Tuesday’s Leg Circuit…whoohoo

BOY what a super day!

I had a lot of things going on and stayed home all day!! That is amazing and doesn’t happen often, but I liked it šŸ™‚

I did a leg circuit workout that took about 25 min plus 10 extra for lunges and leg curls.

here is the jist of what I did:
1. DB Squats- held weights(#30db’s) up by shoulders went down low 15-20 reps
2. Leg extensions on bowflex- 15 reps of 100, 160, 160
3. Dead lifts- #30 db’s down to touch weights on floor 15-20 reps
4. Bulgarians- 3x10x 30#db’s
5. Laying leg lifts on incline bench 3×20
6. Abs knee ups 3 sets of 40

Did all 6 exercises in a row repeated 3 times…
then did 20 stationary lunges w/#30 db’s and then 90 walkin lunges
and 5 sets of leg curls on the bowflex…these felt great!

My eats have been great too
P: Fajita steak, chicken breast, 4 eggs (minus 1 yolk)
C: Red Grapes
G: Green beans, asparagus stir fry
F: Summer sausage

Bless you all!



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  1. Today was cardio day for me. 1 hour and 35 minutes and over 1000 calories burned at the gym alone. I love leg days though. I have big strong legs and I always feel a great sence of accomplishment after a leg workout

  2. Wow, great leg wo. I am still with this challenge, I love that it has made me look and feel younger than I have in a long time.

  3. Hey! Went out of town, but had an opportunity to walk in the woods this morning for an hour. I never would have done that before I started trying to work out every day, and I would have missed such beauty. BTW, Michelle, you look great!

  4. Taking the boys in the double stroller today for a walk…uphill both ways! LOL, in our neighborhood it’s actually possible.

  5. Worked hard all weekend from Fri morning so shattered now sunday night. Hard workout tomorrow, can’t wait.

  6. Today I get 30 minutes cardio but it’s my day off from lifting. That will be okay cause I’ve been hitting it hard and heavy with those weights! šŸ˜€

  7. Starting my 10 week training for the Halloween 10K on October 18th! Woohoo! By the way Michelle, you have some AMAZING looking legs in that pic!!!!

  8. I gotta be honest. I am so frustrated today. I got up and weighed 2# more than I did last week. Not anything due to the challenge, just me. I have seriously been flopping around these same three pounds for months. I feel like if only I work harder. But then I do that, and see no results. Uggh, one of those days. I am totally impressed with your leg workout. And I know that I can do this. The bod is not cooperating, but I know i am more fit.

  9. don’t fret the 2 pounds~ it’s not “real weight” it’s probably just your hormones. Where are you at in your cycle? Use that extra weight to LIFT HEAVY~ extra water in muscles make us STRONGER!!

  10. Weddings are great motivation~~ you have 12 days left!! you can do a ton in 12 days!!! Glad your son is feeling better too~

  11. another name for them is single leg squats. Place on foot behind you on a bench and squat down~ you can hold DB’s to add intensity.

  12. Maybe you need new shoes? You may want to ice the area just to be sure it doesn’t happen next run~
    Way to finish though!!

  13. Had a little setback this morning during my run…my left shin starting aching terribly-almost making it unbearable to keep going. I finished of course, however, in much pain; and to my frustration the pain went away! Not sure what that was about but I did everything I normally do…Go figure! Anyway, I am happy that I have stuck to responding to this forum for accountability!

  14. Am going to try the other hand eating trick, also heard once that in Europe people tend to eat with fork upside down and watching Mary Poppins movie with my 3 yr old I noticed the actor was doing just that. I also have my hand weights at work now so I will incorporate them into my at work exercises.

  15. Can’t believe 20 days went by so fast!

    Great leg workout there, I am going to try it myself! šŸ˜‰

  16. I love your tip! I’ve never heard that before, but I bet it works! I’m going to try eating my regular meals with my left, too, and see what happens!

  17. Thanks for the motivation. I have a wedding on the 22nd – and am trying to look great. 20 days you can see improvement. I haven’t blogged because my son has been sick last week – he’s on the mend. I have been reading your blog though.

