Happy Easter!!

First off~ Thank you JESUS for giving your life so I can be FREE Forever! He is ALIVE in my life, I feel his power and strength every day!! HOORAY!!!

We had a good EASTER weekend filled with family and love…

The day started off with easter baskets, yummy eggs with spinach and church. After church we had an egg hunt…it was COLD- so about 40 kids had to fight over only 5000 eggs, lol!! Tia got picky and determined that only the eggs that were “together” were worthy of her taking. And Layla only chose purple eggs…because they “are just so pretty”!! Needless to say we have WAY too much candy in our house at this moment, but I seem “over it” this year! Have I truly finally broken my candy addiction??? If so, it is a miracle for sure!! Maybe the last 4 years of attempts at discipline, learning how BAD sugar is for me, replacing bad habits with good ones, taking my SUPPLEMENTS~ just maybe it is finally clicking and eliminating my carb addition?? Or maybe it is a miracle, because I was not tempted much by the treats today and when I did indulge no true happiness was found~ SWEET!!!

Well on with the day…after easter egg hunt 1…we ate, I napped with my little Layla in her toddler bed– it was a tight fit but a great way to spend easter- SLEEPING!!

Then off we went to easter egg hunt 2 with dessert, etc.. good visit with “the cousins” and the kids were SOOOOO cute yet again!

After getting home, I realized I was full of toxins, so headed out for a release- a run!I felt so much better and am READY to hit it tomorrow.

This week has been successful in rebuilding my weight lifting base at the gym

In total I did (Sunday to Sat):
6 lifting workouts (2back, 2legs, 2 chest)
0 interval/cardio

I’ve encouraged others through the RR and bodyspace
I overcame a slight neck/shoulder injury by modifying my workouts
I did good on eating greens and upping my protein intake!

My POA for next week is:
Lift 6 days-Continue to rebuild a good strength base I will be boosting most exercises will be (4×10,8,6, 10)
2 interval sessions- Ease back into running twice next week (chest day)…I get to wear my new shoes!!
Be good on my diet– EAT to perform!!

Yesterday, I did my 2nd leg workout of the week!!
I was still a bit sore from Tuesday’s workout in my VMO, quads and hammies–but I still did it and expect to recover more quickly as I become consistent in my lifting again. Also, my neck/shoulder is still a bit sore, but getting better.

Warm up
11min r-bike
squat- all reps very slow controlled really focusing on form and stretching my hips

Dead lifts
135x10x3 (last set wide stance)
Seated Calves

Smith lunges
50plus machinex12x2
70plus machinex10x1

knee extensions

leg curls
70x10x2 (super focus on butt)

rotary calf press

Old school abs
40×2 sets
cats 2 sets of 3 each direction
straight leg ups on r-chair 15 front 5 each side

Russian squat machine
25 reps felt good to stretch it on these.

Have a SUPER week yourself!!



P.S. this made me laugh!



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