Hormones ~(S6~ Day 3)

Hormones ~ Start Tracking Today!

I believe in the power of your Hormones!

  • I am actually obsessed with HORMONES, lol! HORMONES control EVERYTHING!!
  • I track mine daily,
  • I analyze other’s daily,
  • I research them constantly and
  • I believe hormones can make you fat and
  • HORMONES have the power to make you thin.

This belief is what has led me to build the body that won 5 figure titles
the year after having my 3 and 4 children after a c-section and what has keep me
buff ever since! This belief is how my clients gain GREAT results so very
quickly, and this belief is what the HORMONAL TIMING program is all about.

Many of you who’ve read my blog or books (
http://www.buffmother.com/store/book-special.html) know some about what I am
talking about, but for those of you who do not, I encourage you to start by
simply tracking your hormonal cycle.

Cycle Day 1 is the first day of your period. Things you should note daily
include :

  • Weight
  • mood
  • appetite
  • energy level
  • motivation level
  • focus
  • stress level
  • strength
  • soreness
  • water retention (bloat)
  • pain
  • libido
  • etc…

Tracking for as little as one month WILL open your eyes to the affects your
hormones have on EVERY aspect of your life.

As you track for 2 to 3 months patterns will emerge…you will see when
you are just “off” or when you are “ON”, when you feel confident and days when
you just want to hide in a cave, you will notice what days are GREAT for sex and
what days you typically say NO WAY!

KNOWING all of these things about yourself
will open up a whole new understanding of how to plan your life, allow
you to set realistic expectations for yourself on a day by day basis. WE as
women are NOT the same on monthly cycle day 5 and cycle day 25! You must realize
that!! And account for it in your life, your fitness, your diet and your


So I implore to you….Start charting NOW!!


And for you sweet young ladies that don’t have monthly periods~ if you
have ovaries you still have a cycle~ chart your symptoms and you will “see”
when your hormones are being nice and when they are being naughty


On to today~

We are on Day 3- of our contest- it’s a Scheduled Rest Day! However if you
don’t feel that you need it…you can always do an interval/cardio workout or a
fun activity like a fitness class or playing a game of tennis. If you do exercise keep in
mind that you have another UPPER BODY, ABS and Interval workout on tap for Day 4.


FYI~I am totally impressed with the way you all have attacked your YOUR
day 1 & 2 Workouts!! YOU are off to an impressive start- let’s keep
that focus and FIRE for the entire 6 weeks!!!

Start tracking your HORMONES today!!!!

Your soon to be your Sizzlin’ HOT friend,


P.S. Your workouts for the next 2 days…

Day 3- Wednesday-Off day

Day 4- Thursday-Repeat Day 1= Upper body, Intervals and ABS



35 Replies to “Hormones ~(S6~ Day 3)

  1. I don’t think I’ll take a day off, I’m heading for a bike ride, I’ll take it easy though today. Can’t wait for arms tomorrow!

  2. Sore? Yes…but not a day off for me I am working out with trainer. Took pics last night and will post stats soon. Question: where do we post our pics and stats? : )

  3. Finally got my computer to work…couldn’t log on yesterday. Feeling very sore but got some fasted cardio in already this morning!!

  4. will probably do intervals today. I have started charting everyday. Having a protein shake for breakfast. Yum!

  5. Hey Sizzlin Ladies! Unfortunetly I didnt get a chance to comment on yesterdays post..but here I am today making up for lost time 🙂 Keep up the great work chica’s!

  6. Very excited about this contest! I have hit my heaviest weight ever and am so discouraged. But even with a nasty head cold, I got my first 2 workouts in. Very low energy today – but I’m gonna get a walk in for the day off.

  7. Intervals and ABS! I’ll soon be BOOSTING so I wanna stay on track with my 110%!!!!

  8. Since I read your book a couple years ago and journaled my cycle days like you recommended, it was amazing the trends in my weight, cravings, mood, bloat that were occurring every month. Being aware then help me to prepare/counter the days that typically I didn’t feel so good. Keeping healthy carbs around the days that I knew I would have cravings. Upping my water in take to help prepare for the bloat and avoiding salty foods to help. Knowledge is power and thank you for helping me learn about my hormones:) Have a wonderful day!!

  9. Hey my name is Sarah! Wanted to let you know I am in the “sizzlin in 6” and ready to look great! First 2 days of working out went wonderful! Have ran a total of 3 1/2 miles so far this week and each week have a goal of 10 miles. Eating has been perfect! Good Luck to everyone else!

  10. I took a rest today – appreciate the positive peer pressure of this challenge! Looking forward to tomorrow! Best wishes to us all!

  11. Day 4 here downunder lol, had rest day yesterday and off to get in my ubw/abs/intervals very shortly, looking forwward to a pumpin workout!

  12. It shows you worked hard- and possibly that you’ve been inconsistent recently? STAY consistent and you won’t get that HORRIBLE soreness again- for me I make sure to get in a lifting workout for legs at least once every week.

  13. you can post them in our rally room if you’d like- at the end of the contest I’ll ask you to submit b4 and afters- then if you’ll give me permission I’ll post the success stories 🙂

  14. awesome to hear you’ve gained such useful insights- thanks for sharing your tips and testimony!!! 🙂

  15. Just do your best!! and shifting days is okay as long as you stay consistent and don’t skip workout all together

  16. Day 3, been tracking my cycle for approx 3 months and it has helped me sooo much mentally in daily/weekly preparations and expectations.
    Very tired today on CD25. Today’s focus is on calorie intake, gotta keep it low. Also focus on rest and simplicity. Easier said then done but having it in my head as my mantra is helping when my patience is tested (a lot with a 4 yr. old and 20 month old).
    “Rest & Simplicity” aaaah.

  17. Having a bit of trouble keeping up w/emails yesterday and today, but I’m charting, being careful, etc. Had to switch up my w/o schedule yesterday and today because of my schedule, but look forward to getting back on yours!

  18. Did the upper body workout this morning! Killer! Will be teaching spin tonight, will make sure I have them do lots of intervals!

  19. Day 3 rest and stretch. I am sore! but i want to keep moving! i have been charting for about 3 months it really helps! still trying to attack my abs and upper thighs…not satisfied yet. Also trying to kick the sugar addiction when i dont eat sweets bad carbs it makes a HUGE difference in the way i look and feel!

  20. good for you!! 3months into charting I am sure you are seeing patterns evolve!!
    Have a great rest day!

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