UFC Day!! and back wo~


HI!! I am pumped for the UFC fights tonight!!! I can’t wait~ I hope Liddel and GSP win~ the fights will be good no matter what though!

Anyhow Travis got up EARLY and went bow hunting for the first time in MANY years~ he was so pumped and he just got home (deerless), but Happy! But he is TIRED, and so am I….maybe a nap would be a good thing?

The kiddos are watching UNDERDOG which looks like a fun movie, I should have watched it too, but needed to get on the old computer a bit.

here is my wo from today:
Back, Bis and SH
Warm up r-bike 10 mins
Cybex lat pulls

Hammer bicep machine
45×10 to 12 x3

Seated Rows
90×10 super extension

Knee ups on R-chair
40, 15(this was too soon after the first set, lol), 35

Standing calf raises- one set no wt on a step

Lower back extension
70x20x2 on machine
on back extension
no wtx20x3
Pose down bicep curls

Wide cable lat pulls on knees single arms mostly
crunches between sets

20-30 repsx3 sets

Hammer isolateral military press machine
25x10r, 10l, 10r, 10l
35x10l, 10r
70(arms together)x10+4r, 4l

wimpy r-bike intervals for 12:30 while reading and until childcare was over.

After the gym we got 6 movies rented and burger king…I got a whopper, BAD!!! I have got to eat better soon or this buffing will not show any fat loss, lol!

Okay, I am off to shower and maybe nap…then I plan on getting sexy beautiful for the evening of UFC!!

Love ya,



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