Every Dayness

We are starting our second week of every day in MAY!! Congrats for making it the first 7 days!!


Week #2’s focus for diet is to EAT MORE GREENS and in our fitness “Strength”.  I write more about those later.


It’s Thankful Thursday today!! Be sure to think about something you are thankful for today. And/Or be extra thankful. The art of APPRECIATION is so powerful.  Reach out to and thank someone, you will be amazed at how much it impacts you in the positive!!


Our diet challenge for today is to eat some fish! Each day of the week we have a set diet challenge that is meant to get you thinking about your food intake and help you get out of the “grind” of eating the same things all the time.  Variety in food intake is vital for nutritional and mental reasons.  Try some fish today!  Tuna, Salmon and Talapia are some of the fish I eat.



Today,  is my first official day of buffing too, yay! The workout on tap is

May 8 (Day 4 of my 10 day training cycle)~ Legs 6-pack of PEPSI ab routine


Heading into town for some shopping now, THANKS for reading

The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!




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