Make it GREAT!

Another week starts….2 weeks until kids go back school- I can’t wait!! My kids have gotten progressivly more lazy as the summer’s go on and I’ve had enough of it, lol!  Prodding them to do “anything” has been wearing me out! They need school!!!

Today is also Day #21 in our 40 days to fit.  Today’s FIT tip is very interesting human experiment: Switch Hands!  If you snack with your non-dominant hand you will eat less..try it, but beware it may get messy!!

Day #21-Featured ARTICLE-

Today marks the start of “Boosting” for me- my biggest focus these next 2 weeks is to stay consistent with my workouts- lifting 6 days a week + 3 runs/week.  I’m going to build some good fat burning muscles these next 2 weeks!  BOOYEAH!!

Let’s make it great~ Michelle

40 days to FIT~ Day 39

Hey ya Ladies!! Well I feel sooo much better today than yesterda and I DID do the SMART thing and listen to my body by taking it easy on my workout yesterday. I just did a couple sets of push ups…one set of 14 and another of 35. Today is going to be a FUN day~ we are going golfing.

Here’s a quick vlog about it:

Hope you have a fun day!!
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I am Living on the “Sunny SIDE!!”

40 Days to Fit ~ Day 32 ~ Sweet 16!

Hey Ya!!

I just realized it’s 8 days until the end of my “40 days to FIT!!” and Just 8 days until my “SWEET 16 Wedding anniversary”~ whoohoo!! I can hardly believe that it’s been that long! We don’t have any plans yet, but I need to get a sitter set up so that we can at least go out to eat!

I got a lot done yesterday and am very excited about all of it:
Wal-mart- shopped first thing in the am!
Posted my Omaha- Complete Nutrition POSTER 🙂
Got NEW tires on my Van! Thanks to my DH!! != BIG driving DIFFERENCE!
Got a ton done online and on my new “site”…I’ll tell you more about that in a bit!
Did a fun little trampolene workout- bounced mostly on my back- great for abs!
Spent some good time with the kiddos reading books and talking with them
Got in a good nights sleep despite the thunder storms

Then this morning I got set up on SKYPE! cool tool!!

Wicked storms have been rocking our area for all morning long…but once they stop the rest of the day and weekend are supposed to be GREAT! My plan is to get to the gym and have an amazing LEG workout after lunch! Hope you have a great one too!!

Let’s enjoy the day!!

40 Days to FIT!! Day 19~ Sometimes Rest is Best!

I took yesterday OFF~ Sometimes Rest is BEST

~ BUT got back to it today…had a great Chest/Tri/Abs and running of intervals outside~ now off to do errands! TGIF!!

For those of you who missed your day 19  e-mail today here it is!!

Day #19-FIT tip-
“Mirror, Mirror on the Wall”…get some more mirrors!  They will help you keep tabs on your progress, your posture and your overall appearance.  Using mirrors during your workouts help you keep an eye on your workout moves to ensure proper form, maximize performance and prevent injury.

Day #19-Feature-

Please comment for your accountability~ stay focused…22 days left to get FIT!!!

Be sure to smile at your reflection!!
BuffMother, Michelle Berger

40 days to FIT!! Day 17~ wanna WAIST?

If you want a Waist, there is more than ABS to think about. I am naturally an “apple” body type…I hold any excess weight in my core…YUCK! Well after having 4 kids (including twins by c-section) I was very scared that I’d never have a waist again…BUT that FEAR and ANGER propelled me towards doing everything I could possibly think of to regain my WAIST. I wanted a WAIST!!!

DO you wanna waist?

having a waist means more than just working your core it means you need to build a symmetrical, HOUR GLASS figure.  Think of the way an hour glass looks~ wider on top, thin in the middle and wider on  the bottom, right?  Well in order for us ladies to have a waist we need to be sure that we address the “wider on top” portion of the equation.  That means doing upper body exercises for our chest and our backs and shoulders.

A great exercise for building up your back and shoulders is the DB LAT ROW…Here’s a demo~

My workout today was for my back and shoulders (with a bit of biceps thrown in):

Pull ups
10 (over hand), 8 underhand

wide cable lat pulls
60#’sx5 together and 5 on each armx3 sets

Lat pull machine

Seated rows- one arm at at time
70#x10x3 sets

shoulder press machine

Arnold’s- one arm at a time

each set above paired with
DB bicep curls and knee ups on bench

Bicep curl machine
50x10x3 (plus some short burn out ones)

Cable pose down bicep curls

Abs- roman chair, ab roller crunches and side crunches, leg raises

Elliptical 3 mins; bike 9 mins; pool time with kids.

Please comment for your accountability~ stay focused…24 days (including today) left to get FIT!!!

Eat your Spinach!!
BuffMother, Michelle Berger


40 days to FIT!! Day 15…Whoohooo x 3!!!!

Today is Monday~ and the first day of School for my 4 kids, Whoohoo!!! The are in 4th, 2nd and 1st grades this year and they were all sooooo fired up for school it was GREAT! I don’t remember ever liking school, but it’s fun that my kids do Laughing

Right after I got them to school I went to the gym~ it’s really nice that I got it done first thing today! I lifted chest, tri’s, abs and finished off with intervals on the r-bike. Another Whoohooo!! for that!!!

And the 3rd Whoohooo~ is for our new and improved Rally Room Gallery!!! I am so pumped that my “Helper of Buffmother”/Darcie was able to get it up and working!!! Thank YOU!!! Be sure if you have any questions about it post them or pm one of us about it~ you’ll find it really nice for posting your progress pics etc. The gallery even allows for bulk uploads, comments and sub-albums. Whoohooo!!!

Let’s all have a super WHOOHOOO’rific week~~~!!!
p.s. here is one of my FAVORITE new photos from my last shoot:

40 days to FIT!! Day 14…making my plan!

40 days to FIT!! Day 14…making my plan!

Hey!! I just got cleaned up from a HOT, SWEATY interval/ hill sprints(5)/run outside and wanted to quickly post my “plan” for the week ahead…I am finishing my buffing phase this week (today is cday 15)~ time to lean up a little more!! Pretty basic but tough workout routine for the week:

M-Chest, Tris, intervals
W-Back, Shoulders, Biceps, Intervals
Th- START BOOSTING~ Chest, Tris, Intervals
Sa- Back, Shoulders, Biceps and

PLUS~ LOTS of ABS~ every workout 🙂

Let’s all plan on having a killer week!!!


40 days to Fit!! Day 8~ Another Productive Monday!!

Monday is almost done and I had a PRODUCTIVE one!!

My workout was a quickie, but effective one:

Chest/Tris/ABS and intervals run
warm up r-bike 5 mins
Chest press- 3 sets for warm up
Ab machine- 2 sets
knee ups on bench
2 sets of 30

bench  tricep dips
2sets of 10
Incline plate loaded chest press

10, 8

Knee ups on roman chair

Ball crunches- on big set of several varieties

incline flys

Overhead tricep extensions

Tricep kick backs

Run intervals- 20 mins hard mins between 9 and 10 mph; easy mins 7mph

We just got done watching “Confessions of a Shopaholic” as a family~ fun movie~!!!
hope your Monday was as productive as mine!!

have a great one!!