12 days to Go!!

12 days to go…your task, workouts and support link:

Sorry ladies I have been terrible about posting my workouts…but I have been doing them
Sunday was a killer run outside
Monday ended up being off
Chest/Tri’s  yesterday

Today legs again…

We had a nice V-day!! I got a “love” necklace and a pearl necklace and bracelet– very thoughtful since i lost a bunch of my jewelry last fall.
Have a great day!!



12 Days to GO…Support!

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Wed, 2012/02/15 – 6:35am — BuffMother

Habits are tough enough to break when you are battling just YOURSELF, but when those around you seem to “sabotage” your decision to quit the habit it can make the battle 10 times harder.  You may need to take an honest look at your relationships.  It’s important to Choose Friends Wisely!

Spend more time with people that help you to keep things simple. Surround yourself with happy, positive people who share your values and goals. Friends that have the same ethics as you will encourage you to achieve your dreams.

Your task for today is to embrace the motto of our Team BuffMother Rally Room “The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage Others”…take time today to read and comment on 5 blogs.  It’ll get you started on the road toward having more like minded friends!  Supporting others is the first step in feeling support!

Today’s Workouts:

Beginner: lower body


Barbell Squats
Step ups
Knee Extensions
Leg Curls
Walking Lunges
Calf Raises

Experienced– Legs


Take 1 to 2 minutes rest between sets 🙂 Up the weights as reps go down
4 sets total: set 1 of 10, set 2 of 8, set 3 of 6, set 4 of 10
Smith Lunges
4×10, 8, 6, 10
Butt Squats
3×10- for your glutes/hams
Knee Extensions
4×10, 8, 6, 10
Leg Curls
4×10, 8, 6, 10
Walking Lunges
2×10-15 -focus on front leg to hit butt
Calf Raises


Keep pressing toward kickin’ your habit!! I KNOW you can do it!!

Your friend,


Good friends….day 10; 12 to go

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Wed, 2012/02/15 – 11:49am — BuffMother

Good friends support our goals, encourage us towards greatness, love us even when we disappoint them, they are loyal and truly enjoyable to be around. If that’s true why then do we find ourselves trying to be friends with people who are NOT like that??   I realized that for far too long I’d been trying to be friends with people who honestly had no purpose in my life….
I hung out with women from work or church group or my neighborhood, but most of them didn’t “click”…they didin’t “get me”.  I attributed it to me being weird, not to the fact they were not the right friends, lol!  I tried to change myself to fit in over and over again– becoming more frustrated and self sabotaging at each turn.  I was being untrue to myself, just to fit the mold vs. finding the right friends.  Once I realized my error, I decided to stop the insanity and go for finding the RIGHT friends; friends who are like minded, happy, positive and encouraging!!

That’s when Team BuffMother was born!  It’s been so freeing and amazing to see the true meaning friendship at a whole new level through the internet. I have made more good friends in the past 7 years than I could have ever hoped for and guess what, I keep making MORE!  It’s crazy awesome!!

Completing the task for today(read and comment on 5 blogs) was easy…I’ve made it a habit to cheer on my friends in the rally room daily.  Most every blog I read I comment on…somtimes all I note is a smile or a HI! just that simple act makes that person feel encouraged to know someone out there CARES about them!  I do care, and I do LOVE each member here!!

My “Kick the Habit” goals have been suffering a bit the past couple days…it’s gotta be that we are in the “middle” days of the contest– the beginning excitement has faded and the end is still to far away, lol!  I need to FOCUS….I’m gonna take a little time today to read my starting blogs and thoughts again– that will help!

The workout plan for today is legs– Gotta love leg workouts–they are so effective!!

Have a good one my good friends,






The "Hubby Push"

I’ve been working out with my hubby each night…he’s actually pushed me to get going to the gym the past 2 days!!  I love that… We are going to Cancun in 2 weeks!!!  Both of us wanna be BUFF!!
Last night we did a leg workout, mostly squatting…I also did bulgarians, side lunges, hack squats, leg extensions and calves.

Tonight, I plan to run a couple “SPRINTS” up the hill with my son.  I also think I’ll do a DB circuit workout with him too.  He’s ready to have me help him get in shape for football.  I have yet to take my starting stats/pic due to the crazy busy life I’ve had this week… but the good news is I’ve already lost weight down to 125.4 this am on cycle day 4~ Buffing begins for me officially tomorrow, but honestly I’ve been buffing all week!  The goal is for me to wake up weighing 122 on the day we leave for Cancun.  Then I’ll have a little under a week to “re-lose” the weight after vacation before the end of our contest!!  I expect I’ll finish the contest the size I am now.

p.s. If anyone needs some mojo…A great idea for you right now is to follow along with my “Thin in 30” contest.  Here’s the link to the sign up~ you get daily workouts and diet info:

Diet info:

Workouts: Day 1-

"Thin in 30" CONTEST Diet

“Thin in 30” CONTEST Diet :

A lot of results can happen in just 30 days of working out but if you really want to get results you need to FOCUS on your diet also.  For this contest we will have a “Daily Diet Focus” and OVERALL “5&5+” Diet goal:

OVERALL “5&5+” Diet goal:

By “5&5+” I am referring to serving guidelines- let’s put are focus on what TO Eat in a day vs. What NOT to eat:

5 proteins servings daily
5 Fruits and veggies

+Plus FAT = what ever FATS come with those proteins, fruits and veggies (meat fats, dressings, oils, butter, etc…)

Don’t go overboard with “extra fats” and be WISE about your food choices- but PLEASE enjoy your food and fats in moderation. They are good for you and needed for a healthy body! (FYI- this 5&5+ fits perfectly into my hormonal timing diet recommendations for buffing …more info on that is in my books) chef

Like I said- “FOCUS on what we CAN EAT vs. what we can’t- FOCUS on Solutions!!!”


