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Excited for May

Every Day in May! ~ Day 1

Be extra Thankful today and try to-eat some fish  

This week’s diet focus is to Drink More Water! Our fitness focus for the week is building Endurance.

Check out today’s suggested workout:

My workout so far today was 20mins fasted cardio on bike.  I’m outside getting some sun now, not sure if I’ll workout more today??  After all it is Sunday

I am so excited and thankful for all the ladies who are posting today!! It’s so fun to read your positive posts!!

Love ya, Michelle

Starting my 6 week JOURNEY TO SEXY!!

As I mentioned the other day Today is the start of my 6 week journey to SEXY!! After the taxing winter months I am so ready for this day 1 of 42 that will be focused on being SEXY!  Please join in and follow along~

Six Weeks To SEXY ~ 2016 (day 1)

day 1 feature

Today is the start of our 6 week journey to SEXY!! After the taxing winter months I am so ready for this day 1 of 42 that will be focused on being SEXY!!

Today is DAY 1 of our sexy quest!!!  Over the next 6 weeks my goal is to get Sexy HOT for Summer.

We have a lot of work to do so let’s get started:

Today I’d like you to focus on 3 items:

#1- Getting in a great FIRST workout- Upper body, Intervals and ABS is my suggestion- I won’t be providing exact workouts every day for the contest, but I’ll post some as we go along and help you along as needed ( VIP’s have a workout download in their forum area)

#2- Start improving your Diet- I challenge you to limit  DESSERTS/CANDY/ALCOHOL in your life for the next 6 weeks. For those of you who are really brave you can challenge yourself to completely ELIMINATE them all together!!  In the place of dessert- you can indulge in Fruit.  Let’s make a huge focus on what foods WE CAN EAT!!  You can always eat Fruit, Veggies, Proteins and FAT (yes, I said fat)!!

#3- Take a set of starting photos and stats- see Week 1 Challenge post.  You need to measure your success and you’ll be thankful when you are done that you have proof of where you started!!  Photos: take at least 3- front, side and back.  Stats: take ate least 5:  Height, Weight, Bust, waist and hip.  Please post in your blog for accountability (and for safe keeping)

Week #1-CHALLENGE- take measurements, pics, stats, blog your starting thoughts about “Why I want to be SEXY”

This week’s challenge is to
#1- Realize where you are AT- Physically and Emotionally and
#2– DECIDE that You want to be SEXY! then
#3—Go for it!!!!

Be sure to take some time to think about Why YOU want to be Sexy.
Take some time to think about when you’ve felt sexy in the past: Why did you feel sexy then and HOW do you get that state of mind BACK forever?

Remember to simply take 1 day at a time…BABY STEPS!  Each and every positive decision will add up towards your success. Let’s get SEXY!!

Personally, I have lots of thoughts about what I’d like to accomplish over the next 6 weeks.  Many of them have to do with PURE VANITY!

I wanna look good come summer and it’s time to get after it.

Most specifically my goal is to look and feel great for a couple trips I have planned this summer.

To attain my SEXY goal several items need to be addressed~

  1. Physical fitness
  2. Energy levels
  3. Skin, hair, nails and teeth
  4. Attire- shoes included
  5. Presentation- walk the walk, dance, how you move, your PRESENCE
  6. Be ON! that X factor that’s needed to exude confidence to “SHINE!”- my SPIRIT!

EACH Day, I encourage you to blog and post whatever is on your mind about the topic of SEXY!!

Thanks again for joining me on this journey!!
I’m off to get my starting pictures and measurements taken, AND THEN, do my workout!

Let’s rock it!!

my goals for the next 6 weeks

time to “REFLECT” on my own goals for my Six to Sexy .

Today’s workout will be~
morning bike, afternoon Legs and ABS…

STEP #1 Goal Setting~ …what do I want to accomplish?
Honestly I am at a VERY good place for the countdown to my birthday. I am VERY insulin resistant and finally decided to take lower carb diet seriously about 2 weeks ago. Up until that point, I just didn’t feel healthy enough or have the energy to commit to it.  I weigh 136 now and My goal is to be 129 for my birthday on June 14th.

