The Attack Begins (Again!)

Hey ya!! I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend…I DID! the alarm going off at 6:15 this morning was a rude awakening! We didn’t have to get up early all last week due to the storm/school closed situation, so this Monday morn was bit tougher than the norm.

My DD Layla’s class performed this morning at their “rise and shine”…so we had to get to school early and Travis and I stayed to watch. She is a performer for sure! It was really very cute! I can’t believe her and her twin Tia’s birthday is next Monday. My babies are going to be 6! that’s crazy, but GREAT!! I love the age of my kids now~ I am so happy to be out of the baby stages! I’ll have to start planning for their B-day today.

The ATTACK begins (again) for me this week~ Here is my PLAN! (POA)

M: starting my second week of BOOSTING-chest, tri, abs, intervals
T: Run– outside if possible, Date with Gracie and 2 cousins and Grandma- we are going to see hotel for Dogs
Th:Back, bi, sh, abs, run
F:Chest, tri, intervals
Sa: maybe legs and Run

I am in heaven to have the kids back in school today….I was overwhelmed last week, lol. But guess what?? they go to year round school and are OUT again for 10 straight days after this week…So I am going to have to get A LOT done this week.

Get after your goals this week!! It is time to ATTACK!!!!



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