BIG News!! a BOOTY challenge and a MAP!!

Well after being rather good on my eats and actually getting some of this water weight out of me during my cardio session yesterday I weighed in at 125 this am. I feel GOOD! Good enough to take some final bikini challenge photos today 🙂

My little TIA was sick in the night and had a fever again when waking up this am…so I am not sure about my gym plans for today.

One thing that is happening this week is VBS for the kids–All of them!! 6:30pm to 9pm!! So my DH and I get to have several little dates.

Last night we drove around, dreaming of a buying a different house…needless to say–I think we’ll stay put for at least 1 more year, but with us you never know :devious:

AND then we went to the golfing range and hit some balls…now I am not a golfer, but I would love to be! I did the best EVER at the range- which is not saying much since I have only “golfed or gone to the range” maybe 6 times in my life ….I actually connected and hit several good shots. Maybe I am a natural??

We had a blast together– and if Tia kicks her fever, tonight we’ll have another date!

My DH has been working out HARD for the past 3 weeks–and he is getting great results on his BUFFMOTHER program. I am so proud of HIM :clap:

This is my final day as a 30 year old…so I’d better get crankin’ and make something happen!

I am so pumped about the BOOTY challenge- I want a 14 year old gymnast butt!! You can join in on the fun in our Team BuffMother! Rally Room
THE BOOTY Challenge!!

the official start date will be June 19th and the end date will be July 7th.

The goal of these almost 3 weeks will be to lift, sclupt, de-fat, obliterate and FOCUS on your booty….everyday you need to think BOOTY, BOOTY, BOOTY 😎

In order to participate please post some if not all of the following: Post B4 pics, measurements, goals and booty dreams!

Let’s be relentless about our BOOTYS!!
You can accomplish a lot in just a couple weeks, you will be amazed-

Rock it,
p.s.’Team BuffMother!’ now has a Group Map on Frappr so we can all see each
other on a map!
Come put yourself on the map, too!

To see the ‘Team BuffMother!’ map, click below or paste the URL into
your browser



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