The EVENT I’m training for is a possible trip to MIAMI at the end of June!! There will be bikini time there, lots of photos and DANCING!! all of which I’ll be “training for” lol!! After that short trip we will be going to MN to visit family, so I want to look good for that too!

#2 Control your Thoughts~ Have purposeful thoughts…
Be sure to journal or blog here about what you are thinking.
Some questions to ask yourself:

  • Where am I at in taking care of my health? I am at a good place…I’m continually learning and realizing that being healthy is so worth the effort!!
  • Do I need to visit the Dr.? or enlist professional help? I have, I got my hormones tested in January again.  Found out I have a low Thyroid, it took  several dr appts and several months of adjusting, but this past month I think we got the meds closer to right.  I am set to have my levels retested in June. Taking time to go to the doctor is really hard for me to do~ so I am proud I did it!
  • What have I been doing with my time the past few months? I’ve been decent with my time…but could always get better.  I have an issue with running out of time in the afternoon when it comes to my workouts.  I really need to force myself to “STOP” and do it at 1:30 so it’s done before the kids start needing me.  Another thing I need to get better at is getting going in the mornings.  I plan to “make over”  my office area…it’ll help to have that spot set up for productivity!
  • I’m I “over-booked” OR “under-booked”  I have to say that right now I am the perfect amount of busy. I have the gym to go to a couple days a week, I have “my time” at home, I have a lot of things to keep me busy and if I were any more busy that would be stressful. I need a very low stress existence right now.
  • Am I happy? What will make me truly happy?  I am very happy but could always be more happy!!  Right now what will make me happy is to get to my goal!
  • Have I  been focusing on  fueling your body with the NUTRIENTS it needs? Not really…I’ve been a little off with my diet in 2 ways.  1- I have a BIG TIME love for beer,  lol!  I’m planning to really keep my consumption of beer to a minimum over these next 6 weeks! 2- I have been finding that I wait too long to eat lunch many days and the end up in an energy slump for my workouts– gonna work on that!

#3 Commitment to your goals~ Quitting is not an option..

I’m committed!! I haven’t quit in my fitness for over 12 years now…I will never quit!! I’ll be striving to lead by example as BUFFMOTHER forever!!

Done early!

I got done with my workout early today

Lucky 8’s today…8am, 8x8mph fasted intervals recovery at 6mph all at 2%grade 2.32 miles total in 20:32

After the workout headed to get my daughter Gracie for our date day and we’ve been shopping all day…I got a new bikini. My husband said he’d buy it for me because I don’t have enough already right ?

Gracie got some Chacos and a few shirts. I got a couple shirts, a pair of flip flops,  and some earrings too!

Shopping for clothes when you aren’t at your optimal weight is kind of frustrating. I can’t wait until  5 more pounds come off this body and everything will fit so much better!

My son got home late last night from the state track meet they got second place in the 4 x 400 and set a new Gravette Highschool record so he was really happy!!

I’m waiting for Gracie to get done at Guitar so we can go eat at a barbecue place!

Have a great afternoon!

Oh Cinco de Mayo

Hey everybody happy Cinco de Mayo I’ve been a little bit low key today… last Friday  I started getting a cold and which turned intoa sinus infection so I started taking antibiotics yesterday for it.

Antibiotics, always make me feel really achy and crappy in general  but I’m hoping in a few days this cold will be gone!

I still got in 30 minutes of a workout I did upper body and abs

dips paired with knee  UPS

bicep curls with pump ups and adductions

Bent over rows paired with Hyper extensions for my back

and push ups pairedwith ball crunches a lot of the push-ups I did were like pigeon toe kind with  popping up my booty up in the middle of them…also used perfect push up handles

My thumb is still bothering me some so I can’t use a close grip and really hold on to a bar normally. kind of limits what I can do at home for upper body I really need to get myself to the gym but holding off on that until I feel better

Posted about tired Thursday on

it’s so fun reading all of your posts!! I’m so happy that so many of you are so Focused this month and really attacking !!

