12 days to Go!!

12 days to go…your task, workouts and support link: http://therallyroom.com/node/51872 Sorry ladies I have been terrible about posting my workouts…but I have been doing them […] Read More

The "Hubby Push"

I’ve been working out with my hubby each night…he’s actually pushed me to get going to the gym the past 2 days!!  I love that… […] Read More

"Thin in 30" CONTEST Diet

“Thin in 30” CONTEST Diet : A lot of results can happen in just 30 days of working out but if you really want to […] Read More

Sunday’s Leg workout

Yesterday was my day off of working out. I really needed it! I am still very sore today. On Friday I ran outside and 8 […] Read More

A GREAT e-mail

I wanted to share this wonderful e-mail correspondence with all of you… Jennifer wrote: Michelle, After receiving my latest issue of Oxygen Mag, I was […] Read More