Abs April Results!

Abs April Ending Picutres and Stats for Michelle Berger

Height: 5-6.5

Starting weight: 138
Ending weight: 136.5 1.5 lost

Starting waist relaxed: 29
Ending waist relaxed: 27.5 1.5 lost

Starting waist sucked in: 27
Ending waist sucked in: 26.5 .5 lost

Starting Waist at belly button 30.5
Ending Waist at belly button 29 1.5 lost

Caliper by belly button=20mm
Ending= 14mm 6mm lost!!

Caliper Suprailliac= 10mm
Ending= 7mm 3 mm lost

Starting Cycle day= 14
Ending Cycle day= 16

B4 and After PHOTOS~


Thoughts about the contest~ a short essay about how the contest helped you, what your favorite info was and your progress during the 28 days:

Start…I am excited for this contest. Last time I did this program was last August. I was getting amazing results a little over halfway in but ended up getting really sick with a UTI (actually a total of 3 of them in a row).  Since that point my abs became the worst they have in years.  It also felt like I had strained something in my bladder/stomach up until about the end of February.  I plan to “be careful” but also aggressive in my goals to get FAB ABS!  My diet will be a very low carb style, so I plan to focus more on GREEN veggies than fruit for my carbs.  I have a goal to compete in the Masters track meet this June– running the 100, 200 and doing the long jump. That meas I’ll be hitting the track 2x’s a week for sprint and jumping workouts. I also plan to get in my daily 20 mins of steady cardio during the 28 days in addition to my normal strength training/interval workouts.  Should be good!!


The contest really made me accountable to DO my AB work!! i really enjoyed all the challenges!  I especially liked the Bud Lt ab routine!! the Decline sit ups really made me sore!  The fasted cardio is really helping me shed fat, I’m very happy with the progress and excited for more to come in MAY!!
I only started “no carb” 2 weeks ago and that’s when I stared to see more results.  I have decided to NOT DO the track meet.  Instead, I hope to go to MIAMI the third weekend in June!! I have increased my running and sprinting  a bit more too, but haven’t hit the track just yet.



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