The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!


HOWDAY~~ my day started off with 30 mins on the bike. Plan is to do legs at about 2.
I was just looking back at my “starting” 6 weeks to sexy pics from 3 years ago…s-s2s-starting-stats

They are pretty much my GOAL right now~ At least I have a visual of how I want to look

I haven’t taken my starting pics/stats just yet~ It seems like I just took ending pics for the abs contest and this cold is bogging me down.  I think I’ll plan to do it on Monday.  The good news is I weighed 135.5 today the scale is on a slow and steady downward trend, yay!!

Hope you have a wonderful Friday, Saturday and Mother’s day!!  I’ll be OUTSIDE a bunch, but will at least do a short blog for #everydayinmay

Oh and it is FRIENDLY FRIDAY TOO!! Check this out

Mow day

So last night we finally got our lawn more working after trying to fix it for the last month!!

23 min fasted bike

Then mowed trail

For trail Intervals starting at min 6, 3 as loops, one back to hill, 3 more uphiil. 7 hard mins total

Now to mow the yardIMG_20160507_151051

Just 11

I’m doing it just 11 minutes today finishing it up right now on the bike.

The plan for today is to go out to eat here in just a little bit for lunch and then hopefully build a fire although there’s some chance of rain.

My allergies took a toll from all the mowing I did yesterday…. I was miserable last night and so fat this morning, hope they clear up soon!

I hope all of you have a wonderful Mother’s Day I sure am blessed to know so many amazing Mothers!!


Good Monday!!

Sounds like everyone had a great awesome Mother’s Day. Happy Mother’s Day to you again, you all are the best mothers in the world for working out and showing your family what it means to take care of yourself.

It’s such a great example and your efforts will pay off in future generations!!

my mother’s day was good I totally indulged I went ahead and let myself have carbs for the first time in 3 weeks had a sandwich at lunch, some fries, some onion rings and fried pickles and some dessert even!! Plus some other treats as the day went on. It was good but I could totally feel it today and glad to be back on no carbs. I’m also on cycle day 26 so hormones are high and I’m feeling those, but I’m excited for the progress I’ve made this month!!

Today I worked out for about an hour and a half I did a good warm-up and then did my good chest workout

bench press

bent-over rows

shoulder press

bicep curls

Bowflex chest press flies and tricep extensions

threw in some abs and then I went on a when did sprints ended up doing 7 total

After the workout I gave my dog a haircut and a bath

Tomorrow I plan to go to the gym get a good back workout and do some intervals on the Arc Trainer

Have a great night!!Resized_20160509_160229IMG_20160509_145818


Took a set of progress pics and stats today….it’s cday1 and5 weeks from bday. Time to Finish Strong!! I was happy with the results  that I’ve gotten since my last set of pictures 1 month ago…but I want to see more inches off my stomach and also want to see more muscle gains in my upper body, abs and glutes.  It’s been hard because I have a thumb injury that’s keeping me from being able to do everything heavy.


Today’s Date:__5-10-16_______
height:______5-6.5_______ weight:____138_______ age:___40____
Length of last 2 monthly cycles (average is 28 days): 26
Today’s day in your monthly cycle (c-date)- cycle day 1

Please list the following measurements:
Bust (around the biggest part, women only): 37
Chest (just under armpits with arms down at your sides): 34
Waist (the smallest part):27.5 26.5(sucked in)
Hips (the largest part of your butt):37
Shoulders (around the outside of your shoulders with your arms at sides):42
Biceps (relaxed at midpoint of upper arm):10.5 relaxed,11.5 flexed
Thigh (8” above Knee cap):20
Thigh (12” above Knee cap):22
Calf (7” below knee joint):13

