Six Weeks To SEXY ~ 2016 (day 1)

Today is the start of our 6 week journey to SEXY!! After the taxing winter months I am so ready for this day 1 of 42 that will be focused on being SEXY!!

Today is DAY 1 of our sexy quest!!!  Over the next 6 weeks my goal is to get you Sexy HOT for Summer.

We have a lot of work to do so let’s get started:

Today I’d like you to focus on 3 items:

#1- Getting in a great FIRST workout- Upper body, Intervals and ABS is my suggestion- I won’t be providing exact workouts every day for the contest, but I’ll post some as we go along and help you along as needed ( VIP’s have a workout download in their forum area)

#2- Start improving your Diet- I challenge you to limit  DESSERTS/CANDY/ALCOHOL in your life for the next 6 weeks. For those of you who are really brave you can challenge yourself to completely ELIMINATE them all together!!  In the place of dessert- you can indulge in Fruit.  Let’s make a huge focus on what foods WE CAN EAT!!  You can always eat Fruit, Veggies, Proteins and FAT (yes, I said fat)!!

#3- Take a set of starting photos and stats- see Week 1 Challenge post.  You need to measure your success and you’ll be thankful when you are done that you have proof of where you started!!  Photos: take at least 3- front, side and back.  Stats: take ate least 5:  Height, Weight, Bust, waist and hip.  Please post in your blog for accountability (and for safe keeping)

Remember to simply take 1 day at a time…BABY STEPS!  Each and every positive decision will add up towards your success. Let’s get SEXY!!

Personally, I have lots of thoughts about what I’d like to accomplish over the next 6 weeks.  Many of them have to do with PURE VANITY!

I wanna look good come summer and it’s time to get after it.

Most specifically my goal is to look and feel great for a couple trips I have planned this summer.

To attain my SEXY goal several items need to be addressed~

  1. Physical fitness
  2. Energy levels
  3. Skin, hair, nails and teeth
  4. Attire- shoes included
  5. Presentation- walk the walk, dance, how you move, your PRESENCE
  6. Be ON! that X factor that’s needed to exude confidence to “SHINE!”- my SPIRIT!

EACH Day, I encourage you to blog and post whatever is on your mind about the topic of SEXY!!

Thanks again for joining me on this journey!!
I’m off to get my starting pictures and measurements taken, AND THEN, do my workout!

Let’s rock it!!



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