  18. Eating healthy today….going to do bike today and trying to figure out if I should lift today or tomorrow based on soreness and leaving for an extended weekend.

  19. Timing! Week 3 for BFL and half-way through Mother of Buffdom-40 days. That really has gone fast! Going to take measurements today. I’m also on cycle days 8-15 so I want to really push myself!

  20. I hope that one day I can do a leg workout like that! Slow and steady wins the battle. I’m going to do my work out now.

  21. I love the idea of using the non dominant hand for snacking. I will have to try that! Maybe even try it at meals once in a while. I know that I eat too fast. I am still on vacation. No running today but I bought a medicine ball so I am going to do a workout with that.

  22. going to do some light work out at home today, as I am home with a cold and am not feeling 100% I’m glad that I can still work out with out leaving the house on days like today.

  23. You are so inspirational. Obviously you really know what you are talking about. A few questions about legs…After a leg workout, in which I am hopefully building muscle, should cardio be avoided since it tends to break down leg muscle? What about cardio before the leg workout – or should cardio be saved for non-leg days altogether?

    I don’t really have knee problems, but if I’m not careful one or the other can feel a little “tweaked” after an extra-strenous workout. Any suggestions on how to do all of these squats and lunges and keep increasing the weights, while protecting my knees? Will my knees get stronger as I slowly increase the weights, so that they can tolerate more?

    Finally, my calves look like chicken legs. Do you have any tips that you consider key for increasing calf size?

    Thanks in advance for all your help!!

  24. I am going to do a similar leg workout at home tomorrow. Can’t do extentions and curls, but I will make it a good one!

  25. I like that idea of using the non-dominant hand to snack with! Many thanks for all your awesome tips so far!!

    And, Wowzers, those are some nice legs!!

  26. Trying the eating-with-the-left-hand-thing… Hitting the gym in an hour or so then soaking up some sun with the kiddies!

  27. I am here again!! Did a 5 mile run this am…will hit the gym later for weights!
    Thanks for the boost!

  28. Legs….n hiney…..my nemesis….I always lose there last….Ive got a JLO booty, my waist is abt 4 sizes smaller than my hiney…..must hit it harder….=0)

  29. put on pre baby jeans today. barely zipped up. i was thankful they did at least zip.

    i actually weighed myself today. not happy with the number but realize i needed to see it.

    i seriously have 15 pounds to lose. soooo, today i am getting real.

    had a great j/w this morning. will lift tonight. will get in protein and keep my calories in check. measuring food. paying attention.


  30. been consistent with workouts, and eating well, and been consistently dropping inches and pounds….yay!

  31. Day 21. Everyday I see changes in my body from the changes I have made in just the last 3 weeks!

  32. Thanks for posting your workout — again! Do you ever just not feel like writing? Do you have a ghost-writer? Thanks for your consistency!

  33. Ok, my eats have not been the best,, kashi cereal for breakfast, ham sandwich with kettle chips, ham sandwich, spagetti,, whole wheat pasta, but still, sits heavy…

  34. Ok, my eats have not been the best,, kashi cereal for breakfast, ham sandwich with kettle chips, ham sandwich, spagetti,, whole wheat pasta, but still, sits heavy…

  35. I will try eating with my opposite hand. I did put a few plain chips on my plate the other night and I ate two and just wasnt feeling them so I passed on them. I’m pretty good bout doing that. I notice I tend to get bored eating too, maybe cuz i am a slow eater (always the last one to finish) I normally do small portions also.

  36. Workouts have been slipping this week…no good excuses…will be getting back to it!

    Good tip with the switching hands!

  37. Had good hard upper body even though I did not get to finish. Hope to get in some cardio on eliptical later.


  38. My legs and arms are improving. I think my mid section is gradually. I feel a bit like an apple, or a wobbly bowl of jelly. But I’ve found so many muscles that I didn’t even know existed and they feel so small right now. That’s given me vision.

  39. Great illustrations Marlicia~ are you a writer? Cool to hear you are seeing changes~ tummys take time…but keep working and you’ll see it whittle down too. Do you have my After Baby ABS book? LOTS of great info in there on HOW TO~

  40. Well, I do like to write, but haven’t explored that part of me enough yet. I’d like to write some books some day. No, I don’t have that book. I’ll look for it!