Caliper measurements-
Abdomen:12 horizontally

Today’s Date:__3-8-13_______
height:______5-6.5_______ weight:____129_______ age:___37____
**Start of your last period date:_____jan 22, feb 19_____
Length of last 2 monthly cycles (average is 28 days): 25, 28
Today’s day in your monthly cycle (c-date)- cycle day 18

Please list the following measurements:
Bust (around the biggest part, women only): 35.5
Chest (just under armpits with arms down at your sides): 34.5
Waist (the smallest part):26
Hips (the largest part of your butt):35.5
Shoulders (around the outside of your shoulders with your arms at sides):41
Biceps (relaxed at midpoint of upper arm):10relaxed,11 flexed
Thigh (8” above Knee cap):19.5
Thigh (12” above Knee cap):20
Calf (7” below knee joint):13


Caliper measurements-
Abdomen:8 horizontally

First off my posing was horrible. I need to set my timer so I had 10 seconds to get ready instead of just five. The other thing is I mentioned the other day that I was wanting my body to look like my  I starting pitchers for my 62sexy 3 years ago….well that’s a lie I want my booty to stay and the fat on everything else just go away. I like how my booty is popping and but I know in order to lose the fat I want to lose off my stomach that my butt will get smaller

20160510_12045420160510_12044220160510_12041520160510_12040720160510_120356 my workout today was good I got 20 minutes on the bike faster this morning then I went to the gym this afternoon did upper body mostly back and shoulders plus some abs and then 20 minutes of intervals on the Arc machine I was there for an hour and 15 minutes…. so a total of an hour and 35 minutes of working out today

Hope you’re having a good day I will see you tomorrow

11 down

Got it done today…45mins total of legs at the gym

4min stair mall warm up

Squats alternating with lunges on smith and stretching between

Leg press

Knee extensions

Leg curls

I also got my hair donetoday, yay, the rootsare gone!!20160511_171300


Didn’t want to miss my post for today…got in 24 mins on bike this morning and a tiny upper body workout on bowlex. Pretty much tired from cday 3.



Oh my goodness I can’t believe I missed posting yesterday!!

I posted on Facebook and Instagram and but not here, sorry.

I had a really good workout yesterday I did chest and then I had to run. I ran really hard and did six Hills. I haven’t worked out yet today and I only plan to do 11 minutes of something. I think I’m going to do some abs and planks.  I will test myself and see how long I can actually plank on the trampoline.

I hope you’re having a great Saturday enjoy your rest enjoy your family just be thankful and I’ll see you tomorrow!!

Squats or a run???

Hey ladies hope you’re having a good day I have a kink in my neck/shoulder today….wonder if it’s from some of that jumping on the trampoline?

Anyhow I’m sitting here on my massage chair thing, it feels good!!

hopefully it’ll help it loosen up for my workout today…I think I will either do some legs or go for a run I decided yet depends on this neck.  68dcce1b09cdca51b8ebe624ff2ae335

Other than my work out…not doing anything today,  just chilling out getting ready for an awesome week!!


Buff Butt

Hey ya!

Didn’t get in as much of a workout today as I had hoped, but that’s life!  Did manage 21 mins on the bike this morning and just finished the BLT  PLUS I did 2 sets of 15 hyper extension, 20 reverse leg lifts and 20 Ball sit ups with 10# and a few side ball crunches too!

Despite my neck issues, yesterday I did get in a really good interval run out on my trail and the MELT butt sandwich– I really liked that one!  I am sore from it actually~ a good “didn’t know I had that muscle” kind of sore, lol!!I really need to make some better videos for the butt sandwiches!

My neck is feeling a lot better today~ hoping it will be normal tomorrow. It’s rainy and dreary here– kinda stinks since it’s the last week of school for the kids and they have a field trip to the zoo tomorrow– certainly won’t be as much fun in the rain

Time to roll, DH should be home any second with a huge load of groceries!


