Michelle’s DETAILED workout POA~ SSS Wk 01

SSS week 01- Michelle’s DETAILED workout POA Michelle’s DETAILED workout POA (PLAN OF ATTACK): HI all~ I just thought I’d lay out my workouts here […] Read More

SSS week 02- Michelle’s DETAILED workout POA

SSS week 02- Michelle’s DETAILED workout POA Phase 2Buffing Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Week 2 Lift Lower BodyABS Lift Back, Shoulders and […] Read More

Final week of the SX70!! Photo prep!!

Here’s the photo shoot prep for the last 4 days of the SX70 contest!!! SX70 Photo-shoot – 4 day prep PREP DAY #1 -Cut your carbs […] Read More

SX70- Phase 3 and 4 workout Plans!

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"Sexy in 70" (SX70)- Phase 1 workouts

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