Well…It’s officially time for a new computer for me! Today I spent 5 long unproductive hours dealing with computer issues on my 2 computers.  My 4 year old desktop kept freezing up and my 3 year old laptop kept crashing.  It’s time for a new NICE machine!

I’m wondering what I should get?  I’ve had always used PC’s but I would love to try a MAC since a ton of what I do is with pictures, videos and online.  I have an I phone and an I pad, so having a MAC may just be the ticket.  I’m not sure though about compatibility??? Will I be able to open all my old files on the MAC? Any input on what kind of computer I should get would be great.

To alleviate the stress my computers gave me all day, I hit the gym with my son!

We did legs-

Smith squats- 4 sets Smith Lunges- 3 sets Knee ups on bench- 2 sets Leg press- 4 sets, heavy set 10 reps at 220# Bulgarians 2 sets body weight, 1 set 15#DB’s Leg curls- 2 sets Leg Extensions- 4 sets Seated Calf Raises- 4 sets

On the way home I clocked how far it was to our house from a street named Dallas– it was 1.25miles.  I decided I’d run that when we got  home…

So I hit the dirt- running on a dirt road with lots of rocks isn’t the most enjoyable experience, but I am determined to get into shape! All was well until after the halfway point a dog decided to run through his “invisible fence” and run the mile with me.  Good thing he was nice and harmless…I had my pepper spray in-hand just in case 🙂

Once I got home, I brought the dog back to his house in our truck– what a furry mess! Thankfully Gunner cleaned out the truck~

I’m ovulating and bloated today– I’ve had to continually remind myself that I’m re-building my muscle and fitness right now so my weight is not ready to shed just yet…but come February, I’ll be in a good place to see the fruit of my Labors….. “Patience Grasshopper!!”

Time to go before my  computer crashes again! Love ya, Michelle



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  1. Did you really write that you are “determined to get in shape”?
    I knew you were a little wacky but now I know you are crazy! 🙂

    Hope you found the perfect computer…Angela

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