Thank You Emily!!

Hey all…
I first off want to say THANK YOU to my Friend, Photographer and Book Designer Emily! Thank You for your hard work on my book…I appreciate your vision and understanding on this project! You made my book a peice of art! Thanks for that…and Thank you for getting it DONE!! Yay!! I am so proud of US!!! Thank You also for your willingness to photograph me whenever I ask, lol! And thank you for your friendship over the past 2+ years! You really are a Sweetheart!

So today:
warm up- push ups, arm circle and reach for the sky’s with TIA! What a little sweetie!

Then a mish mosh of upper body:
bowflex chest press, flys and tris
shoulder presses (standing DB)
push ups (perfect push-ups)
hammer curls
boxing drills
no weight squats and a booty exercise I invented today
and then a walk around the small block (about .5 mi)
tri-kickbacks and dips
a set of 50 crunches

I also did laundry, worked on my website, talked to Lisa S.!, moved the stair master and ab machine out of my living room into the garage, and cleaned my closet a bit smile

The plan for tomorrow is to hit the gym in the afternoon and get a GRAND leg workout! Along with work stuff! BTW- my book is potentially 1 day away from being sent off to the printers~ please pray for me about that!



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