I did it!

I Just got home from the park~ Today was my first day off of workouts in 33 days…I succeeded in my EVERY DAY IN MAY personal challenge! It feels GOOD to have that accomplished!
Now it’s June and my mojo is HIGH~ I am SUPER STOKED to get our next contest underway!!! WHOOHOO SUMMER is the best!!!
My week in review went like this: Sunday- legs and run on treddy; Sat- tramploine workout (11mins); Fri- run/sprints/hills outside=HOT!!; Thurs- Long walk ; Wed- Leg workout with short run; Tue-light upper body and extra cardio; Mon-run outside ;Sun- bike 11mins.
This week’s plan looks like this:
M- off
Tue-chest/tri’s and intervals
Wed- Back/Sh/Biceps and intervals
Thurs- LEGS **START of “FireCrackin’ HOT!!!”
Friday- Upper Body
Saturday- off
Sunday- run
I am gonna veggg infront of the TV for a bit~ have a good one!!



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