Paired Circuits workout video (SSS week 07)

SSS 07- Buffing Experienced Workouts:

“Buffing” 3day split- using “paired circuits”

Videos of Chest/tri Experienced Buffing phase 4 at home

CHEST, TRICEPS and intervals plus 20 mins extra cardio and ABS

Paired circuit #1-
Chest Press or Bench Press
Tricep Extensions

Paired circuit #2-
Incline DB flys
Tricep bench dips

Paired circuit #3-
Flat bench flys
3xfailure (10 rep range)
Tricep kickbacks
3xfailure (10 rep range)

Paired circuit #4-
Knee Ups-to failure 2-3 sets
Crunches 3×15 slow

INTERVALS: Intervals-immediately after lifting
3 min. warm up
1 min. hard
1 min. easy
1 min. hard
1 min. easy
1 min. hard
1 min. easy
1 min. hard
1 min. easy
1 min. hard
1 min. easy
1 min. hard
1 min. easy
1 min. hard
4min. cool down
This is 20 min total: 7 hard min. total
+20 mins additional steady cardio after intervals…move to another mode if bored


  1. Passive Abs
  2. Sit ups- hands on hammies
  3. Vacuums!! 10- 10 seconds daily
  4. Knee ups- roman chair are best
  5. Traditional AB crunch
  6. Ball Crunches
  7. Cats/Dogs

2 'Til Turkey Time!

Hello~! My Monday was good except for our Rally Room server frustrations!  My kids are all off school  for the Holiday  and we’ve had some good bonding. 

Got in a good little body weight workout last night with my kiddos-

2 circuits of 15 reps each

Laying side Outer leg lifts
Wide Squats
Stationary lunges Fire Hydrants
Laying side- Inner leg lifts
Standing calf raises

plus some abs and stretching

yesterday’s cycle day was 24 and weight was up to 129.

Last night was my first night in over a week sleeping DRUG FREE!! YEAH!!  I had some wonderful Cough free ZZZZZ’s and I feel like a new woman!!

I’ll also be back to post my stats, photos and thoughts for today’s  “Finish STRONG!”- 39 days to go-Challenge- Here’s the full post about that here:

I’m headed to the gym here in a bit to get in a REALLY GOOD workout!!  and then this afternoon we’ll go for a hike on the Bentonville Trails 🙂
Keep the focus- just two days till TURKEY TIME!! WHOOHOO!!

6 down; 4 more to go!

Well…we are on the final stretch!! And my Week 6 was my best week yet…I really loved last weeks challenge and my FOCUS~ I just love Buffing!!!
Here is how my week turned out:
M-short run 3 short sprint and legs in the pm
T-Back/Sh/Bi (poopie DD day)
W-Chest/Tris and intervals on treddy
Th- 20 min warm up-legs at gym
F- Back/Sh/Bi- 20 min intervals on u-bike
S-26 min warm up;Chest/Tri- intervals on treddy
S- ran outside SS- about 25 mins

So– I lifted 6 days
And I did 5 cardio/interval workotus plus a bit extra cardio for my warm ups!!
I feel like i am really on a roll!!!

I also completed the mini-challenge of trying on my bikini daily–I even took pics every day for proof:

This week i am going to MIMIC the workout plan I have for Julie this week~BUFFING hard! We are going to be workout buddies this week, lol!
today is
Back/Shouder’s/Bi’s-paired circuits and intervals on the stair mill.
I am leaving home now to go do it!!!

Love ya’ll!
p.s. plus don’t forget this week’s MINI CHALLENGE~ VACUUMS at least 10 a day!!!


A couple pics taken Friday by my webmaster Chris

Here are a few more

my workout today:
Run 2.1 miles
4 sprints- 15 sec hard walk back repeat
Bowflex chest press
paired with pull ups 10,6,6

Bowflex tricep ext
paired with bend over db rows

Bowflex rows–one arm at a time
paired with seated DB Military

3 min, 20 push ups, 1 min bike, 20 pu, 1min bike, 20 pu 1 min bike

VERY good one!
Eats, good today~ I had a bad couple days- Backlash from my strict photoshoot prep…NOW I am focused and set to hit it hard for my progress pics and measurements this weekend!!
Buffing like a BuffMother this week!!!

Shifiting my day off~ and yesterday’s chest wo

Hi …well I am shifting my day off of lifting to today. I am still a tish sore from my leg workout on Tuesday and since my back has been a bugger I decided it would be best to shift my legs to tomorrow and lift my back on Sunday. Also, I never made it to Wal-mart yesterday~ which I blame on the COLD yucky weather yesterday.