5 fruits/Veggies is the goal- CARBS are in many fruits and many veggies

it’s up to you on how few carbs you get in by the selections you make-

In an optimal weight loss “buffing” style diet (the 5-3-3-3)- you’d want about 3 of the choices to be CARB based (like fruit or complex carb veggies like sweet potatoes, etc..) and the other 2 from greens

BUT PLEASE let’s keep this simple! If you focus on 5 Proteins &5 fruit/veggies + the accompanying Fats you will

Sunday’s Leg workout

Yesterday was my day off of working out. I really needed it! I am still very sore today. On Friday I ran outside and 8 HARD sprints. The my quads, hips, abs and muscles in between my ribs are super sore from running so hard!! UNREAL.

So my leg workout was hard today. I did what I could in dealing with my soreness.
Here is a rundown of kinda the workout I did:
Smith lunges
Walking lunges
2sets of 30 steps w/60#’s on back
Lying side leg lifts
2 sets of 20, slow and concentrated on butt
Smith lunges
Good mornings
Dead lifts
knee extensions
one set for VMO
Leg curls on free motion
Leg press 180×20 short
calves there 2×20
Glute machine 50×20

This workout was rather high rep for me…I didn’t dare go heavy since I am so sore…my next leg workout will be heavier and more intense.

Better than nothing 🙂

My plan for the week:
M-back, run intervals
T-chest, spin
Thursday- run intervals
F-Back, intervals
S-Chest, run sprints

The plan for this week is to do a mini test of my week b4 contest diet. I am 4 weeks out!!!

I’ll catch up with you all in the morning…time for some quality time w/ DH 🙂


A GREAT e-mail

I wanted to share this wonderful e-mail correspondence with all of you…

Jennifer wrote:

After receiving my latest issue of Oxygen Mag, I was
surfing the web and decided to see what inspirational
stories the on-line version of oxygen
had to offer and low and behold I have found your web
site. I’m totally and completely amazed at your body.
In fact, I’m so amazed that I can’t stop talking about
your web site. I’ve told everyone at work who needs
a little more inspiration to log on and check your
site out.

I have two questions for you. I read that you have a
nutrition andfitness background, how did you take your
unfit after pregnancy body andturn it into a sold muscle
machine? I guess my question is for a
motivation factor, what was the breaking point in
which you said this time I’m really gonna do it? And my second
question is, is it possible to discuss a sample menu when you are
preparing for a contest? I’m really curious what a typical diet
day is and a contest diet day is for you? I’m sure with four
very active young children your diet might not
be as clean as you’d like it to be.

I’ve recently within the last year have left the
corporate world, went back to school to earn my teaching degree
(after earning my bachelor’s)
and went back to waiting tables at night. I saw
your fee for on-line training and really I just don’t have that
flexible of an income to join. I work out with my husband and
pushes me hard but sometimes he
just doesn’t understand what it means to be a woman.
If you know what Imean. That’s why I love your web site!

Thanks for your inspiration and motivation.
Train hard,


“Be the change you want to see in the world”

I responded:

Thanks so much for your GREAT e-mail! I really love your enthusiasm.

To answer your questions:

The point at which I decided I was going to prove you can be buff after having children came when I looked in the mirror and I didn’t recognize the person staring back at me.

I was very unhappy with what I saw and how I felt.In October of 2003, I decided to start training for my first contest and competed in March of 2004. So after only 6 months of intense training, I won the my first two NPC figure titles only 13 months after I had my 3rd and 4th children by c-section. I honestly admit that my body was not “super solid” at that point, but the best it had EVER been. I continued to work hard and shortly won 3 more titles that year.

As far as diet is concerned, you are right it is not super clean. I don’t have time to plan everything out, so I eat the best I can.
The biggest concern for me is to get my protein and veggies in daily. If I do that on a consistent basis, I see huge results. Also
learning to time my meals for workout performance has been key. My diet varies a lot from day to day and I change my focus every couple weeks,
so it is hard for me to give you a typical day’s menu. But when I am trying to lean up for a contest/photoshoot my ratios are basically 30Carb/40protein/30fat.

I am glad to hear that you enjoy lifting with your husband.
Relish that time together and continue to challenge yourself. Please join the Team BuffMother! so that we can stay in touch.
There area ton of wonderful inspirational women there who are always willing to help you get Buff!

Have a great night,
Your new friend,