All Days August

My goal this August is due at least 11 minutes per day of a workout THUS, “All days in August”. Yesterday I didn’t get it a workout until late, but I did my stretching routine. For the past at least 6 months I’ve gotten into the habit of doing a bedtime stretching routine most days after my shower. Last night I did a little shorter version, probably right at about 11 mins I always start with wall stretches for my shoulders and back, then some calf stretches then do some handstands + some straddle In my handstands. And then I do um some hip flexor stretching and then downward dog and a pike reverse hyperextension leg lifts. Then I also do um a knee bend hyperextension opening to the side. Then I also do straddles stretches, a figure 4’s, frogs and More hip flexor stretches using the bed as a brace and stretch my hamstrings of course and also making sure to stretch my wrists and shoulders more.

Today I Got up earlier and had a protein shake for breakfast but it kinda made me nauseous. Despite that, I went ahead and did my leg workout I started with Bulgarians Paired with hip thrusts. And some side leg raises Also added in Some ABS then I did leg extensions and deadlifts followed by squats and hip twists plus more Hip UPS and Leg raises, I also did some hip flexors with bands.

I can certainly tell I’ve been sick with a chest cold the past week and a half. I am so glad to finally be feeling better.

Planning to get some good sunshine Vitamin D later today!!

Have a great one and join in on the All Days In August challenge!