Sunday, not a rest day :(

I’ve not been good about taking the weekends off of work recently. This weekend especially!  Just so much going on…BUT I’m determined to take next […] Read More

28 days of Christmas: Day 16

XMAS: Day 16~ Abs/Core EVERYDAY our focus is on ABS and core…be sure to work your abs often and consistently!! Abs, Core, Obliques, 6 pack!! […] Read More

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-07-10

I uploaded a YouTube video — Walking High Knees Running Drill # I uploaded a YouTube video — squat # I uploaded a […] Read More

Sweet Squattin’ Saturday! I was so happy today at the gym when my squatting went well…as many of you know I’ve been in “rehab” mode for the […] Read More

You MUST ~ take responsibility for your happiness…. A common theme for today seems to be that….You MUST~Take responsibility for your happiness… There are so many unhappy people because most of them […] Read More

Killer leg workout, finally!!!

I am so pumped!! After several months of wimpy, just getting by leg workouts…I finally was able to get in a hard leg workout today!! […] Read More

Monday Back/Bi/Shoulders!!

TODAY- I got in a good workout….I was almost going to do legs today but switched after I did knee extensions and realizing I am […] Read More

1000! members in our BuffMother! yahoo group

Whoohooo! I am so excited! We have almost reached 1000 members in our Yahoo! group. I am so excited. It is unreal how many mother’s […] Read More

Lifting STRONG!

FUN!!!! Lifting is FUN! When you see yourself hitting personal records, feeling once heavy weights become light, and seeing the amazing results in the mirror, […] Read More