FBI Agent

Crystal’s post about preparing for the Sheriff dept fitness standards reminded me of something I looked at years ago when I was preparing our “JUST DO IT” contest.  The FBI agent fitness standards https://www.fbijobs.gov/11131.asp

I think I’ll do the test this week to see how I score? Should be a little “fun” diversion for me to trick me into doing a hard workout, lol!!


We have just 4 days left of our HOT HINEY contest~ make them count!!

Yesterday was my Track day– I did a good warm up and then 3 400 meter repeats with about 8-9 minutes recovery between. The first 400m repeat = 64 sec! Which made me happy~

Second 400…much was more painful 67sec

On #3 I purposly started slower so that “maybe” it wouldn’t hurt so bad, the final 400m was 69…but i negative split it!! 35;34 … I guess I should have started a tish faster   This is 800m training for masters track


And then my lifting workout Lat pulls Seated rows Leg extensions Shoulder press

Hip flexions on the multi hip lower back extensions pose down bicep curls


and for the finalle I taped this workout~

Butt Workout~ The “FRISCO” http://t.co/at1kNIBEVZ
Have a great THURSDAY~

The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!



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