Legs and LEGACY!



I am a firm believer in firm LEGS and leaving a great LEGACY!!  I want my family to be proud of me while I am here on earth and while I am long gone.  I want my actions to leave a lasting positive imprint on my family, friends and even strangers :)

Here is a simple exercise to help you towards living your life with a LEGACY PERSPECTIVE (once again it’s an excerpt from my book “Hormonal Timing by BuffMother!” : http://www.buffmother.com/store.html

Success Tool #6-The 24-HOUR Legacy Test

Imagine that today is your last day on Earth.  Your entire legacy will be based solely on the imprints you leave behind TODAY.  If you are a mother, your children will model their behavior based on what they see you do or not do TODAY.
That’s right, you have just 24 hours and your children will mimic every imprint you leave behind.  They will also pass these imprints on to their children and so on…your legacy from this one day will live on forever in future generations!!!

For this ONE DAY:
What will your attitude be like?  Circle one:
Will your children hear you complain?
Will you make excuses all day?
Will you show anger toward anyone?
What will you choose to eat?_________________________________
Will they see you take even 5 minutes to exercise?
Will you hug your children/husband?
How many times will you say “I love you”?
What kind of language will you use?
Will you say things that encourage those around you?
Will your focus be on you or will it be on those you love?
Will you focus on positive things or negative things?
Will you sit on the couch and watch TV?
Will your kids see you drink water? Coke? Beer/wine?
Will they hear you laugh?
Would you take a few minutes to show them how to work hard on something?

Was this 24 hour period extremely different than your  normal day?  Did the “legacy perspective” have an influence on your thoughts and test answers? You must realize the incredible power you have to influence future generations simply based on the choices you make on a daily basis.  Everything leaves an eternal imprint!
Think of the huge payoff here!!!  You can have a positive impact on your great, great, great, grandchildren simply by making positive little choices each day.  Every good decision you make from today until you die will benefit your family for generations to come.  You have TOTAL CONTROL over the most important aspects of your Legacy. Imagine how incredible your life would be if you lived every single day according to your answers on this 24 HOUR LEGACY TEST!!

Today I did Legs at the gym:

Warm up r-bike 12 mins while reading Oxygen
Leg press (both legs)
90×20×2 + 10 calves
180×20x2sets+10 calvesx2sets

One leg at a time seated Leg press

Seated Calves

Smith lunges

Butt squats

Side lunges
one big set of about 50 reps
LOTS of leg stretching in between all the above sets

Walking lunges
Dead lifts

Leg extensions
130×10×2 toes out
150 x10 toes straight

That was it!
Now…to try and relax a bit with my girls…the boys are off doing their thing, so us four are going to hit SAM’s Club and maybe somewhere else :)

Keep your LEGACY Perspective~



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  1. Michelle….Today is my last “official” day as a mom….I know, I know, I’m exaggerating, because it never really ends, but my last child is leaving for college tomorrow. She will not have to ask my permission to stay out late, etc. etc. etc. She will be on her own, and will have to make good choices without me there to point the way. I’m going to print out the questions from today’s blog and post them where I can keep them in mind, because I still want to be a good example for her as she continues to grow into a mature woman. Thank you for being an inspiration to me!

  2. THank you for reminding me of something I promised myself when I had children.. that when they look to me the will see an example… I always wanted that… not that I am not without making mistakes.. but that I have inside me how to be 🙂

  3. Well, I pretty much devoted my life to God this week and serving Him so I hope my children took notice and remember this week.

  4. I love it, Michelle! Just like one of my favorite songs by Nickelback…

    If today was your last day
    Would you make your mark by mending a broken heart?
    You know it’s never too late to shoot for the stars
    Regardless of who you are

    One of my favorite “climbing” songs for spinning! Thanks for the reminder for the examples we set in everyday life!!! xxoo

  5. Leg workouts are the key to a powerhouse metabolism!!!

    I want to leave a positive legacy for my family….been thinking a lot about that lately!

  6. Checking in….did a great workout yesterday. Only 2 more days before the kids go back to school – wow the summer has flown by.

