Mondaying for a Multipotentialite

I am going to try to get back into blogging, I had some website issues last month that prevented me from writing much.  I have been busy taking classes. This week, I have my first big project due for English and my first test in Genetics.  Plus, other homework in my other 3 classes….it’s my 5th week of classes and thankfully it’s going by fast!

This week I am determined to make myself get on the bike while doing basic reading and video watching for classes.  So….

Bike 25+ mins while watching videos for school.

Emilie Wapnick of

Ted Talk about Multipotentialites- which is me 100%

Daniel Pink Author of “Drive”

Lifted Chest, ABS,

115×5 captain chair knee ups 15, 10 straigt leg raises each side
125x5x2 ab wheel 15, wipers knees bent 15

Incline fly
35’sx8 hyperextensions for abs 15 full

Too hungry to lift anymore, so I went and ate 🙂