Let me start today’s post with a BELIEF of mine…but first let me say how much I’ve been enjoying reading yours!! I just love the inspiration!! THANKS!!

I believe in relationships…we are made for this purpose. The reason God created man was so he could have “relationship”…that is AMAZING! And makes me realize that the HAPPIEST times of my life have been when I am actively seek out relationships with other people. I am a very independent person and have at times a tendency to isolate myself from interacting with others. It is my natural “I can do it better by myself” attitude. However, it is not very fun nor is it very rewarding when others are not involved in the process or the reward. That’s why I love the Rally Room! It keeps me in relationship with others and gives me a place to easily give my energy away through encouraging others!! I love the RELATIONSHIPS I have been blessed with in TEAM BUFFMOTHER!!

Weird that it is already Thursday??? Where does the time go~

Yesterday I was BEYOND tired!! Finally seemed to get some energy at about 4pm, but literally was dragging all day. It was cycle day 10 and now today I feel some “hormonal” stuff going on in my head.  Must be ovulation~ Oh the joys of being a woman! I wore my cowboy hat yesterday because the thought of washing my hair was exhausting:


My workout last night was a good one– just upper body stuff.

– push ups, bowflex flys, bench, rows, bicep curls, incline flys, abs, pull ups, dancing abs, bike cool down and more!


Okay…so today I did it!! I had no cream in my coffee!! I’m a big girl now, straight up BLACK coffee drinker, YAY!!


Time for this lady to get in some SQUATS!!

Have a good one yourself,





The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!



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