  7. Awesome words of wisdom, Michelle. I think I will copy this and look at it every morning. Thanks for this post.

  8. Great advice! I always try to keep that in perspective. What if today was my last day? Sometimes I fail but I really try.

  9. If i had only 24 hours to live, I don’t think I would exercise. However, if everything I did in those 24 hours were my legacy, you can bet I would.

  10. I bought a lot of veggies this week and am going to try and get them all eaten! It will force that other stuff off the plate

  11. I love the “24 hour legacy test”… I loved that chapter in your book, it makes all the sense in the world to me:) I plan to print it off and hang it in my bathroom as a positive reminder to start my day of right!

  12. Love the post Michelle. I am printing it out and keeping it here at work as a reminder to stay positive and focused. Thanks.

  13. This is awesome, taking life just 24 hours at a time is great and so true because we are never promised tomorrow. I will pay more attention starting now, and am really looking forward to a wonderful evening with my DD

  14. Great post. I enjoyed that motivation in your book as well and need to read it often. Being in shape isn’t all about looks – it is discipline, health and legacy!

  15. yes–i agree that we need to set an example to others and strive to have out children and family proud of us….

    double veggies-i can handle that..

  16. Today I got clipped after six weeks. I went from 26% to 23% bodyfat. I was a little disappointed but I know what I must do for the next six weeks. I did my legs routine today. I worked hard but I guess not as hard as I needed to.

  17. thank you for your very important point about how we should live our life, everyday! I love green veggies had a green leaf,spinich salad with chicken and fresh pinapple chunks for dinner it was yummy.! can’t wait to see what you have for us tomorrow.

  18. a great way to get more in is to have some first thing in the morning…I love to start my buffing days with Brussels sprouts 🙂

  19. WOW!!! What an awesome post!! Think I might actually print that list out and post it at home and work!

  20. Believe it or not that very same thing got me my job in Cali as accounts receivable…..I told the interviewer that I wanted my girls to be proud of me and see me as a successful women, one which they could look up to…..boy that did it they hired me on the spot….it was the set up for my success today….That job gave me confidence to go out and get what I wanted for my family…..now to take that self determination and confidence in to the gym is the ultimate goal…….

  21. Last day on eart? Unstoppable, no minute would be wasted in front of the TV. I don’t have any kids but my loved ones would here “I love you” every few minutes. I would eat only to keep energy for the day and it would likely be healthy…maybe some chocolate but food would not be my main focus. I might hope on a plane and fly somewhere exoctic, dragging people with me to experiance something amazing that I always wanted to do and always put off just to share that breathtaking moment with someone I love.

    Good post. It was an enjoyable mental break for the day.

  22. I have 3 sons and now a daughter. Being a recovering anorexic/bulemic I am very concience how I deal with my weight. I want to leave the legacy of Health, not distruction to my boys and girl. I want my children to know Christ as their personal Savior (2 saved- 2 to go). I want them to know that I loved them and always wanted the best for them.

    I also want to live a long healthy life and see them grow into adulthod before entering the pearly gates.

  23. Thank you Michelle. I love today’s post. It does make you think about life and how precious each day is. No one is guarenteed tomorrow. I had a great work out today!

  24. Hi agian, I have one daughter home who is not well and the other 2 girls have head colds, but are in good spirits. Thank you for the post today. I am hoping to get your book next week.

    Ab day today.

  25. sorry about the sick kiddos…do you have a way to get your workouts done at home? my book does detail at home workouts~ I am sure you’ll find it useful!

  26. I, too, believe in leaving a legacy. I try to be an amazing example to my girls. I want them to be strong, powerful, independent women. They are my drive for the things I do and the person I want to be.


  27. Legs, legs, legs…how i love to work them. Why? Because with each rep I feel the burn, become motivated and know the results will come.

    Keep pumping!!

  28. When I do my leg workouts I think of the AC/DC song where they sing about the lady with “American THighs” I don’t know what American Thighs are but they sound HOT!

