Hey ya – Well the morning weigh in was 128

Hey ya –
Well the morning weigh in was 128– i feel it is a quite solid and lean 128–but 3 pounds WILL be annihilated over the next 2 weeks

My workout today was different than planned- I did Chest/tri’s with DH
Warm up
10 min r-bike
135×6 (first 3 all me)

2 Sets knee ups on bench 40 reps each

Flat bench flys

Hanging knee ups-
15×2 sets

10, 9

tricep cable push downs

Then I tanned– while tanning did stomach vacuums–I feel I need these badly right now, my belly keeps on sticking out–something to do with the cyst I have on my ovary–it is still not resolved– i go to the doc on the 22nd, so we’ll see what he thinks about it

AND talked to the child care worker ladies…they are all so nice-

The workout doesn’t look like much but it was plenty–the focus is weight loss–muscle maintenance Smiling

Diet so far has been good
1 C (carrots)
2 Greens (stir fry veggies and tomatoes)
3 Proteins (turkey and eggs)
2 Fats (dark turkey fat, lol and nuts)

NO idea what supper will be– we are watching part of the game for sure– I want Ohio to win.

Gotta go~
p.s. just wanted to add I did 10 min on my new stair master–very cool!! I put it in my living room yesterday



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  1. i have just discovered your website in the past few days and am totally inspired! i’ve never gone any higher than using 12-15 lbs in any of my wt. lifting in the past few years and am starting back at the beginning with weights since having my first child 10 months ago now. i will do my best to work on upping my weights and focus on total body sculpting 3x/week now.

    my question is about the diet part. if my goal weight is 135 and i should eat about that in grams of protein per day, how much is that in total calories for the day? is that about an 1800 calorie diet? i don’t want to eat too much or think that i need that many calories if i’m not lifting large weights yet…

    please let me know what you think. Thanks!!!!

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