MIGHTY Monday!


I feel MIGHTY today, lol!!  I have been very productive already and I am ready to keep that up!!!

Yesterday was great~ I rested and did NOTHING, lol!  We went to church in the morning, then had filet for lunch and then we went looking at vehicles.  We looked at some tahoes, We really need something new, but having NO PAYMENT is just so nice!!  We are going on vacation to MN in a couple weeks, so we’ll decide soon about what to do…..

Well, my photoshoot is now officially set for next Monday, so today I started doing fasted cardio to get this final layer of fat off me.  I ran intervals outside~ it was WONDERFUL!!

here is my POA for the remainder of the week:
M-am cardio fasted;chest
T-am cardio u-bike; lift legs
W-back and run intervals
Th-just fasted cardio and intervals
F-lift legs
S-lift chest and run outside
S- just cardio

I am on a very low carb diet right now~ shooting for only about 1 serving daily.
My weight was 127 this morning.

I’m off to the shower, store, training appt and then home to clean and cook~
have a MIGHTY day!!!



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