  29. This is a GREAT exercise! That needs to be my goal every morning…i used to say “today will be a great day” when I woke up…now I should add “what if today was the last.” EEK! Thanks for the reminder…………….

  30. I LOVE this article -thanks for sharing. (I sometimes do that when ordering out, but, not all the time or as much as I should, thanks for the reminder).

  31. Great advice, as always Michelle! I really enjoy reading your daily email. I am going to miss it when the 40 day challenge is over!

  32. wow great idea order a second order of veggies how come sometimes the simplest things don’t hit you in the head. oh should of had a V8 lol. just one question what is a butt squat?

  33. having a “it’s your last day” perspective is very humbling and puts us all on the right track! is there a way we can print out all your leg workouts??

  34. And yes feel free to print the workouts out…you can print from your browser or copy and paste it into a word doc.

  35. My trainer has me on a special diet and I can’t eat that many veggies.. Hopefully, I will lose some fat this moonth and can start back to incorporate more veggeis

  36. Well just do your best to eat what you are allowed to in GREENS…most often they are “free” foods~ I’d ask your trainer about it 🙂

  37. I love my veggies. My garden is doing great this summer. I can easily give up the carbs.

  38. I love this post, it’s so inspirational and really makes you look at your contribution to your family’s lives in a positive way. Thank you so much!

  39. I am seeing results in my arms, legs and abs! I need to bring my body fat % down to see more of my hard work, though! ~~ Trying to eat those veggies and lots of protein.

  40. Seeing Results..!! This makes me more MOTIVATED..!! Taking a closer LOOK at my diet for those LAST couple of pounds..!! Also making a change in my work out by incorporating more variety of exercise……HAPPY..!! I also enjoy the reading material BuffMOther, thank you.

  41. If the weather cooperates today, I plan on at least a 5K run tonight. If not, then I’ll do an alternate form of cardio, maybe some Tae-Bo. Tomorrow night is strength training and PunkRope class, so totally psyched!

    ~ Darlene

  42. TOday was my Sunday last Sunday the sermon was on building a legacy!! It was exciting this Sunday we talked about prayer God is really using you to speak to me Michelle thanks so much! I feel fantastic!! Monday (tomorrow) I start buffing and I am pumped and ready for action!!!! Wish me luck!!!

  43. Love your lef workouts! Tried one of your leg workouts last week. Will try this one tomorrow.
    today Upper Body workout, HIIT

  44. I love the idea of swapping the starch carb for more veggies!!!! Duh! That is soooo simple!

    Thx Michelle!


  45. I wish I could undo the bad influence I use to be and relive the years when my son was growing up. I guess it’s never too late to start over but I’m sure he’ll never forget the bad times as a child. And you’re right, our choices make HUGE impacts on their choices.

  46. Good Reminder to always be conscious of our actions, words and attitude, whether we realize it or not, it IS noticed by our children. I hope to leave a truly positive legacy to live on in my children.

  47. Great advice on your last 24 hours and the legacy you want to leave behind. I truely beleive this myself but have to fight with hormone imbalances and anxiety and depression and migraines. Working out and watching what i eat always is a must but doesnt always fix the problem. Fight through the rough days and cherish the good. Keep moving everday and praying that i csn do my best and forget the past. I do have to say i think i might have to eat some delectible chocolate on my last day:-) I dont think God would mind

  48. Wise, wise words. I love how you inspire us physically, but also emotionally and spiritually from time to time..truly appreciated!

    About to hit the gym hard, thanks again for the inspiration to be a better me and a better mother! Love ya Michelle!

  49. Make good and positives choices is hard to do , what is important is that you are aware of it and try your best all the time. Practice practice practice that is what make perfection.

  50. Changing my PMA towards leaving a lasting positive legacy has made a resounding impact with me. I feel big changes have already been made in just the few short weeks I’ve been practicing it.

  51. definitely loved this article! Very motivational as always and I will be doing the veggie swap today as I have tried my best to stay away from potatoes and fries!

  52. Love this! I need to refer back to it alot..I get mad so easily and frustrated at times. And the legs workout..I want to do a good leg workout..I really want to improve mine!

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