 17 days of the contest!!

You can kick your habit!
Your friend,

Early Morning!

Hey!! I’ve been slacking on my personal blogging so I thought I’d get it done first thing…actually not first thing- I’ve been up for about a half hour I’ve taken my resting heart rate- it was 50 today, drank 30oz. of HOT water, checked my e-mail, the coffee is brewing and the kids are getting ready for school 🙂

I had a really nice cycle day 5 yesterday~ and I am KILLER sore from my workout on Wednesday- so upon my hubby’s (who’s now been sick with the same flu for 2 days) wisdom I rested from my workout yesterday.  I’m very glad I did!  I would be dying today if I had worked out…thus, Legs/Booty are on tap today!

I’ve got several things I must take care of today since it’s the LAST DAY of the Month!!  WOW! can you believe it?  April isclosing down and May is on it’s way~ this year has been a blur to me until about now.  I expect the next 8 months to be VIVID!

Okay…I’ll be back to report my workout at some point- Hope you have a Fantastic VIVID FRIDAY!

Love Ya!!

Fab Friday!

Fab Friday to you!!!

NO matter what’s going on Friday always seems to be the BEST day of the week!  I am on fire today and happy~
But my plans had to be adjusted a bit today~ DS is home sick.  Poor guy has a bad sore throat and a bit of the body flu.  He is almost never sick, so it is odd for me to have him home today.

Anyhow, since I am home bound, I’ve spent a bit more time cleaning today than I wanted and working to return some e-mails.  I figured since I’ve been answering a bunch of questions in e-mails, that I’d share a couple of those “Q and A’s” every now and then  with  you (btw- names have been altered for privacy):



I received your book and of-course I love it…but I had a questions about my situation.

I want to get a program from you in the future, I want to compete again in some physique competitions. I trained for a show for 12weeks and won my competition but I lost my period about  1 1/2 months into it. Well I have not gotten it back. I am not sure where to start on the vitamins….do I start with the buffering or the boosting? Please help me to understand a little bit more?


HI Reba,
Training the “regular” way for a contest is so very hard on a woman’s body and her hormones.
I’d suggest that you start by adding more fat into your diet- at least 30% of your calories.  And if you are doing any more that 3- 20 min sessions a week, cut back on your cardio.
Then I’d recommend trying my HT pills.  they will help support your natural hormone production.
And give your body TIME to recover…be sure to get plenty of sleep and fuel your body properly with food.

I hope that if you consider doing a contest again that you will utilize Hormonal Timing when training, I’ve trained several ladies very successfully for contest with it and now have a couple clients who are taking on theirr own training clients:
Lisa Staudt, Deb Gray and Julie Laughery.

As for starting HT now with no period, in your case I’d start with 2 weeks of boosting then 2 weeks of buffing.  Once you get your period you can adjust accordingly.  I am confident you’ll feel much better once you get your hormones regulated again.
God Bless,
p.s. for some additional insight about supplements you can take to help with your hormomes, see this article I wrote (please note the HT pill includes plenty of b-6, so don’t take any extra of it) ~ What Makes A Woman Special.

Hi Michelle! I’m truly inspired by your story, but as a mother of 3 I have to ask…no stretch marks…do you cover your c-section scar with makeup or did you at some point have to have surgical intervention just for the skin issues? I ask only because I face extensive stretchmarks and lax skin myself and wonder even if I get back into great shape if I’ll still have those to contend with. Thanks!


Hi Beth,
I’ve had no surgery on my stomach other than my c-section.
My scar is under my suit and God blessed me by sparing me from stretch marks on my tummy.
I do have a lot of lose skin, but I can’t complain at all.
God has really blessed me!

You will be amazed at how well your stomach can recover from your pregnancy.  I give a ton of focus to my stomach and that’s why it looks the way it does~!
Have you had a chance to read my book “After Baby Abs!” it holds all my secrets~

Merry Christmas,


Hope you have a fun, productive and FAB Friday like me!!
Let’s strive to be FABULOUS,
Love~ Michelle