  41. Today is plyometrics. I love them and hate them, but the results I am seeing since adding these exercises to my workout has been great. I am getting more definition in my quads and hams, and more strength. I can’t wait to show off my new legs next year during competitions.

    Keep pumping!

  42. Chest and back today – done.
    I am running a 5K tonight for my cardio.
    I will also add in some plyo next week. I love how you feel after doing plyo.

  43. Love seeing your at-home workouts as I won’t be at the gym for awhile. Still buffing and lost two pounds. Kind of celebrated on my weigh-in day and have to get back to being super-strict. Thanks so much for your encouragement, and hope you and everyone else has a great day!

  44. Did intervals on the treadmill. I never thought I would even break a sweat in 20 min. but I was dripping! gross, I know.

  45. I hold my weights the same way with squats…after a while I wished I had a bar on my back! šŸ™‚ I need to do some legs…maybe I will tomorrow…

  46. I have learned to LOVE sweating!! I feel like toxins are getting out! GREAT job!! Keep making the quality of your workout time count…QUALITY over QUANTITY is the BEST way to train!

  47. glad to hear you are losing weight and that you like the home workout options…Keep your focus Staci!

  48. today is my day off, but I’m tempted to sneak in some intervals-we’ll see what happens. Hubby is off hunting so it does feel kind of good to be lazy:)

  49. day 21. LOVe the tip. I am going to be trying that for thanksgiving and christmas. LOL. hopefully I will eat a ton less.


  50. Day 21!

    I am packing to go see the family for thanksgiving break after the kids get out of school. I have lost enough weight now that it was hard to find clothes in my closet that look good on me. Almost time to go shopping!!!! Had a great work out today focused on abs, back, and chest.

  51. Loving the circuits….I have begun to implement this in my routines and I am pouring sweat before I ever start cardio!!!

  52. I LOVE your legs I want them soooo bad plus being 5’11 would make some long sexy legs I am gonna start your routine after I have been consistent. šŸ™‚ Thanx so much for being you and your teachings are truly inspiring Amen! Bless YOU!

  53. Yay! got my workout in, even if it was in pieces, at least I got it done. Now I hope the ER is quiet so I get some sleep tonight!

  54. Joni, at 5-11 you remind me of that song…”SHE’s GOT LEGS!!!” hehe– thanks so much for the compliments!

  55. Wow, never heard them called that. I have done them with my leg back on the half ball with barbell on shoulders (that took some balancing!). But, after watching your video I think I will try them with the dumb bells in front to work the glutes more….thanks for sharing….! Love getting new ideas to change it up.

  56. I went shopping today walked for hours looking for my daughters prom dress didnt eat all day but two pieces of homemade french toast before we left other then that just water I know not good

  57. Thequestions is what did you eat when you got home??…were you able to control yourself and reach for some Protein and greens right away? Every decision adds up~

  58. Thanks for the explanation of a Bulgarian! I had seen reference to it and had no idea what it was. Gotta try it out.

  59. Wow! I guess I gotta up the ante on my legs.. Guess that’s why they aren’t developing that much in the back.. Not lifting enough weight

  60. Had a headache yesterday but still did a small arm workout! I stayed on my diet but had a poptart for dinner ( was sick and didn’t feel like cooking) but I have lost 2 more pounds! Today I feel better so I am gonna get this done! Buckleing down for the next 20 days!! Whoot Whoot!

  61. I like naps…something I read once has stuck with me: if you lay down and can fall asleep within 10 mins- you need the nap rather than a workout. If you can’t fall asleep in 10 mins- get up and go workout!

  62. have you tried recently? does it hurt your front knee? On the way down or up? are you keeping your knee over your heel? What if you do a shortened movement? or if you move further away from the bench behind you?

  63. Going to do an upper body circuit today! Can’t wait!!
    Thanks for the leg circuit, gonna have to try that next leg day. Although i will have to substitute the leg extension for something else as we don’t have anything to do leg extensions with.

  64. day 21…need to do cardio and then legs…its sunday, but i took yesterday off, so i’ll make today my saturday!enjoy the day!!!

