my 4th day

I posted my vlog last night and guess what…I got tons of encouragement and “You can do it” type messages! Thanks, it helped me get through the evening VICTORIOUSLY …It was so nice to have the encouragement!!



I was able to get in a small workout last night and by small I mean small

I did bench and biceps plus some abs.



45×10, 95×10, 115×10, 115×8

paired with Bicep curls


2 sets Ab ball crunches- 10 front, 5 each side


Prior to that I did mess around doing the INCHWORM exercise a bit…didn’t know the technical name for that exercise until yesterday, ha!!

That was all!


It’s raining here today, so I’ll be doing a treadmill run again.

TGIF!! -Michelle

p.s. my vlog for 67 days to go

The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!



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