Hey– wanted to check in quick to say I did a 34 minute yoga workout, 21 mins on the bike and then squats 135x10x3sets.
Not much else to report, a cold dreary day here


The countdown to the last day of school is now at 3 days left, last day is Friday.  I should say that 2 days are left because my kids will most likely skip the last day or at least most of the it.  No one seems to send their kids on the last day around here for some reason??

Anyhow, been dealing with some things in my BRAIN recently.  Not quite sure what’s going on with me??  I’ve been a bit down and can’t seem to get motivated to do anything except for my workouts. Hoping it’s just part of the fact I’m sad summer vacation is coming, lol!  I love my kids but having them home all summer is kinda stressful!  I need to enforce some RULES with them and decide to ENJOY it!

My workout plan for today is to do a solid Chest/Tri/Abs and interval workout.
Then this afternoon Gunner has his Spring Football game! It’s gonna be fun to see them play   He’ll be a Junior and plays Linebacker and Running Back.

Time to roll~ gotta get some stuff accomplished!

Happy Chest!!

I am so happy that yesterday I was able to do a full real Chest workout for the first time in about 3 months!! My thumb is finally getting better and I was able to hold the bar normally and even the dumbells without being in killer pain!! YAY!!  I did Bench, Flys, I-flys, pushups, box dips, knee ups, bicep curls, lateral shoulder raises and some other abs.

After my chest workout, I ran! I did 4 hill intervals of 1 min up hill/1min downhill, then 4 hard hill sprints– each took around 18 sec Total time 24 mins

Gunner’s scrimmage type spring game was ok, he did really well the 3 times he got to carry the ball. He also scored the final TD to allow his team the win!!

I am off to the gym today, see you later babes!

killer gym workout

Had a super killer workout yesterday, I am beat from it today– so just opted to ride bike for 25 mins and then do about 5 mins of booty stuff.

Yesterday’s workout~

20 mins bike in am
10 mins r-bike warm up
Shoulder press went up to 80#’s
Bicep curls 2 sets
Rows 4 sets
Lat Pull downs 4 sets
Knee extensions
Abductions and Adductions
Hammer Shoulder press 3 sets
Assisted Pull ups
Wide grip cable lat pulls
Pose down bicep curls
Bicep curl machine
Lateral shoulder raises

20 mins of Elliptical intervals– go backwards 1 min x 8 times



Just taking time to chill outside today after my run….had to get up early this morning and bring the kids for sports physicals.

Last night ate some delicious ribeye and had a good run today because of it!

So far 100% for #everydayinmay 1463856544992

Got my legs done!

My workout today was legs:

Squats 45×15,45×15, 135×10,155×10,8,5 135×10

With hips swivels between

Deads 55×10,135x10x3sets

Knee extension115x10+x3sets

Kettle bell swings 15x20x2sets

Sidestep ups 10x2sets each

Hanging knee ups 10x2sets

All the time during the workout i was also cleaning and vacuumed after….thelatertook my bikini pic. Just 23 days to go until my my bday…weight is slowly coming off. Most days I’m aroud 135. Hoping to drop a couple more pounds thos week before my hormones ramp up20160522_154146

Propane out

Yesterday our propane went out so we have no hot water no way to cook and no heater.  The line has a hole in it so we have to get that fixed before we have any hot water it is crazy!!

But that’s the way life goes… today bikr and worked on that…. and then brought the girls into town and got Layla ukulele. Then, we had some good lunch I cheated again, i had I pizza.  For 2 days in a row I’ve had carbs and got to get back on track tomorrow!!

I did do a good chest workout this afternoon, but I fell down and bruised my knee on Saturday so I couldn’t run today. That’s the life on the farm never a dull moment, right?

The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!

Quick 11 mins~ ab, bis and shoulders

Today we got our propane line fixed, yay!! Plus, I put my kids to work and now my house is CLEANER…still a lot of work to do, but with daily effort we’ll get it done!!

