“Get Buff”- Day 3

Whoohoo!! we’ve made it to Day 3!!! WooHoo!

You are doing great!! I realize that you may be a little tired but take comfort  that day 5 is a rest day!!  So let’s keep pushing until then!! You CAN DO IT!!


Today’s workout is a circuit style lifting workout.  What that means is to do a set the first exercise, then the next, then the next, etc…until the entire list of exercises is complete- then REPEAT the entire series for the allotted sets.

For this specific workout we are focusing on “auxiliary” lifts- different exercises than we did on day 1 that will “hit” our muscles a little differently.  The mover are mostly for smaller muscle groups than BASIC moves, thus termed Auxillary.



Workout  Day #3
“Auxiliary day”
CIRCUIT very little rest between sets= 15-30 seconds
Exercises: Upper:
1. Push ups
2. Tricep extensions
3. Bicep curls
4. Shoulder press
5. Leg curls
6. Leg extensions
7. Old school sit ups
8. Cats/dogs


Push ups- On knee push ups, wall push ups, perfect push ups, chest press machine, DB press on ball, etc….

Tricep extensions- chair dips, tricep push downs, tricep kick backs, french press, tricep machine, overhead db extensions, etc…

Shoulder press- DB overhead press, military/shoulder press machine, Arnolds, etc…

Leg Curls- dead lifts all varieties, ball leg curls, froggy squats

Leg Extensions- lunges -stationary, walking, smith, etc…, Close stance squats, front squats, leg press, etc….


Today’s Diet Focus:

NO Carbonation!

Carbonation throws our entire body’s pH balance off- eliminating it will help you eliminate toxins from your system and allow your body to function in a less stressed state.  Less stress=more results!

Here’s some cool info on it: http://www.ehow.com/about_6362…healthy-kidneys.html


Keep us posted on how you are doing by taking a few mins to blog in the rally room.  Blogging is easy- just write what you are thinking, what you did for the day, how you feel, what you ate, what your plans are, etc…


You can’t do it wrong~ so JUST DO IT!!


Your friend,


day 3 workout



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