short and sweet- flu and legs :)

Wednesday I was SICK!! Stomach flu, body aches–so I spent the day in bed

Thursday- Short and sweet-LEGS
What a perfect little workout I did today…
Got the kiddos from their last day of pre-school, Moms day out and kindergarden, then headed off to the gym- “my oasis”
….After being cooped up since tuesday it was great to get out among the living–even if it is amongst gym rats:pirate1:

Warm up
8 min r-bike: I felt good and strong

then circuit #1- kinda a warm up
2 sets of each of the following in a circuit
30#db walking lungesx15 reps (30steps)
Froggy leg curls 50×15, 60×15
laying side leg lifts 15 each leg

Then this circuit
Full squats, 45, 95, 95 then one set parallel 135#

Bulgarians 4sets of 10 with 30#’DB’s

Stiff leg dead lifts
just 45#x15x3

and add in on set of good mornings with 45#

then knee extensions paired with calf raises- just 2 sets then I really hit the wall

So not so bad for a BONUS workout- I consider it bonus since I am still recovering from my illness, lol–I am off to fold the laundry with the help of my 3 little maids :)-I WISH!

Hope your booty is sore!



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