  65. Chest and back today. Felt strong. Two more days until buffing. Hust received hormone timing pills. I am going to knock the next two weeks out of the park. At the end of it am on vacation

  66. I had to run errands today so I got my cardio in this afternoon. My Diet was good and I did my stretching with yoga. Feeling the results more than seeing it. I would like to see more belly fat melting off..!!

  67. I was LIGHTER this morning YAY!!!! I can tell looking in the mirror that I am losing also, YES!! Eating great today – going to take a walk later!

  68. I feel fanstastic!! My husband looked at me today and said you are getting skinny!!!! Never ever thought I would hear that!!!!

  69. MIchelle, do you think it takes some time to get the diet to be more protein than carbs? Time before the body begins to run well on that type of ratio?

  70. I had a great leg workout yesterday! I’m still in buffing mode, but hit a few lax days with ovulation! Back to it! Going to finish off this buffing cycle strong and positive!

  71. I do think it takes a bit of an adjustment time…and it’s key that you are working out (lifting weights) in conjunction with the recommendations.
    your body will respond nicely!

  72. Over the past 3 weeks I have lost 10lbs. I have used weight training and eating clean with 1 cheat day per week and I am very happy with the results. Thanks so much for the continued encouragement. I will try my best to keep up with the postings better. By the way, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

  73. hmmm, snack with non-dominant hand. Yes, could get very messy, lol. I’ll have to try that one. I bet I’d eat a lot slower too. Thanks Michelle.

  74. Ate a ton of greens today as well as 132 grams of protein. yummy eats! I truly love eating clean and feeling so good physically and mentally. Though the spin class today didn’t happen, I jogged for 30 minutes instead and then did some leg weight lifting for the backside. Definitely worked up a sweat – felt GOOD!

  75. I need to know what Bulgarians are. I am trying to get more leg definition so anything new will help!

  76. I have always had a belly “pooch” even before I had children. I was a very tiny girl, never breaking 100 lbs until I had my first baby (although I was 16 when I had him) but my belly always bumped out. I always thought that was just how I was built. And of course after three children it pooched even more. Well, my belly still pooches but it is honestly the flattest I ever remember seeing it!!!!!! I am so encouraged it is beyond belief! My size 5 jeans are getting loose!!!!

  77. Well I must say that I LOVE the definition that I’m getting on my calves!! Now if my arms and tummy would follow!!

  78. loved todays tip! I’m not much of a snacker but I do want to try this technique! Yesterday was Upper Body & Abs- so I am very excited for Lower Body and will try to implement some of these activities for sure. Tonight I want to take it a little easier and do an ab circuit and intervals (which have now become my favourite) – can’t believe 20 days have flown by!

  79. Interesting tip – I’ll have to give it a try! Cardio is the name of my game lately – trying to burn off some fat!!

  80. Yesterday was intervals. You do 1 minute of intense cardio then light weights (5 pounds) while your cooling down. Do this a Total of 30 minutes.

  81. Feeling absolutely fabulous today!! I have two workouts yesterday. Taking a day for rest today to get back on it in the morning. Wishing all the Buff Mothers and healthy day!! Peace!

  82. 2 Nia classes and Back and Biceps worked yesterday. Im tired today..but have a major exercise day tomorrow so going gentle with one nia class today.:-)

  83. Love reading the details of your workout! I am in the mountains still, so today will be a running day…at 9000 feet altitude!

  84. Awesome circuit! That looks great for a day when there isn’t as much time to get a workout in. Great eats too! Have a great weekend!

  85. another big leg workout! you are amazing
    Great tip about switching hands for snacking. It’s the little things sometimes for sure.

  86. Glad you are enjoying the workouts and getting yours done!! the scale will cooperate as you stay focused!!

  87. Thank you for the breakdown of your leg workout. I’ll definitely be doing the same tomorrow…..well, with less weights though šŸ™‚
    I’ve done my usual 30min fast-ish walk with my baby today. It definitely makes me feel better getting some nice, fresh air. I’ve reached a personal milestone today & fingers crossed the scales will be pointing in the right direction when I weigh myself in the morning. Keep you posted šŸ™‚

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