AND I just finished upright bike intervals even min on: odd min off…8 hard mins total of 20 mins

Today is BEAUTIFUL here, though and I will be off to the races soon- wal-mart, b-day party for Gunner and dinner out with DH and the girls-and maybe a quick trip to the mall

I had a great workout day yesterday and was rewarded by a leaner reflection in the mirror today, but no weight loss…that’s the power of muscle!!

Here is yesterday’s workout:
u-bike am fasted for about 10 mins while reading my BIBLE…I’ve done this several times this week!!

Warm up- elliptical- decided to make it intervals 10 mins
Bench 45×25
paired with 2 sets bench dip
2 sets crunches on bench with feet on bar

Skull crushers
50×8, 7, 6
paired w/ incline flys

Cable tri push downs
50×16 big set and decided to do flys instead

Cable Chest flys
arms together 25×10
arms one at time

Knee ups on roman chair
30 slow
st leg ups 10+10knee ups x 2 sets
Kick backs
15’sx10- this gym has no 12’s which I would have rather done and focused harder on contraction

Then elliptical intervals 20 mins~ these were good and hard

Slept hard and have more energy today!! HOORAY FOR Friday!!

Love you all,
p.s. I will announce the contest for all Rally Room members this weekend …to start on May 7th

Measurments and BACK workout

Hi everyone, I forgot about posting my blog and workout yesterday…too busy reading all of yours

I had a very productive day…got a lot of progress made on my BIG PROJECT and need to make the same amount of headway today! I was in such a groove that I moved my workout from 2 to 4 yesterday and it worked out good, but then I had to fight traffic in the gym and on the way home. That’s why I LOVE going to the gym at either around 10 am or 2 pm…no one is there and the traffic is light

OH I also wanted to post my measurements from MONDAY…the start of my buffing: Today’s Date:_____4-23-07____
height:____5-6.5_________ weight:____128_______ age:____31___
Please list the following measurements:
Bust (around the biggest part, women only):37
Chest (just under armpits with arms down at your sides):37 flexed/posed;34relaxed
Waist (the smallest part):26.5
Hips (the largest part of your butt):35
Shoulders (around the outside of your shoulders with your arms at sides):42
Biceps (relaxed at midpoint of upper arm):9.75relaxed;11flexed
Thigh (8” above Knee cap):19.5
Thigh (12” above Knee cap):20.5
Calf (7” below knee joint): 13

Caliper measurements

Abdomen (I do this one for kicks, since I am an apple):8

All my measurements are fine and similar to what they’ve been in the past EXCEPT for my caliper ones…they are HIGHER than they’ve been in ages. I attribute this to my training for my race and my diet. During my recent training…I cut down on lifting from 5-6 days a week to around 3. And my diet went from about 30% carbs to 50%. For the past 3 weeks I have been getting back on track with lifting and eating to get BUFF. I can tell I’ve made progress already and hope to kick it into HIGH gear these 2 weeks of buffing!!!
If you’d like this document to track your measurements on you can get it here

Also my most recent pictures were taken about 5 weeks ago and are HERE

ON to my workout yesterday:
Back Bi Shoulders paired circuits
Started my day off with 10 min u-bike fasted
gym at 4 pm- 6 min warm up r-bike

Lat pull downs
paired with barbell bicep curls

Inverted pull ups
3 sets of 10
paired with
Standing BB military
45×10 wide
55×10 closerx2sets

T-bar rows
45×10 slow and squeeze
paired with hammer curls

Arnold press
25 one arm at a timex8-10×2
25’s togetherx8
paired with
BB front raises 20×10
knee ups

BB front raises
Bent over lateral raises

Assisted pull ups
0x5 +30×5
paired with
machine bicep curls

One arm DB Lat Row
paired with lower back extensions
20, 10 slow and focused…my lower back has been an “issue” these past couple weeks

then I went tanning for 14 mins and skipped my intervals as I was whipped from leg day on tues~BAD GIRL

So the plan for today is a GREAT Chest/Tri/Interval workout!!!
And I also have to go to wal-mart and do errands so that can be extra cardio

Count all activity and KEEP moving is my motto!!
Have a super THURSDAY~

Chest yesterday, Legs today….

Hi All!!
Busy day in store for me today, so this is first post is gonna be QUICK!!
I got in a good CHEST, TRI workout yesterday…I had to switch legs to today as I was still not feeling 100% and figured why waste a leg workout if I don’t have to, lol!

