Tremendous Tues; MB~day 2

Today is TREMENDOUS TRAINING day!! I am so blessed to have the honor of training some AMAZING clients…it is so fun!!!
Just recently SEVERAL of them have blown me away with super awesome results~ in just 4 week time frames.  It is TREMENDOUS!!

Success Tool1- chart cycle
c-day 27
Weight 128
symptoms- night sweats, bloated belly, tired, relaxed, happy, better mood, less anger

2 I am boosting- today is a rest day…I’ve worked out for 5 days in a row…time for a day off (but I’ll still do 3 sets of squats!!)
3- Truth Hammer today- Delight yourself in the LORD!

4-Focus on Solutions; take action list

grocery shopping
post office
5 Who did I energize today?
My RR friends…especially Stacy, Helen and Trisha

6 Legacy Perspective
I snuggled with Tia and Layla this morning
I spend a bit of time with my MIL working on a puzzle of Jesus on the Cross
i worked hard!
I will have some quality relax time with DH tonight

7 The Little things~ my MOJO

Ate Brussels Sprouts for Breakfast…that always gets my MOJO going!!

8 Plan of Attack!
Squats- 3 sets of 10 in garage after a short walk outside.

Daily core- Vacuums while waiting in line at the store
p- abs while walking around shopping

Extras: grocery shopping (didn’t make it last night as planned…so i did it today)

9 the 5-4-3-2-1 Diet
Soo far at 6pm
PP- beef, protein powder (filet planned for dinner)
CC- Carbs in stew, juice,
GG- brussel sprouts
F- fat in meat
T- little debbie pb/choc snack bars (I bought these at a moment of weekness last week on c-day 20)
water is a bit low…but catching up
10 This Journaling ROCKS!!~~~
I am once again planning to do my MINI challenge tomorrow~ fill out my starting stats and get my starting pictures up.

Other plans on tap for tomorrow (kid free day):
SHOP- go to TARGET first thing in the morning, then the outdoor mall to the Buckle for JEANS and get nails done there
need a pair of jeans

Then register twins for school

A Massage at 2 pm!!!  I a so excited

Phone calls from 4-6pm

Then my workout: Squats for sure~ LEGS! or run~ we’ll see what happens :)
As usual~
Love ya,



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