my half year resolutions

After 2 weeks of our 40 days to fit, I am down 2 pounds…I’d be very happy to keep that pace up for the next month! The extra focus on getting in MORE workout time this month is paying off…and the daily motivation of the tips and info really helps me stay focused!

I’m on cycle day 23 today and hormones are truly hitting…I feel sluggish, less motivated and bloated.  I know “it’s just my hormones” but that doesn’t mean I like it!


Saturday was Track Attack…we did 6×200’s… mine were all under 35 sec.  Layla did great by completing 5 at under 40 secs.


This contest has got me thinking about my goals again– I’m determined to get further on them the second half of the year…I’m updating them in RED

Goals for 2015:



  1. To be certain my husband and kids know 2 things: that I am here for them whenever they need me and that I love them unconditionally

    I believe my family knows this, however I do plan to work harder in being more efficient with my work. More consistent on getting DINNER cooked each night.  Having that 1 family meal together means a ton!!

  2. To work on MANNERS– think “finishing school”  This hasn’t gone anywhere– I think it’ll be a good focus for the summer– I also have done a few things to implement daily chores. I need to be more consistent with that too— it’s important to learn to give back to your family and be a contributor!
  3. Teach/Learn some MONEY MANAGEMENT

I started off strong on the MONEY side of things, but have fizzeled out a bit the past 2 months. Gotta get a few more items UNDER CONTROL and GET TAXES COMPLETED! ASAP!!  I’m adding this to my to do list for the week– it’s high priority!



  1. To get back to “church” on Sundays, even if we don’t Physically go, we need to watch a service or message  NEED TO DO THIS
  2. Read/Listen to the Bible daily. I love the Bible app on my phone and have started to listen to it during my morning bike time  I’ve been going in streaks on this..started off strong in May with my devotional, but have been worse the past week. Hormones make me forgetful, lol!
  3. Tithe faithfully.  BEEN BAD ON THIS…what’s up with that?? I guess not going to church makes it harder to tithe.  Our favorite local pastor is churchless at the moment, but is doing missionary work.  We need to give to that cause.  We do support 5 kids through Christian Children’s fund– but that’s only $120 per month.



  1. Stay consistent with what I know works- 3 days split: Chest, Legs, Back, repeat. Intervals 3-4 times a week. Plus, my morning fasted bike time 4-5 times a week. AND…. ABS/Booty work daily.  No problems with my workouts, I’ve worked out every day since April.  I do need to give extra love to my ABS again!
  2. Keep pushing to improve running speed and get “track ready”  YEP, it hurts, but it works!
  3. Lose a bit of the fluff by cutting down on  “sensitivities”: dairy, gluten, yeasts, etc… and Eat more protein and less “treats”  Oh yes, this is always a work in progress.  Need less treats for sure and less dairy.


  1. Do work in my business that builds toward the future financially and impacts others for good.  Yep, business is going good! Just need to see more return on my time and money investment.  Hopefully that will turn around this quarter.
  2. Finish some projects that are “half done”: gym, upstairs living room, windows/doors, office, outside projects  Not getting very far on this– just talked about it with Travis. We did get the chickens fenced in and it’s so nice to not have any poop on my porch or have them in my garage. 
  3. Keep the mindset of “will this impact me in 5 years?” to eliminate daily stress  I’m doing good with this– my stress has been much better the past couple months.  Working out daily really helps, also Travis has been working hard to lighten my responsibility load. He has taken over a few items that were stressing me out big time.  He understands me!


All in all…I see where improvement needs to be made, but am happy with the progress made.  The TRACK ATTACK team has been a good bonding experience with my kids, but this weekend I decided it’ll be best to “restart” the team in 2016…not enough participation to make it worth my effort.  I’ll still be training at the track, but not in charge of a TEAM this year.


Otherwise, things are going smoothly to just focus on the goals as they are laid out…


My to do list for this week:



-Family Dinner

– keep work to 3-4 hours daily

– continue with workouts


My workout POA-

M- Chest/triceps RUN

T- Legs


Th- Chest/triceps
F- Track or just a run–maybe on my hill?? have not ventured out in 2 months since my sprain


Sun- Upper body and run


This weekend was really nice…Friday Gunner had 3 friends come over– so that was a bit stressful regarding needing to CLEAN and COOK But it was good– teenage boys are so fun!!

Here’s a pic from Friday of me in PURPLE– PURPLE MEANS BOOSTING!


Saturday was a ton of driving around and then TRACK ATTACK– after that I RESTED! Outside on my hammock


I am fired up for the last couple weeks of MAY…lots of fun stuff going on for the kids and I’m expecting to make some GREAT STRIDES in my fitness/diet goals.  My MOMENTUM is HIGH!!


Let’s have a killer week!





The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!



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