My workout today was just a short 11 min ab, sh, bi workout

Ab wheel 10 reps
Shoulder press 10-15 reps
Bi Curls 10 reps
Knee ups 15 reps
upright rows 10 reps

repeated 4x’s

No carbs today– just 3 weeks to go!!

What the dr. Ordered

My run today was just what the doctor ordered today…. i hadn’t  ran since Saturday.

23mins run 8 ×1 min trail intervals (2 hills) felt good but hot and trail needs a trim….pic is proof we got our propane fixed!!

Now I’m outside in the sun listening  to Shania Twain, an old CD I loved about 20 years ago

our house got electrified last night in the storm and it blew our modem so I have no Wi-Fi. I was worried that the computer blew too but luckily I was able to get it to turn back on after several tries.

Today I made a yummy lunch with zucchini onion garlic butter shrimp I’ll attach a picture

IMG_20160525_114022I hope you having a great week, happy hump day!!

No Wi-Fi

Hey ladies,

doing good here just getting used to this schedule with the kids being out of school and dealing with no Wi-Fi the last couple days.  It’s sure been annoying..  my modem was supposed to come today but somehow UPS change of shipment to tomorrow instead of today.  So another day without Wi-Fi is in store for us. It sure does hamper my computer time l/work and the kids wanting to watch Netflix. They are going crazy!!

Anyhow I’m excited for the Memorial Day weekend. .we don’t really have any plans except for just chilling out and relaxing and enjoying celebrating!!

What are your plans?

My workout today was over 20 minutes riding the bike and then later I did a bunch of booty exercises that were the computer anime that J’nea posted was pretty intense actually I sweat a ton!!

The kids are happy because no one has to get up early and go to practice tomorrow so it’s a pretty chill evening!

Here’s a picture of some of the food I ate today. I also roasted achicken for dinner IMG_20160526_153112


Today was the day I had a good workout today I need everyday to be like this .   .

AM 40 min bike

2:10 pm

Warm up

2 x10 burpees

2×10 95# conventional deads each from floor

45×10 squat, 45×10 overhead squat




Dead lifts romainian


Bicep curls- between some sets

45×15 bar

55x10x3sets machine

Knee extensions-singles

55x 10 toes out

55x 10 toes in +5 toes out

55x 10 toes out +5 straight


50x ladder up to 5 +12 good mornings

50x ladder down from 5

Abs between sets

Hanging knee ups 12, 12

Hip ups 20, 20

Adductions 10, 10

Getting stronger, again

Did a chest workout today…. I was pleasantly surprised with my progress. I’ve been able to bench normally for the last couple weeks now that my thumb is quite a bit better and my strength is coming back.

Actually my strength is coming back on all my workouts….i lost it from when I have been so sick last fall and winter.  Amazing how quickly you can lose strength when you’re completely dead from having low thyroid and dealing with UTIs and infections and stomach problems. I am feeling about a million times better then I did in January!

It was about a yearago when i first started to be really hampered by my thyroid symptoms.  I’m so glad it’s now and not then!!

Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!

Finishing strong!!

Congrats to all of you who are finishing out everyday in May strong!!

I love all the posting we had this month, thank you so much for your effort to do that!!

yesterday I got in just 11 minutes on the trampoline and I can totally feel it today my feet and my neck and weird spots on my joints…it is really good to get in that Dynamic exercise

today I opted to run on the treadmill I did intervals at 4x 8.4 then I did 3 more at 8 and one at 8.2 so it was good.  I was really breathing hard!! I hate running inside on the treadmill it’s so stuffy

anyhow Travis and I’ve just been trying to relax and enjoy the weekend…rainy today but it was sunny yesterday so that was good.

Today, I clean up my chicken coop and put my three baby chickens in ir so they’re starting to get integrated in the outdoors, versus in my garage, which is a mess because of them!!

other than that we have a dinner date tomorrow night with some friends and then it is 100% go time!!

I’m at just two weeks left until my birthday!!



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