SX70- Halfway Done Report!

Halfway Done Report- Time

Congrats!! You made it to the halfway point!!! Now it’s time to refocus- dig deep and continue on towards the finish!!!

How are you doing?

Do you feel any different?

Are you seeing results?
What obstacles are you facing? (what are the SOLUTIONS?)

Are you still on fire and focused?…If not take a bit of time to look back at your journal. GET the fire again!!!
REFOCUS~ set some new goals, adjust you plan if needed, etc. You can do this!!! Just keep believing!These next few weeks you need to be RELENTLESS!

RELENTLESS is an awesome word!!!
I love the energy it brings, the determination, the fire, the enthusiasm!!!

One of’s definitions:
relentless- adjective
without pity; not allowing anything to keep one from what one is doing or trying to do
Example: The police fight a relentless battle against crime.

Some synonyms associated with Relentless include:
persistent, importunate, unyielding, inexorable, unremitting, ruthless, insistent, constant, determined, continual, steadfast, firm, uncompromising, obstinate, adamant, unrelenting, persevering, resolute, adamant, unrelenting, assiduous, interminable, incessant, unrelieved, obdurate, unbending, unwavering, stubborn, harsh, pushy, fixed, resolute, inflexible, lasting, enduring, unshakable

What does RELENTLESS mean to you?

Let’s be relentless and get some great results over the final 5 weeks of the “SEXY in 70” contest!!! :yay:

HEY~it’s Week #6! and we are now at the “half way” point in the contest!! Can you believe it…it’s
time to KICK IT IN!!!



~~ WEEK #6 Mini-Challenge “try on your
bikini DAILY”~

The reasoning behind this challenge is to get you
looking at yourself and motivated to take action
towards making your bikini look even better on you!!

I know for me trying on bikinis can be fun or painful! Know that you can create a better body…
taking action daily and doing the little things will add up!!! BELIEVE you can wear your bikini
with confidence and you will soon be strut your stuff on the beach !!!! Know that you can create
a better body…taking action daily and doing the little things will add up!!!

BELIEVE you can be confident in your bikini by
next summer!!!!

A fun option on this challenge is to take a
daily picture of you in your bikini…I’ve done
this before and it was very fun!

Get after it and be relentless, we are closing in on the finishing weeks of the SSS contest
and I plan on kicking it in!!



19 Replies to “SX70- Halfway Done Report!

  1. i can honestly say that i am not very proud of my first 6 weeks, but plan to change that the second 6 weeks. plan: work out first thing in the morning. i eat better and make better choices all day when my workout is behind me! also, sign up for a 5k so i HAVE to train. thanks michelle for all of your encouragement!! please keep it coming!

  2. Doing great and feeling strong! I was already working out 4-5x/week and eating pretty good but not focused enough. This has helped tremendously with eating more protein and greens which has increased my energy and helped me get better nights rest. Feeling AWESOME and looking forward to the next 5 weeks! Relentless all the way….

  3. I noticed that I have more energy, but my body seems slow to respond. I guess its because i’m in menopause and my body is fighting back.

  4. well i can say is i was doin so well but last 2weeks iv really struggled,fell off d wagon a bit,felt i wasnt getting any where..the usual thing,(i was suffering woman trouble 🙁 worst ever monthly!!!)but im back on track this week,eatin clean,working out hard!!!!!!! im jus dissappointed i let it get on top of me and all my hard work the weeks before,but i’l work harder the next 6 weeks…….main thing is to stay positive!! thanx michelle

  5. Definitely more focussed! I eat clean most of the time – just now being really clean and limiting carbs and eating more green veggies! Feeling strong!!!!!

  6. Doing great! Eating pretty clean, eating lots of greens and getting in my proteins. A few weekends have been challenging but other than that I am on track. Thanks for all your encouragement, mini challenges and exercise plans. It’s been fun so far and looking forward to finishing strong!!

  7. Well…amazing what stress does to ya…my stress level is *high* and man is my weight hanging on! ACK! Otherwise eats and workouts are good… know if I can let go of this stress the weight will follow!

  8. Hi there,
    I’m a personal trainer (training primarily senior citizens, golf contiditioning clients). Over the past few years, I’ve been fit but not in an elite way. I’d really wanted to step to this challenge and have pretty much done so.
    The past week has been a little rough because I had breast augmentation surgery Tuesday. The first four days were bad due to not eating clean. I could handle the reduced exercise but my appetite suddenly went nuts.
    Now, it’s back on-target.
    Outside of that, I’ve felt wonderful and have found that I’m more energetic. I realized that I had the tools in my mind to do this but no real accountability. Because the majority of the people I work with are not fit, I have had little motivation to really aspire to my elite physique.
    As of last Monday (day before surgery), I was nearly ten pounds down and MUCH stronger. Now, six days after surgery, I’m hanging on to a lot of post-surgery weight. So, it’s clean eating and walking. I can hardly wait to get the go-ahead to pick my workouts back up.

  9. After surgery your body is in shock…you must give it time to get over the trauma and the effects of being put under. It takes a few months to feel normal again!

    Fun to hear about your personal training!!

  10. I put my bikini on yesterday and actually felt good! My husband said I was the hottest mom there:)

  11. I am excited that I have made it to the halfway point. I am feeling more energized and more focused on my workouts now to get that darn food obstacle out of my way. I have bought 2 new 2-piece swim suits recently and I can’t wait to try them on daily. I even wore one of them out at the hotel pool the other day and my DH said it looked great on me! Thanks Michelle!

  12. I can’t believe it’s the half way point already – it’s gone by so fast! I’m definitely seeing changes in my body, confidence and determination. I’ve never stayed on a fitness program this long so I’m really excited and proud of myself. I’ve had a few set backs but have been totally motivated to get back on track, knowing that the results will get even better!

  13. Half way already? I have seen changes in my body, glad for that, but I have not been as true to myself as I want to be. I didn’t miss a workout the first four weeks and this week I missed my first. Why? Striving to get my game on and see this through to the end. So often I start something to just stop half way through. Not this time!

  14. The first few weeks were great, then cd19 hit and everything went downhill hardcore. So not used to the crazy hormonal stuff post natal. Daily bikini pictures will really help with the motivation to keep going! Thanks for the challenge 🙂

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