Paired Circuits workout video (SSS week 07)

SSS 07- Buffing Experienced Workouts: “Buffing” 3day split- using “paired circuits” Videos of Chest/tri Experienced Buffing phase 4 at home CHEST, TRICEPS and intervals plus […] Read More

2 'Til Turkey Time!

Hello~! My Monday was good except for our Rally Room server frustrations!  My kids are all off school  for the Holiday  and we’ve had some […] Read More

6 down; 4 more to go!

Well…we are on the final stretch!! And my Week 6 was my best week yet…I really loved last weeks challenge and my FOCUS~ I just […] Read More


A couple pics taken Friday by my webmaster Chris Here are a few more my workout today: Run 2.1 miles 4 sprints- 15 sec hard […] Read More

Shifiting my day off~ and yesterday’s chest wo

Hi …well I am shifting my day off of lifting to today. I am still a tish sore from my leg workout on Tuesday and […] Read More

Measurments and BACK workout

Hi everyone, I forgot about posting my blog and workout yesterday…too busy reading all of yours I had a very productive day…got a lot of […] Read More

Chest yesterday, Legs today….

Hi All!! Busy day in store for me today, so this is first post is gonna be QUICK!! I got in a good CHEST, TRI […] Read More

Beginner workout routines!!

Beginner workout routines!!! These sample workouts is a great way to get started with lifting for your upper body. All you need is a set […] Read More

Is it already Thursday??

Hi ya, We made it to the gym just in time for kids class…they have it every tues and thrus mornings and the kids love […] Read More

Monday Back/Bi/Shoulders!!

TODAY- I got in a good workout….I was almost going to do legs today but switched after I did knee extensions and realizing I am […] Read More