So this is what I did yesterday:
Tried to run…made it .7 mi- knee still weird

Chest press (bowflex): 100, 100, 120 all by 10
paired with Tricep extensions on bowflex same wt and reps

Incline flys 30’sx10x3
paired with bench dips 10×3

Flat bench flys 30’sx10x3
paired with knee ups 25-40×3 sets

Tricep kickbacks 15’sx10x4 sets alternating arms

Old School sit ups 2 sets

bike ride with Gunner around neighborhood…about 15 mins

So far today I did 11mins ss on u-bike
ran on length of the street- knee pain
Stairmaster intervals 6 hard mins at level 30; 5 easy at 24
Thought I’d try running again- one hard length of the street- and knee went weird again…so no real running for me today and maybe I need to just NOT for a couple weeks

And at 2:00 I am going to lift legs HARD!!

Eating is good but hard! Hoping I will get in the groove by tomorrow~
I’ll check in later today!!

Well howdy again!

I am BACK from the gym and done eating my post workout meal, YUMMY (asparagus and eggs with a bit of ham)!!,
I sent 26 shirts out to all the entrants in the “Why I love the RR essay contest. WHEW!! That was a BIG JOB~ Thanks again for the wonderful heartfelt word! I think I am going to “feature” many of them on my blog over the next couple months and get some ready to post on the main site soon.

Here is my workout:
45×10+10 full
paired with seated calf raises

Leg press (wt not counting machine)
paired with laying side leg lifts
20repsx3sets, 15reps x4 (alternating start leg)

Conventional DL’s (been a while since I’ve done these)
paired with hammer strength knee extensions (one leg at a time)
45×6 switch legs +4 additional on each leg

Smith lunges
Butt squats
50x 10 totally dying…my legs were shot!

Smith lunges
paired with sissy squats
25repsx2 sets

Leg curls
paired with knee extensions

one set of starter lunges about 12 each leg

Feeling GOOD!! It is storming here- VERY LOUD THUNDER!! I just said “HOLY COW GUNNER!!” to my boy because I don’t think he’ll have Baseball practice tonight –That makes me a happy momma

Love you all!


Beginner workout routines!!

Beginner workout routines!!!

These sample workouts is a great way to get started with lifting for your upper body. All you need is a set of dumbells 8 to 10 pounds should be fine for strarters, but know that you will gain strength quickly :woohoo:

Beginner Upper body circuit workout:

Circuit- do the following exercises in the sequence listed for upper and repeat the circuit 3 times.

1. Push ups on knees or wall push ups
3 sets to failure
2. Rows- bent over with dumbells or gallon jugs
3 sets of 10 reps
3. Chair dips- knees bent
3 sets to failure
4. Military Shoulder Press- push weight above your head
3 sets of 10 reps
5. Bicep Curl
3 sets of 10 reps
6..Tricp extension
3 sets of 10 reps
7. Abs- knee ups or crunches
3 sets of 15
8. Lateral Raises
3 sets of 10 reps

See this clip

Optimally you should complete this workout 1-2 times a week alternating it with a lower body strength training workout- here is a sample one of those:

1. Squats
3 sets x15 reps
2. Calf raises
3. Stationary lunges
4. crunches
5. Dead Lifts- romainian
6. Laying side leg lifts
4. Abs- knee ups

now GET BUFF!!

Is it already Thursday??

Hi ya,
We made it to the gym just in time for kids class…they have it every tues and thrus mornings and the kids love it!
Here is my workout:
Warm up elliptical 7 min- These were done as paired circuits…3 sets of each pair with very little rest between, the object is to keep moving but still lift as heavy as you can for 6-8 reps of each exercise-

Chest press 80,90,90
tricep extension 50, 60, 60

bench 95, 105, 105
bench dips 10, 10, 10

cable flys 30x8x3
tricep push downs 70, 80, 90

Incline flys 35’sx6x3
Kickbacks 10x10x3

Knee ups 40
Crunches 50

OH AND my booty is sore? is yours???? If not get on it!!
p.s. I just got some cool stuff I ordered from VS…these sandals and this dress

Now for somewhere to wear them???

“The Key to your Motivation is to ENCOURAGE others!”

Monday Back/Bi/Shoulders!!

TODAY- I got in a good workout….I was almost going to do legs today but switched after I did knee extensions and realizing I am still sore- so I did back instead.

Here it is:
r bike warm up- 10
knee extensions – 3 sets

Paired circuits:

Lat pulls

Bicep curls
50×10 machine
55x8x3 Barbell

Bent over barbell rows
knee ups on bench

Standing military behind head

Hammer curls

T-bar rows

Shoulder press machine

Decline sit ups/with rotation
25 with 25#platex2

Front raises with a 25# plate
2sets of 10
lateral raises

monkey rows

Then the elliptical-
intervals with going backwards 1:1 ratio

I hit the wall…I am sill having stomach issues!! It is really killing my energy stores– Hope to kick it soon 🙂

Tomorrow’s plan is to kill my booty!!