To win no one needs to LOSE~

I Believe To WIN no one needs to LOSE~

I read that statement somewhere last week…and it STRUCK me!
I am very competitive, and LOVE to WIN…AND I also LOVE seeing others win.
HOWEVER, there are times when I catch myself in a contest with someone wishing that they would LOSE~so I can WIN.
I DON’T want to EVER think that way.

That’s why I LOVE that no one has to lose in order for ME to win!! We can all win~ woohoo!

Man!! it was the BEST to be back in the gym today~
I did legs
warm up- 10 min r-bike

one set good mornings- 45×10
135×10 easy!!
155x8x2 (would have gone heavier but leary of my back and ankle)

In between my squat sets
hanging knee ups
15 all the way up into a ball x2 sets
20 shorter ones

Dead lifts
paired with sissy sqauts

Leg Press
paired with laying leg raises
20x2sets each leg- KILLER!!

Knee ups on r-chair
40×1 set leaning forward crunch upper abs hard

leg extension 110×10
150x10x2 (sore on my ankle)

leg curls
80x10x2 also sore on my ankle

That’s it and I feel great~ set to do back in the morning with SIL!!
Love ya,



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